Is this Distractions and Diversions Safe to play?:
Monthly. You can also force one reset for this activity per month by using a D&D token (monthly).
Skills Required:
Skills Recommended:
High combat skills.
Quests Required:
Items Needed:
Armor, weapon(s) and food.
Items Recommended:
Prayer potions (4), Super/Extreme Attack and Strength potions or Overloads, Bunyip or Unicorn pouch + scrolls, Bonecrusher.
Starting Point:
Outside the gatehouse north of the Warriors' Guild.
To Start:
Speak to Captain Jute.
Getting Started:


Troll Invasion is a one-person activity. Trolls are attacking Burthorpe, and can be stopped with combat or skilling.


Possible set up:

Melee Equipment


Getting Started

The fastest method of getting there is to use a Games necklace (8) to teleport to the basement of the Burthorpe Games room, then go upstairs and then just west. To begin, head to the gate just west of Burthorpe's castle and speak to Captain Jute. And he will give you two options, to be a fighter by choosing "Start-fighting" or a skiller by choosing "Start-repairing".



If you have chosen to be a fighter your job is to kill the 20 (or 7 if you have done it before and choose the harder option) waves of trolls invading the gatehouse. Fighters will be of course taking on the trolls in combat. The trolls will come in waves and you must defeat them all to complete the wave and move on to the next wave. In easy mode, there is 20 easy waves, and a hard mode which has 7 hard waves which will put your skills to the max. If this your first time doing this activity you will start with easy mode. While fighting do not go into the north-west alley, you will be dealt large amounts of damage from thrower trolls if you enter.

Easy or Hard

Supply table:

There is a supply table at the north side of the gate which can be used 5 times per wave, it will restore your Life points, Prayer points, Summoning points, run energy, and your special attack bar to full. Trolls that come near this supply table will be attacked by the gate's archers, dealing them constant damage.

Supply Table

Enemy Trolls

Image Name Attack Style Notes
Mountain Troll Mountain troll Melee The most common troll and only uses melee. They are very easy to defeat and are not a big threat. They are easily trapped.
Troll Ranger Troll ranger Ranged A standard Ranged fighter that are easy to defeat. They attack by throwing rocks, and have a special attack where they throw a larger rock. This is easily avoidable because you will see the troll perform an animation where it picks up a large rock then throws it, which takes a few seconds giving the player time to move from where you were standing, and it will land where you were standing before.
Poorly Cooked Karambwan Poorly Cooked Karambwan Melee This is a non-aggressive troll, but will retaliate if attacked. Standing next to them while they cough will cause your stats to be lowered by a few levels. This troll likes to wonder around a lot out of the battlefield, so you should attack from a far range or wait for him to return to the battlefield. These should be last priority since they are the least harmful.
Troll general Troll general Melee These trolls are the highest hitting of all trolls, with powerful melee attacks they easily hit in the 400s. Using protect from melee is a must while fighting these trolls. These are a high priority when praying against something else, and you should kill them or trap them.
Troll Wizard Wizard Magic This troll uses Magic attacks. They use two special attacks, one when they summon vines around the player which do damage over time, and another one that pulls you towards them and stuns you for a period of time making you unable to move or attack. Only Dynamite trolls should be higher priority to be deal with.
Troll Father Troll father Ranged This troll attacks with ranged and brings three Troll Runts into the battle with him. He will heal the runts if they drop below 50% Life points, so you should kill him before the runts. This troll is middle priority.
Troll runt Troll runt Melee These runts will enter combat with a Troll father. They attack with melee, and are healed by the Troll father if he is not killed before the runts so make sure you kill the Troll father before taking out the runts.
Summoner Summoner Magic This troll uses standard magic attacks, the attack is very accurate but doesn't hit high. They summon familiars to help it in combat, the Thorny snail, spirit scorpions, bunyips, and granite lobsters. You must kill the summoned familiar to start the next wave.
Dynamite Dynamite None These trolls must be killed immediately. If they can get to their target they will destroy the supply table. The table won't regenerate for the rest of the activity. To kill dynamite trolls attack them once and they will explode a few seconds laer.
Summoner Cliff Melee, Magic, Ranged Cliff uses all combat styles. Cliff rarely uses his magic attacks. His ranged attack is similar to the Troll Ranger's boulder attack, and it can be dodged if the player moves after he throws it. An easy way to kill CLiff is to stand next to him causing him to only use his melee attack, while using protect from melee.


Below is the trolls that come in each wave, for both easy and hard mode, and a suggested order to kill them in.

Easy mode

Wave Monsters
1 Mountain troll
2 Troll ranger
3 Troll ranger, Mountain troll
4 Troll ranger, Mountain troll x2
5 Poorly cooked Karambwan
6 Mountain troll, Poorly Cooked Karambwan
7 Troll ranger, Mountain troll, Poorly Cooked Karambwan
8 Troll general
9 Troll general, Troll ranger, Mountain troll
10 Troll general x2, Troll ranger
11 Wizard
12 Wizard, Mountain troll, Poorly Cooked Karambwan
13 Wizard, Troll ranger, Mountain troll, Poorly Cooked Karambwan
14 Dynamite, Troll father (and runts)
15 Troll father (and runts), Troll general, Mountain troll, Poorly Cooked Karambwan
16 Wizard, Troll father (and runts), Troll ranger, Mountain troll, Poorly Cooked Karambwan
17 Dynamite, Summoner
18 Dynamite, Wizard, Summoner, Troll father (and runts), Troll ranger, Mountain troll, Poorly Cooked Karambwan
19 Dynamite, Wizard, troll father (and runts), Troll ranger, Mountain troll, Poorly Cooked Karambwan
20 Cliff

Hard mode

Wave Monsters
1 Troll ranger x3, Mountain troll x4
2 Poorly Cooked Karambwan x3, Troll ranger, Mountain troll x2
3 Wizard, Troll general x3, Troll ranger x2, mountain troll
4 Wizard x2, Troll general, Troll father (and runts), Poorly Cooked Karambwan x2, Troll ranger, Mountain troll x2
5 Troll father (and runts) x2, Wizard, Troll general, Poorly Cooked Karambwan x2, Troll ranger, Mountain troll x2
6 Summoner x2, Dynamite, Troll father (and runts), Wizard, Poorly Cooked Karambwan, Troll ranger, Mountain troll
7 Cliff, Dynamite, Troll father (and runts), Wizard, Poorly Cooked Karambwan, Troll ranger, Mountain troll

Defending the gatehouse

Your job is to defend gatehouse from troll attacks and survive the attack of 1500 trolls (for maximum reward). You are doing it by 1) repairing walls and barricades to protect the gatehouse health and 2) repairing ballista and lighting its ammo and filling oil drums to speed up killing trolls. Ballista, oil drums and some repairable walls are located on top floor of gatehouse, while barricades and some walls are on the ground floor. You can move between two floors of gatehouse by using stairs at the south-east corner or you can wall climb at the north-west side. There is no access from the northern barricades to southern ones, so you need to either go around the gatehouse or through the upper floor.

Gatehouse Status

This screen shows the status of the gatehouse. When the gatehouse health drops to 0 then the game is over. The number of trolls remaining can be seen on the bottom of status screen.

Overview of the tasks

Map of the gatehouse


Repairing ballista (at the start of game and occasionally in the middle if the ballista is broken by troll attacks) – the state of ballista is shown on status screen. Repairing ballista gives 10 Construction xp. You can light ballista ammo if the Ballista status is "Unlit ammo" then you need to light the ammo and you will recieve 10 Firemaking xp each time.


At the start of the game you are given 12 buckets, fill the buckets up from the well (see above map). You can also pick up more oil buckets next to the well and fill them also. Oil barrels are heavy so you are at risk of running out of run energy very quick, on the other hand if you have lots of oil then you don’t need to come back for a refill in the middle of the game. When your Oil status is "Low or Empty" you need to fill the oil drums at the top of gatehouse.


Every time the gatehouse suffers a troll attack a number of barricades and/or walls will get broken. You need to fix them as fast as possible to save the gatehouse health. The number of broken walls/barricades is also shown on gatehouse status screen. Repairing barricades grants you 10xp in Crafting, repairing walls will give you 10xp in Construction.

Morale boosts

Morale Screen

You gain 5 morale points each time you do a repair, light ammo or fill an oil drum. When you have accumulated enough morale you can start using morale boosts to help with defending the gatehouse. The morale boosts menu is located at the location of the emotes menu while you are inside Troll Invasion. Each morale boosts costs 75 morale points to activate and they last 30 seconds. There re-charge time is also 30 seconds so you can re-activate the same boost almost immediately after it runs out. The morale boosts you can use will be lit up in the boost list.

Name Effect
Second Wind Nothing in the gatehouse will break for 30 seconds.
Double kill Trolls are killed twice as fast as you repair the gate and ll actions kill twice as many trolls.
Caffeine boost Fix things twice as fast, and run energy is not affected by weight.
Helping hands Broken walls/barricades wont hurt the gatehouse health for 30 seconds. This boost is especially useful when you are having trouble keeping up with a lot of damage to walls and barricades.

Special troll attacks

To make things more difficult, trolls also have some special boosts in store. The active troll special attack is shown at the last row of the gatehouse status screen.

Name Effect
Clobbering Time! Causes heavy damage on walls and barricades this is a perfect time to use the Extra Hands boost.
Armoured Trolls Attack of very tough trolls, no trolls can be killed while this is active.
Slow-mo Your run energy drops to 0 and you can’t run while this is active. Using energy potions does not help against it.
No Well The oil well dries up and you can’t fill your oil buckets during this time.
Oil Spill Oil is spilled from oil drums at the top of gatehouse and you can’t run at the top of gatehouse.
Fire in the Hole! The gatehouse gets attacked by fire, greater damage is caused.
Each month you can claim a reward book from Captain Jute. The book gives a large amount of experience in any skill chosen by the player. The amount of reward XP you gain is determined by your level in the skill you choose, the higher it is the more you will receive. And the more waves you endure, the more experience you will gain. Remember it can only be claimed once per month. Starting your first attempt of Troll Invasion once per month will also reward you with a spin ticket for the Squeal of Fortune.

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