Is this Distractions and Diversions Safe to play?:
Monthly. You can also force one reset for this activity per month by using a D&D token (monthly).
Skills Required:
Level 85 in one of the following:
Quests Required:
Starting Point:
Secret lab on Anachronia.
To Start:
Pull the lever on the incubator.
Getting Started:

After you have completed the Miniquest/Tutorial, you will be able to pull the lever on the Incubator. This will begin a 5 minute timer where in you will need to gather materials and incubate your effigy. If you are lucky, and time things well, it is possible to create 6 or more effigies during this time.

pull here

It is also worth noting that there are 5 Achievements associated with this area. These are:

  • Cracking Open A Cold One
  • Cracking Open A Four Pack
  • Effigy Scavenger
  • Following in the Footsteps
  • Sins of the Father


On the first of each month, the incubator will need to be recalibrated. This is done by Right-clicking Vicendithas and choosing the "set up incubator" option. He will then call out 3 valves, one by one, which you will need to turn by clicking on them. When the valves have all been turned as per his direction, the machine will be calibrated for the month and will remain that way until the following month. Note that if you reset using a D&D token (monthly), you will not need to re-calibrate the machine.

you spin me right round

Gathering Materials

With the lever pulled and the timer started, you will need to rush to the center of the room, use of surge or another similar ability is suggested whenever possible. Here you will need to grab 1-6 Effigy casing and collect materials from any of 12 material nodes located around the room. The type of materials you choose to harvest will affect pretty much everything: which skill you need level 85 in, what type of xp you will get collecting materials and creating uncharged effigies, as well as what skills will be used to fill your empty effigies once the D&D is completed. Each node will cycle between 1 of the 4 materials and a blank slate roughly every minute - be sure you're collecting the material you want to be.

Harvest Here

Regardless of which material you choose to collect, you will need 20 per effigy you will create. It is suggested to collect your items in groups of what you need to complete an effigy (1 casing + 20 materials) so that you can minimize the amount of time traveling between locations in the area. When first beginning, try not aim for making too many effigies at once; 4 or 5 casings and 80-100 materials is a good target when first starting. But how many you choose to do, and if you choose to do it in groups, is entirely up to you. Keep in mind that you can create a combination of effigies if you want, you are not limited to making 1 only type of effigy... unless you only have 1 skill at level 85+.

Node Material XP Type XP per Material* Effigy to Create
Enriched scrap metal Smithing 1,380 Explosive effigy (uncharged)
Enriched nicknacks Invention 2,322 Unstable effigy (uncharged)
Enriched anima nugget Runecrafting 1,380 Erratic effigy (uncharged)
Enriched dragonflesh Crafting 1,380 Volatile effigy (uncharged)

*Collection values are at level 99+ and bxp does not affect the value

While collecting materials from any given node, you may notice materials on the floor around you. These can be collected by clicking on them and will not affect your collection of materials. There is even a chance that you will awaken an effigy remnant when collecting materials. These enable you to collect materials twice as fast, meaning the number of effigies you can create during your time limit is increased. Be sure to click on them as soon as you see them since they only last for a short amount of time (roughly 25 seconds).

Harvest Me!

As mentioned before, you will need an Effigy casing - 1 per effigy created. Like the materials, you can grab several at once to hold on to or you can grab just 1 for the effigy you are working on. The decision is yours, though grouping is highly suggested. Note that all items gathered and created during this D&D stack.

Effigy Creation

Once you've gathered your materials, you will want to quickly make your way over to a workbench. Here you will use the same skill in order to create an uncharged effigy. Any given effigy will award you with 2.5k experience in the associated skill when you make it.

gif of interface

With 1 or more uncharged effigies in hand, you will now need to put your bun in the oven... I mean effigy in the incubator. Run West of the workbenches, toward Vicendithas, and Left-click on the incubator next to him. This will cause you to place all uncharged effigies from your inventory into the incubator where they will start to charge. Charging them will take roughly 10 seconds no matter how many are put in it and the progress can be seen by looking at the bar above Vicendithas' head.

At this point, if you have more time it may be worth trying to create at least 1 more effigy - note that you can leave the incubator area immediately after adding effigies to try and create more. The bar will continue to fill while you are away. With practice, you will be able to determine if you will have time to make more effigies or if your time is better spent simply collecting materials after you have obtained the empty effigies.

Once the progress bar fills, you will need to interact with Vicendithas to obtain your now empty effigies. Be sure to complete and claim your effigies BEFORE the timer runs out. Doing so means that you will get 2 empty effigies for every 1 uncharged one you put in the incubator.


Since this D&D is highly dependent upon speed and timing, the table below lists roughly how many seconds of your timer it takes to do each activity in the approximate order that you will be performing them.

Activity Rough Time Taken
Obtain 1 Effigy casing 7 seconds
Obtain 20 material (stationary location) 35 seconds
Remnant duration 25 seconds
Create uncharged effigy 3 seconds
Charging effigy 10 seconds

Vicendithas' Shop

Once your timer runs out, you may still have casing and enriched materials remaining in your inventory. Luckily, you don't need to destroy them. These can be given to Vicendithas in exchange for Incubator points - 1 point per item. Outside of the 5 minute timer, it is also possible to collect materials (Anima nugget, Dragonflesh, Nicknacks, and Scrap metal), but not casings or remnants, to give to Vicendithas for points. Despite this ability, it is not particularly worth the time and effort to harvest materials as you will only earn 11xp per material collected and it takes quite a bit to fill the effigies. Also be aware that effigies (uncharged and empty) cannot be created outside the timer.

Be sure to not leave the area before turning in the materials as this will cause the items to disappear!

gif of interface

Note that you must have obtained Effy to be able to purchase any of the pets (top row).

Up to 10 effigies (2,000 pts) can be purchased each month. Note that this maximum number applies to all types of effigies together not separately.


After completing the D&D you should have at least 1 new empty effigy. Optimally you will have several, but we don't judge based on how many you made. These empty effigies now crave just one thing: knowledge! As you make your way around the world, your effigy will watch and learn as you train specific skills - see table below.

Effigy Type Skills Reward
Explosive Cooking, Fishing, Mining, and/or Woodcutting Effigy star
Unstable Divination, Farming, Hunter, and/or Runecrafting Effigy star
Erratic Divination, Farming, Hunter, and/or Runecrafting Effigy lamp
Volatile Cooking, Fishing, Mining, and/or Woodcutting Effigy lamp

Once they've absorbed 60,000 XP, they'll become full and you can obtain either a Effigy star or an Effigy lamp (depending on the type of effigy) by cracking it open. Note that there is a chance that these may upgrade to a Dragonkin star or Dragonkin lamp, respectively.

To make filling them a little easier, up to 1,000 of each type of empty effigy can be stored in a Brooch of the Gods. This allows you to carry many effigies at once so that you are always ready to start a new one as soon as your current effigy fills.

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