Is this Distractions and Diversions Safe to play?:
Skills Required:
1 Construction: Basic god statue
32 Construction: Sturdy god statue
52 Construction: Fine god statue
72 Construction: Expert god statue
90 Construction: Masterpiece god statue
Skills Recommended:
Quests Required:
Items Needed:
Combat equipment.
Items Recommended:
Starting Point:
To Start:
Speak to Copernicus Glyph at any of the locations above.
Getting Started:

Please Note: You must meet one of the following criteria to start constructing God statues:

The God Statues can be built at the start of each calendar month. There are four statues in total which will grant Construction experience and allow for further Prayer or Slayer experience, depending on your choice of statue.

Each area has one correct God statue which will award Prayer experience and become an altar. If you choose any other statue, fanatics will appear and you'll need to defend your statue. You will receive some Slayer experience for your troubles.

Statue Locations:

Below is a list of the four locations and their preferred statue:

Location Map Statue
Canifis Canifis Kr'il Tutsaroth (Zamorak)
Gu'Tanoth Bandos General Graador (Bandos)
Lumbridge Lumbridge Commander Zilyana (Saradomin)
Taverley Taverley Juna (Guthix)
Prifddinas Lumbridge Queen Glarial (Seren)

Building the Statue:

Now the first thing to do is set the correct scaffoldings. Press Copernicus' icon at the top of your screen to have him check if the scaffoldings have the correct heights. He'll give you advice as long as the statues status says unfinished.

Build Status

Once the status shows finished, click on Copernicus' icon to start building the statue.

Fighting Fanatics:

If you decide to construct a God statue that the locals will not favour, a champion of that God will appear and attack you. Once you have defeated it you will be rewarded with Slayer experience.

Slayer Level Required Fanatic Names Combat Level Weakness Life Points
1 Bandosian brawler
Guthixian votary
Saradominist zealot
Zamorakian fanatic
Trahaearn automaton mk I
6 Arrows 150
25 Bandosian ogre
Guthixian spirit
Saradominist initiate
Zamorakian marauder
Trahaearn automaton mk II
64 Crush 1600
50 Bandosian ork
Guthixian moss giant
Saradominist knight
Zamorakian werewolf
Trahaearn automaton mk III
98 Thrown 150
75 Bandosian shaman
Guthixian druid
Saradominist magister
Zamorakian warlock
Trahaearn automaton mk IV
93 Water spells 3350

After building God Statues for 4 months, you will be eligible for a Sculpting Chisel which can be obtained by talking to Copernicus Glyph.

There are 4 types of the chisel, all of which boost your Construction level by 1 when equipped:

Each experience reward will depend on your different skill levels.

After constructing your statue, it will allow you to pray at it to restore Prayer points.

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