Is this Distractions and Diversions Safe to play?:
Weekly. You can also force one reset for this activity per week by using a D&D token (weekly).
Items Needed:
Hands must be empty upon entry.
Starting Point:
On the island of Anachronia, in the grove North of the Liverworts.
To Start:
Climb down the tree roots East of the Ancient zygomite elder.
Getting Started:

Climb down the tree roots in the center of the grove to enter an instance of Herby Werby.

The Urge to Jump

Climbing down the tree roots will land you on the Northwest edge of a small clearing with a ritual fire in the center. Around the edge of the clearing are patches of healthy and corrupt herbs. The point of the D & D is to burn corrupted herbs. There are seven zygomites in the clearing who are supposed to help you. However, as the elder warns you, they don't really know what they are doing.

Big Overture Small Show

Earning Points

Each week players may take part in the Herby Werby D&D and may earn up to 100 spirit points that week. The points can be spent on rewards by talking with the elder on the surface, but you can't spend them if you don't have them. To get spirit points there are two methods: doing the zygomites job for them or playing supervisor by taking the healthy herbs away from these foolish fungi before they burn the health herbs.

Burning Your Own Herbs

So you're a "do it yourself" kind of person? You are going to have to grab corrupted herbs and burn them in the ritual fire. This method grants Firemaking and Herblore experience.

The patches of herbs around the edge of the clearing are all either green or purple, indicating that they are either healthy or corrupted, respectively. You may only carry one herb at a time and they automatically go into your weaponry equipment slot when picked. However, this doesn't mean that you cannot use abilities like surge or bladed dive (if you bring an off-hand weapon to equip once you have started) to speed up the process.


Note however that patches change from healthy to corrupted and back. This transition occurs every 24 seconds, and can cause players to pick healthy herbs by accident. Because the herbs that a player picks are considered equipped, you may drop an herb you are carrying by removing it from the equipment slot.

Once you have picked a corrupt herb, burning it in the ritual fire will yield 1 to 4 points randomly. However, if a player burns a healthy herb, the player receives a debuff that reduces their points gained by 50% for the next 30 seconds. Once you have 100 spirit points, you are done with Herby Werby for the week.

Making it Harder

Bossing Zygomites Around

You want to boss some fools around? Here's how you'll get your points: snatching from zygomites who don't know how to do their job. This method grants Herblore experience.

The seven zygomites (Allen, Ghost, Price, Roach, Shepard, Snoop, and Soap) spend their time in this D & D running herbs to the ritual fire to be burned. Unfortunately, they don't seem to realize that they need to only take the corrupted herbs to the fire- they grab from whatever herb patch they feel like at the moment, regardless of whether it's corrupted or healthy.

When a zygomite is carrying an herb towards the ritual fire, they will have a particle effect that matches the herb they carry- purple for corrupted and green for healthy. The healthy herbs must be saved. Take the herbs from any zygomite with green particle effects. Doing so will earn you 1 to 4 points randomly.

Want to See the World BurnKnow How to Do Your Job

While you don't need to keep track of the changes of the patches (every 24 seconds), doing so will make it easier to do your job. When a zygomite grabs an herb from a healthy patch of herbs, you will know they are carrying a healthy herb before the particle effects appear. Do not be afraid to act preemptively to save time.


Herby Werby's spirit points always come with a batch of experience when gained. Depending on how you earn your points, you will either gain Herblore experience or Firemaking AND Herblore experience.

The experience a player gains is dependent on 2 things- the number of points they earned and their Firemaking and Herblore levels. Every time a player gets experience, the amount of experience is a rate based on their level times the number of points. At 99 Firemaking and Herblore, burning corrupt herbs yields 126.7 Firemaking experience and 222.3 Herblore experience per point, and snatching healthy herbs from zygomites yields 296.4 Herblore experience per point.

Note that while a player can only gain 100 spirit points per week, their final point(s) earned grant experience as though they had not reached their limit. In other words, if a player has 99 points before their final earning, it is possible that they could gain experience based on 1, 2, 3, or 4 points.


By speaking with the Ancient zygomite elder on the ground level, you can access the Herby Werby Reward Shop, which has the following rewards:

Herb bag Herb bag upgrade Sasha Small firemaking lamp
Small herblore lamp Totem of the abyss top Totem of crystal base

Herby Werby Reward Shop

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