Is this Distractions and Diversions Safe to play?:
Daily. You can also force one reset for this activity per day by using a D&D token (daily).
Skills Required:
Skills Recommended:
Quests Required:
Items Needed:
Items Recommended:
Food, Armor, and a weapon.
Starting Point:
Various locations.
To Start:
Go to the location announced via the chatbox.
Getting Started:

Every 30 minutes a chatbox notification will announce the location of a raid (The "Game" tab must be set to On to see the message and if you are over level 95 combat you will need to speak to the Doomsayer in Lumbridge to turn the notification on.) The possible locations of a raid are as follows:

Make your way to the location of the raid and you'll see a group of level 2 Goblin raiders led by a level 5 Chieftain called Hollowtoof. The goblins will shout out when they have raided something (the item depends on the area of the raid e.g. logs in a wooded area), which means that that goblin has an additional drop when killed.

Stopping the raid:

To stop the raid, simply kill all of the Goblin raiders, after which Hollowtoof will become attackable. Kill him and he will drop a piece of goblin raider equipment. (Note: It is also possible to obtain this equipment simply by speaking to him, however this requires 90+ combat). Once Hollowtoof is dead, Commander Yodri will appear and give you a reward.

Goblin Village bosses:

There is an extra reward to be found by killing 15 goblins within the Goblin Village. Once you've killed 15, one of a possible 3 goblin bosses will appear and attack you:

  1. Lumpnose - Ranged
  2. Stinkears - Magic
  3. Brokeface - Melee

Each one of these has a chance to drop a Goblin cower shield.

Commander Yodri will give you an item for every goblin killed. These vary depending on the location of the raid, for example he will give you ore if you're at a mine. Hollowtoof and the Goblin village bosses drop low level armor:
Name Defence level requirement Stats
Raider shield 8 Armour rating: 170, Life bonus: 140
Raider chainbody 8 Armour rating: 138, Life bonus: 230
Raider axe 8 Damage: 149, Accuracy: 80
Goblin cower shield 5 Armour rating: 140, Life bonus: 150

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