Is this Distractions and Diversions Safe to play?:
Special. This activity does not reset based on normal time values and cannot be force reset using a token.
Skills Required:
Skills Recommended:
A high combat level is recommended.
Quests Required:
Items Needed:
Armor, a weapon, food, and anti-poison.
Starting Point:
To Start:
Go to the location announced in the chat box.
Getting Started:

This flash mob consists of a demon boss, two black demons, 4 lesser demons and 8 imp heralds

The demons will spawn every hour at one of a number of locations. A chatbox notification will announce the location of a raid 15 minutes in advance of when it spawns. (The "Game" tab must be set to On to see the message). The possible locations of a raid are as follows:

South-east of the Edgeville Monastery
South of Gu'Tanoth
South-west Lumbridge Swamp
North-west of Menaphos
North of the Poison Wastes
East of the Ranging Guild
West of the Ruins of Uzer
North of Darkmeyer
Wilderness Locations
West of Daemonheim
Ruins (Central Wilderness)
East of the Chaos Temple
South of the Forgotten Cemetery
East of the Graveyard of Shadows
South of the Wilderness green dragons

Killing the demons:

his flash mob consists of a demon boss, two black demons, 4 lesser demons and 8 imp heralds. Once the minions are killed, the boss can be attacked. At the start, however, the lesser and black demons, as well as the demon boss, are invulnerable. To attack the lesser demons, all the imps must be killed. To attack the black demons the lesser demons must be killed. To attack the boss the black demons must be killed. The boss begins with 50% of his maximum life points, that is, 200,000 out of 400,000. The boss regains his lost health by feeding from the life of his lesser demons, where he heals 3000. After the imp heralds or the lesser demons are slain, the boss will focus on his black demons, where he heals 6000 from them until they die.

The next level of demons can be attacked when the boss himself says a quote. For example, when all the imp heralds are slain, the boss will say a quote, and then the lesser demons can be attacked. However, if the lesser demons are sent to battle and the boss drains the life from both of his black demons, he can be attacked, and the demons that he sent to battle can be left alone, although it is not recommended because the boss has very high life points for his combat level.

Attacks depend on the region. All Non-wilderness and Wilderness demons seem to place all of their attention onto one person with melee or magic. Non-wilderness demons have the option of using a multi-hitting magic attack.

The Central Demon:

The Central demon can have one of several different special abilities dependent on the name it is given including poison and stuns. See the table below for main attack type in regard to name:

Prefix Attack style
Deacon Magic
General Melee
Executioner Very high damage
Castellan Very high defence
Suffix Special
Blazing Magic fire attacks with a damage-over-time effect
Frostborn Magic ice attack with area of effect (similar to Ice barrage and stuns everyone it hits)
Corrupting Poison attack with area of effect
Infernal Fire attack with area of effect
Glorious Stun attack
Obscured Drains combat stats
Rending Melee attack with a damage bleeding effect
Pestilent Very high damaging poison effect
Shattering Melee attack with area of effect
Terrifying Binds and slows down adrenaline gain

Caution: Using any prayer or curse while fighting the demon will greatly increase the damage done on the player; this includes the protect item prayer, making the wilderness locations even more risky.


To receive a drop from the Central Demon, you must have dealt over 500 damage. Possible drops include high level herbs, herb seeds, logs, ores, metal bars, dragonhide, rune items, coins and infernal ashes. There's also a chance of receiving a piece of unique level 60 ranged equipment:

Demon slayer items
Infernal ashes
Demon slayer torso
Demon slayer skirt
Demon slayer circlet
Demon slayer gloves
Demon slayer boots
Demon slayer crossbow
Off-hand demon slayer crossbow

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