Is this Distractions and Diversions Safe to play?:
Daily. You can also force one reset for this activity per day by using a D&D token (daily).
Skills Recommended:
Higher level Divination.
Starting Point:
Energy rift at any wisp colony, excluding Pale and Cursed.
To Start:
Jump within the rift on the hour.
Getting Started:

Guthixian Caches are a daily Distraction & Diversion that uses the Divination skill. It has no skill requirements, but the higher your Divination level is the greater your experience reward; it also affects how many methods of gaining points you are able to use. Guthixian Caches occur on the hour, every hour of the day (10:00, 11:00, 12:00 etc) for 10 minutes. In order to enter the Cache, players need to jump into an energy rift. These are found at all wisp colonies, excluding the Pale and Cursed colonies. But you are only able to gain the extra benefits from Guthixian Caches once every 3 hours.


When Guthixian Caches begin, all rifts (excluding the two mentioned above) at wisp colonies visually change: the rocks above them disappear and the vortex becomes a glowing portal. Clicking on the rift allows you to jump into it to access the cache. You will then emerge in a cavern with a large rift in the center and statues of Cres, the Automaton overseer, in the corners. Around the outside of the room will be many bottles of various sizes containing memories; these must be picked up and transported to the rift in the middle (shown below).


You will also notice Automatons wandering around the room. If a player carrying a memory walks near an Automaton, the memory will be knocked from their hand, destroying the bottle. In order to overcome these Automatons, players have two options: A) run around them carrying bottles to the center or B) transform into Cres and subdue the automatons. This will briefly deactivate the Automaton, making it safe for other players to walk near them. Please note that after a short period of time, the automatons will reactivate.

Points are awarded for either subduing automatons or for delivering memories to the vortex in the middle. More points are awarded for larger memories and for subduing tougher automatons, however, these require higher Divination levels to interact with. You are able to gain up to 100 points per cache, with a cap of 200 points per day regardless of how many caches you must participate in to reach this cap. Note that you can reset this daily cap, once a day, by using a Daily reset token.

Converting Memories:

The most basic way to gain points is to convert memories. In order to do this, you need to pick up memories from the outside walls and run to the central rift to throw them in, thus converting them. Both hands must be free in order to pick up a memory and you can only carry one at a time regardless of its size. As mentioned above, if the you run into any active automatons, they will attack and force you to drop the memory, thus destroy it. You must then run back and retrieve another memory to try again. Once you pick up a memory, you are unable to remove it. You must either deposit it at the rift, have an automaton attack, or wait for the cache to end in order to release it. Within the cache there are four types of memories; each has a level requirement and the last one has a quest requirement.

Memory Divination Level Points for Depositing
Tiny Memory 1 1
Raw Memory 45 2
Large Memory 85 3
Ancient Memory* 92 4

*Requires completion of Children of Mah to pick up.


Subduing Automatons:

The other method for gaining points is to subdue automatons. In order to do this, you must first become Cres by clicking on one of the statues located in each of the corners of the room.

Cres Statue

This will give you Cres’ power to subdue automatons for 60 seconds, as well as access to two abilities for that time. If you wish to end your transformation sooner, you are able to click the statue again. Once a player transforms back to their regular form after being Cres, they must wait 60 seconds before being able to transform again. When transformed into Cres, clicking on automatons allows you to subdue them. This temporarily deactivates them, allowing players to walk by until they reactivate. There are currently three types of automatons to subdue.

Automaton Divination Level Points for Subduing
Ancient Automaton
1 1
Confused Automaton
45 2
Enraged Automaton
85 3


Throughout your time in the cache, you have access to special abilities in order to help you gain more points. You have two as your normal character and two different ones when you transform into Cres.

  • Your human form has access to Double Points and Immunity:
    • Double Points - One charge is given for every 5 memories converted. This ability doubles all points gained in human form for 24 seconds. Note that if you transform into Cres during this ability, your points are not doubled in Cres form.
    • Immunity - One charge is given for every 10 memories converted. This ability prevents the automatons from attacking you for 12 seconds.
  • Your Cres form has access to Double Points and Subdue All Automatons:
    • Double Points - One charge is given for every 10 automatons subdued. This ability doubles all points gained in Cres form for 12 seconds. Note that if you transform into a human during this ability, your points are not doubled in human form.
    • Subdue All Automatons - One charge is given for every 20 automatons subdued. This ability deactivates all automatons in the room at once. Note that you do not gain the points as if you manually deactivated all of the automatons.

Cres Bot


Please note that these are one person's recommended strategies and therefore may not apply to everyone.

  • When converting memories in human form, be aware that you are able to use the Surge and Escape abilities to quickly move around the cavern. If you want to utilise this further, augment a piece of leg or chest armour and add the Mobile perk to it. This will cut down on Surge & Escape cooldowns, helping to reach maximum points quicker.

  • Use your brain and look at how busy the cache is. If there are lots of people transformed as Cres, do not transform into Cres yourself! Continue to run memories until there is a gap where there is only 1 or 2 Cres transformed. Then consider transforming into Cres so you can subdue a maximum amount of automatons. This not only maximizes your point gain, but saves you time running around as Cres without being able to subdue any automatons.

  • Time your abilities. Try to activate double points just before converting a memory or just before subduing an automaton. This maximizes the amount of time you’re gaining double points.

  • Always perform the highest level interaction you can. There is no point doing lower level memories/automatons if you can do higher ones.

  • In Cres form, follow a pattern. Walking around the center of the rift subduing as you go or over a patch you wish to cover. This means that by the time you subdue the last automaton, the first will be back and ready to subdue again.

  • Work together! As a Cres, if you help other players to run their memories, they will be more likely to do the same for you. Staying in a section to assist a player means you are able to develop a pattern for subduing more easily.


There are three possible rewards for completing a Guthixian Cache. The first main reward being Divination experience. A lump of experience is given for every point gained in the cache. This experience scales with level as follows:

Experience Reward
Divination Level Experience per Point Divination Level Experience per Point Divination Level Experience per Point
1 33 34 92 67 323
2 34 35 95 68 329
3 35 36 97 69 334
4 36 37 100 70 358
5 36 38 103 71 368
6 37 39 105 72 377
7 38 40 142 73 386
8 39 41 144 74 395
9 40 42 147 75 404
10 50 43 150 76 412
11 51 44 153 77 420
12 52 45 156 78 428
13 53 46 158 79 435
14 .54 47 161 80 461
15 55 48 163 81 470
16 56 49 166 82 477
17 57 50 208 83 482
18 58 51 213 84 484
19 58 52 219 85 509
20 67 53 225 86 519
21 68 54 230 87 527
22 69 55 236 88 533
23 70 56 241 89 536
24 71 57 246 90 566
25 73 58 251 91 579
26 74 59 256 92 589
27 75 60 278 93 595
28 76 61 285 94 599
29 77 62 291 95 679
30 81 63 298 96 700
31 84 64 305 97 716
32 86 65 311 98 728
33 90 66 317 99 734

The next reward can only be gained once every 3 hours. It is a set of temporary buffs that assist with Divination training. They are detailed below:

  • Gives 10% chance for double loot from divine locations, without depleting your gathering cap. If this happens the message “You received double loot, as you recently completed a Guthix cache” will show in the chat bar. Please note that this does not activate on divine simulacrums.

  • Gives 10% chance to not use a charge on signs of the porter. If this happens the message “As you completed a Guthixian cache recently, your sign of the porter did not lose a charge.” will show in the chat bar.

  • Gives 10% chance to instantly convert all of the memories in your inventory at once when training at a wisp colony. If this happens, you will use a unique animation to do so.

These buffs last up to 20 minutes, but are calculated using the points you gained. If you take your points gained and divide them by 5, it gives the duration in minutes (100 points divided by 5 gives 20 minutes of buffs). If you have the stored power perk from Memorial to Guthix active and finish with 100 points, you will receive the Guthixian Cache Boost in item form instead.

The last possible reward is a piece of the Diviners outfit. If you do not currently own all of the pieces of the skilling outfit, you are able to receive a piece after completing a cache. The higher your points, the higher the chance of receiving a piece, though the exact chances are unknown.

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