Is this Distractions and Diversions Safe to play?:
Weekly. You can also force one reset for this activity per week by using a D&D token (weekly).
Skills Required:
Skills Recommended:
A high Magic level would be a great advantage, because of the ability to teleport to several locations.
Quests Required:
None to play the game but there are some to get to some of the obelisks.
Items Needed:
Items Recommended:
Starting Point:
Various places throughout Runescape.
To Start:
Talk to Pikkenmix.
Getting Started:

Find the active small Summoning obelisk. The obelisk will only remain active for 20 minutes, therefore the starting point is constantly moving around RuneScape. If you miss the obelisk, it will take 2 hours for another to become active. When you find the obelisk, talk to Pikkenmix to access the spirit plane. Pikkenmix will always be located at the currently active obelisk. Talk to Pikkupstix to get a hint about Pikkenmix's current location. You can also use the Lunar Spell NPC contact to talk to Pikkupstix.

All hints are very easy to follow, and you shouldn't have any problem finding Pikkenmix. If you do encounter problems, you can use the list below to solve the hint. These are in alphabetical order.

Hint Location Image Requirements
A camp with a catapult nearby. The obelisk near Tyras Camp. Tyras Camp Regicide.
A cheeky monkey and.. Oh my! The location would be the small obelisk located on Musa Point on the F2P side of the Karamja region, just outside the entrance to TzHaar city. None None.
A place that is Mostly Harmless. The obelisk on the island of Mos Le'Harmless. Mos Le'Harmless Cabin Fever.
A place where doors talk. The obelisk at the very first Level of the Stronghold of Security. Stronghold of Security None.
A rotten town south of a corrupted, shady village. The obelisk north of Burgh de Rott. Burgh de Rott Priest in Peril.
At the ever flagging war. The obelisk near Castle Wars. Castle Wars None.
Beneath a huge tree. The obelisk under Grand Tree at Tree Gnome Stronghold. None. None.
Beware the spider's bite, beneath a rocky city. The obelisk by the Deadly red spiders in Varrock sewers. None. None.
I expect off somewhere relaxing. He's been quite busy lately. Not a location. You will have to wait for a while for Pikkupstix to give you another clue. None. None.
I spoke to a tree within sight of people going over a log. The obelisk at the center of the Tree Gnome Stronghold, near the Gnome Agility Course. Tree Gnome Stronghold None.
In a jungle near mithril ores. The obelisk just northwest of the nature altar on Karamja. Karamja None.
Near a village of long-eared people. The obelisk just a bit northwest of Lletya. Lletya Mourning's Ends Part I.
Near the Heroic Fountain. The obelisk under the Heroes' Guild south of Burthorpe. None. Heroes' Quest.
North of a city of sickness. The obelisk near the Combat Training Camp. Combat Training Camp None.
North of a green fountain. The obelisk north of the Ectofuntus. Ectofuntus Priest in Peril.
Northern barbarian's have a cozy home. The obelisk south of Rellekka. Rellekka None.
Pass through to thirst. The obelisk by the Shantay Pass, south of Al Kharid. Shantay Pass None.
Place of the moon people. The obelisk on Lunar Isle, near the entrance to the city. Lunar Isle Started Lunar Diplomacy.
Purple rippling near flying rugs. The obelisk near the Pollnivneach house portal. Pollnivneach None.
Seaside infested with Barbarians. The obelisk north of Barbarian Outpost. Barbarian Outpost None.
South of a market village. The obelisk south of Draynor Village. Draynor Village None.
Sun, sand, freshly-picked fruit and pretty music. The obelisk near the musician in Catherby. Catherby None.
Surrounded by Heroes, chaos and games. The obelisk south of Burthorpe near the Heroes' Guild. Burthorpe None.
The lava talks, and the rocks walk. The obelisk directly south of the TzHaar City furnace. Tzhaar None.
The stench of fish is strong here. The obelisk near the bank in the Fishing Guild. Fishing Guild 68 Fishing.
Under White City, Through Scorpions. The obelisk underneath Falador, in the Dwarven Mines. Dwarven Mines None.
With patch, castle, dock. The obelisk located on Etceteria. Etceteria The Fremennik Trials.


After talking to Pikkenmix, you will become unconscious and travel to the spirit plane. Once you are there, the following screen will appear:

Note: Because much of Familiarisation involves running, it is recommended to use the ogre spas after completion of As a First Resort... . After you've found the active obelisk, use the Salt-water spring and go back to Pikkenmix to enter the spirit plane.


Each familiar disguise has 'opposed' familiars that you must avoid during the activity. If the opposing familiars drain your mental focus to 0 you will be teleported back to the regular world.

The initial two opposing forms for each disguise are listed below:

Familiar: Thorny snail
Opposite: Barker toad and Desert wyrm.

Familiar: Compost mound
Opposite: Geyser titan and War tortoise.

Familiar: Giant chinchompa
Opposite: Hydra and Karamthulhu overlord.

Familiar: Void spinner
Opposite: Obsidian golem and Vampire bat.

Familiar: Evil turnip
Opposite: Compost mound and Thorny snail.

Familiar: Spirit coraxatrice
Opposite: Spirit kyatt and Spirit larupia.

Familiar: Spirit larupia
Opposite: Spirit wolf and Void ravager.

Familiar: Stranger plant
Opposite: Pack yak and Ravenous locust.

Familiar: Adamant minotaur
Opposite: Forge regent and Lava titan.

Familiar: Giant ent
Opposite: Beaver and Fire titan.

Familiar: Ice titan
Opposite: Pyrelord and Spirit Tz-Kih.

Familiar: Pack yak
Opposite: Albino rat and Spirit cobra.

Collecting Shards:

Your goal during the game is to gather as many spirit shards as possible. The maximum amount you can collect is 60.


More Familiars Hunting:

As you progress, more familiars will see through your disguise and recognize you as an imposter. They will then join the other familiars that are hunting you. As soon as you get too close to a familiar that's hunting you, it will drain some of your mental focus. If your mental focus is drained too much and reaches the bottom of the bar, you will become conscious again and return to the normal world. You can also see your mental focus status by looking at your form's color. It will go from colorful to gray.

You will be warned each time a familiar recognizes you:

More Familiars Hunting

The new familiar will be marked with a red exclamation mark.

Ending The Game:

The game will end after your mental focus reaches 0, collected 60 shards from the spirit plane, or after you've been in the spirit plane for 20 minutes.


After the game has ended, you reawaken back in your body in RuneScape.

You can only play this Distraction and Diversion once a week.
This game resets every Wednesday

You can choose between a blessing that grants you a triple charm drops which will last for 40 minutes or you can also choose to receive some pouch ingredients based on the number of shards you collected and your current Summoning level.


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