Is this Distractions and Diversions Safe to play?:
Daily. You can also force one reset for this activity per day by using a D&D token (daily).
Skills Required:
10 Mining.
Skills Recommended:
A high Mining level.
Quests Required:
Items Needed:
A Pickaxe (any kind).
Items Recommended:
Starting Point:
To Start:
Look through a telescope.
Getting Started:

Safety: This mini-game can be dangerous depending on which areas and worlds you visit.

Table of Contents:

Getting Started:

You first need to identify where and when a shooting star is going to fall. This can be done by looking through a telescope in the study of a player owned house. However, telescopes only offer a 'best guess', so you will find that different telescopes and different people will get different results. The better your telescope is, the more precise the time window will be. The information will become more accurate, the closer to the time for the star to land nears. Unfortunately it will only tell you the region where a star is going to land, rather than the exact location. Stars fall approximately every two hours. They are specific to the world you are in, and will fall in a different spot in a different world. However, stars will only land near mines and banks.

Telescope Construction Required
To Make
Time Range
Wooden 44 24 minutes
Teak 64 9 minutes
Mahogany 84 2 minutes


The Observatory, south of Ardougne, maintains a noticeboard, indicating recently arrived stars and who was first on site.


Locating The Star:

We recommend to do this in a clan chat with a group. Have teleports available to the other locations and each person cover one location in the potential area. Have one person in their Player Owned House checking with the best telescope available. When the star has landed, either quickly check the area you are in or move to where the star has landed. If you are trying to cover an area by yourself then have a route planned and all items needed to get there at hand. Do not forget your pickaxe and any stardust you may have in the bank. Many areas need quests or items to access, so be sure you can go to where the star lands before you decide to star hunt.

Kingdom of Asgarnia:

Items Needed/Recommended: A Falador teleport, Brown apron, and a Skills necklace.

  • Crafting guild mine (40 Crafting and a Brown apron required to access)
  • Mine west of Falador, near the crumbled wall
  • Rimmington mine
  • Southeast of Falador's eastern bank, near the mining guild

Kingdom of Kandarin:

Items Needed/Recommended: A Watchtower teleport, Ardougne teleport, Camelot teleport, Combat bracelet(4) OR a Skills necklace.

Fairy Rings: BLR (near Legends' Guild mine), and CLS (Hazelmere's peninsula, near Yanille).

  • Coal Trucks mine
  • Monastery mine, south of Ardougne
  • Mine northeast of Ardougne, by the Legend's Guild
  • Port Khazard mining spot, north of Yanille
  • Yanille, slightly south west of the bank

Kingdom of Misthalin:

Items Needed/Recommended: A Varrock teleport, Lumbridge teleport, Home teleport, Water altar teleport, and Combat bracelet(4).

  • East Lumbridge Swamp mine
  • South of Varrock's east bank
  • South-East Varrock mine
  • South-West Varrock mine


Items Needed/Recommended: A Ardougne teleport, 30 coins for the boat ride (use a Ring of charos (a) and pay less), Karamja gloves, Spirit graahk pouch, Nature altar teleport, and a Amulet of glory (4).

Fairy Rings: CKR (near Shilo Village).

  • Brimhaven northern gold mine, the horseshoe mine
  • Brimhaven southern gold mine, south of the Brimhaven Dungeon entrance.
  • Crandor, southwestern mining area (Dragon Slayer quest required to access)
  • Shilo Village gem mine (Shilo Village quest required to access)
  • Shilo mining area, near the Nature Rune Altar.


Items Needed/Recommended: Armor, weapon, food, Dramen staff OR Lunar staff, Enchanted lyre, Seal of passage, and Lunar spells.

Fairy Rings: Fairy Ring CIP (Miscellania), DKS (above Keldagrim mine), and AJR (south of Keldagrim mine).

  • Jatizso, next to the entrance to the mine (The Fremennik Isles quest required to access)
  • Rellekka's eastern mine, near the entrance to Keldagrim
  • Lunar Island, northeast by the entrance to the underground mine (Lunar Diplomacy quest required to access, beware for Suqahs' attacks)
  • Miscellania mining area (The Fremennik Trials quest required to access)
  • Neitiznot, just south of bridge to island with Runite rocks (The Fremennik Isles quest required to access, beware for very aggressive Trolls' attacks)
  • Rellekka's mining area

Kharidian Desert:

Items Needed/Recommended: Coins for carpet rides Waterskins OR Enchanted water tiara, Camulet, Pharaoh's sceptre, Shantay pass, Ring of duelling (8), Amulet of glory (4), Enchanted Broomstick, and a Ring of slaying (8).

Fairy Rings: DLQ (south of the Ruins of Uzer mine).

  • Al-Kharid mine
  • East of Al Kharid's bank
  • Duel Arena, at the hospital area
  • Nardah's mining area, west of the Vultures
  • Nardah, southeast of the bank
  • Quarry, near the Desert Treasure pyramid
  • Uzer Clay mine, north of Uzer

Morytania-Mos Le'Harmless:

Items Needed/Recommended: Ectophial, House teleport, POH with a portal to Canifis OR Kharyrll teleport.

Fairy Rings: CKS (Canifis).

Tirannwn-Piscatoris-Gnome Stronghold:

Items Needed/Recommended: Teleport crystal(4), money for the boat to the Piscatoris Fishing Colony (use Ring of charos (a) for a free boat ride), Spirit kyatt pouch, and a Spirit tree teleport to the Tree Gnome Stronghold.

Fairy Rings: AKQ (Piscatoris hunting area).

  • Lleyta, near the teleport spot (Mourning's Ends Part I required to access)
  • Gnome Stronghold bank, near the southern farming patch
  • Piscatoris mine, just south of the gates

The Wilderness:

Items Needed/Recommended: A Teleport option (if below level 20), Food, Antipoison (4), Forinthry bracelet (5), Games necklace (8) and a Lava titan pouch with Ebon thunder scrolls.

  • Level 7, the mine north of Edgeville, near the Zamorak Mage
  • Level 10, Skeleton mine
  • Level 20, Bounty Hunter bank
  • Level 35, Hobgoblin mines
  • Level 46, the runite rocks, north of the Lava Maze
  • Level 53, the mining spot east of the pirates hideout, between the Mage Arena and the Agility Arena
  • Level 56, Mage Arena bank

Mining The Star:

When you have found a star, you can start mining it down to its core. Shooting stars can have as many as nine layers. You can find out what level star it is by simply examining it. By prospecting it, you can find out the level, and how much of the current layer has been mined. Each layer of a star requires of you to have a certain Mining level before you will be able to mine it. Getting through the layers of a large star will take a lot of time, so it is best if several people work on it at once.

The level requirement for a certain layer can easily be calculated by multiplying the layer by 10. E.g. Level for layer 5 = 5 x 10 = 50.


While mining the star, you will receive a certain number of Stardust. Once a star has been mined, a Star sprite will be released. Talk to this creature to exchange your stardust for a reward. Star sprites can only reward you once per day, and you can only carry or have in the bank a maximum of 200 stardust at any time.

Star Sprite




The stardust, obtained while mining a star, can be exchanged for a reward. To claim your reward, talk to the Star sprite, who appears when a star has been minded. Star sprites can only reward you once per day, and you can only carry or have in the bank, a maximum of 200 stardust at any time. For each stardust, you will receive a certain amount of Coins, Astral runes, Cosmic runes, and Gold ore. 200 stardust will yield you, 50002 coins, 52 Astral runes, 152 Cosmic runes, and 20 Gold ores.

Mining Experience:

If you are the first person to attempt to mine the star once it lands, you will be rewarded for finding the star. The reward is: 75 XP x your Mining level. E.g. level 50 miner gets 75 x 50 = 3750 experience. A pickaxe or required Mining level is not needed to claim this bonus. While mining you will be rewarded a certain amount of experience for each stardust received, depending on the layer mined.

Star Size Mining Required Mining Experience
Per Stardust
9 90 210
8 80 145
7 70 114
6 60 71
5 50 47
4 40 32
3 30 29
2 20 25
1 10 14

Mining Boost:

As part of the reward, you have the chance to mine an extra ore from a rock for 15 minutes. This bonus stacks with the Varrock armour, making it possible to mine 3 ores from 1 rock.

Uncut Gems:

Uncut gems such as, Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby, and Diamond, are found in the various layers of the star. Wearing an Amulet of glory will increase the chance of mining a gem.

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