Is this Distractions and Diversions Safe to play?:
Monthly. You can also force one reset for this activity per month by using a D&D token (monthly).
Skills Required:
Items Needed:
Combat equipment if choosing Slayer experience.
To Start:
Speak to Copernicus Glyph at any of the following locations or Right click him and choose to "Build scaffold".
Location Map Correct Statue
Canifis Canifis Kr'il Tutsaroth (Zamorak)
Lumbridge Lumbridge Commander Zilyana (Saradomin)
Taverley Taverley Juna (Guthix)
Gu'Tanoth Bandos General Graador (Bandos)
Prifddinas Lumbridge Queen Glarial (Seren)
Getting Started:

Please Note: You must meet ONE of the following criteria to start constructing God statues:

The God Statues can be built once each calendar month; or twice if you reset it with a D&D reset token(monthly). There are five statues in total which will grant Construction experience and allow for further Prayer or Slayer experience, depending on your choice of statue. Each statue will inform you which type of experience you will get for each statue. Below are the choices given within Prifddinas.

Champion Choices

As can be seen, each area has one correct God statue which will award Prayer experience and become an altar. If you choose any other statue, fanatics will appear and you'll need to defend your statue. You will receive some Slayer experience for your troubles.

Building the Statue

Once you have decided which statue to build, the next thing you will do is set the scaffolding. As the setup loads, it will tell you the minimum and maximum height the scaffolding must be to fit what Copernicus Glyph wants - these will also be displayed at the top center of your window. Begin by placing the minimum number of scaffolding on all 5 locations using the arrows beneath each section. Then choose one to maximize, far Left or Right suggested, then add as many as possible as you progress to the other side.

Start Build

Once you have placed all available scaffolding, you can click his icon along the top right of the window and he will check what you have built. He will then inform you if each column, in random order, is an appropriate height. You can continually click his icon until he has given you a hint about each column. Then you can adjust them as necessary. Adjustments and checking on his opinion can be done as many times as necessary.


Once you have correctly set the scaffolding,a green circle will appear around his icon. CLicking it once more will enable you and Copernicus will begin a cut-scene of creating the statue. The cut-scene can be skipped if you check the "Skip cut-scene" box on the Left side of the window. With the statue built, you will either be able to Pray at it for experience or you will be required to defeat the nearby Fanatics.

Correct Scaffold

Fighting Fanatics

If you decide to construct a God statue that the locals will not favor, a champion of that God will appear and attack you. Once you have defeated it you will be rewarded with Slayer experience.

Slayer Level Fanatic Names Combat Level Attack Style Life Points Weakness
Canafis Lumbridge Taverly Gu'tanoth Prifddinas
1 Zamorakian fanatic Saradominist zealot Guthixian votary Bandosian brawler Trahaearn automaton mk I 6 Melee 150 Arrows
25 Zamorakian marauder Saradominist initiate Guthixian spirit Bandosian ogre Trahaearn automaton mk II 64 Melee 1,600 Crush
50 Zamorakian werewolf Saradominist knight Guthixian moss giant Bandosian ork Trahaearn automaton mk III 68 Melee 2,450 Thrown
75 Zamorakian warlock Saradominist magister Guthixian druid Bandosian shaman Trahaearn automaton mk IV 93 Magic 3,350 Water spells


Now that you have created a God statue, you will be awarded Construction experience equivalent to a Large XP lamp. Depending upon the statue chosen, you will also receive the equivalent of a Medium XP lamp in Prayer or Slayer experience.

Note that the experience gained cannot be affected by various boosting methods.

After building God Statues for 4 months (does not need to be consecutive months), you will be eligible for a Sculpting Chisel which can be obtained by talking to Copernicus Glyph.

There are 5 types of the chisel, all of which boost your Construction level by 1 when equipped and only differ in appearance:

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