Is this Distractions and Diversions Safe to play?:
Daily. You can also force one reset for this activity per day by using a D&D token (daily).
Skills Recommended:
High combat levels are reccomended.
Items Recommended:
Combat gear, weapons, and food or potions.
Starting Point:
To Start:
You can begin Deathmatch by traveling to Edgeville and entering the hatch located on the Eastern border near the Wilderness.
Getting Started:

The Arena Lobby:

Located within the Arena's lobby is a bank chest, prayer altar, a table with supplies, and a sign-up board. The Sign-up board is used to enter games or purchase rewards. Rewards can also be purchased from Mandrith, located in Edgeville bank.

The Arena:

At the start of a Deathmatch, you're teleported in and a countdown will begin. After the countdown, you may attack other players. During this time, you are able to gain a number of powers ups.

After you have died, you will respawn in an area with a bank, prayer altar and a supply of banages, super restore flasks, nad supreme overload salves.

Normal power ups:

Armour - Armour - large gold-trimmed power up gives 100 armour and smaller untrimmed power up provides 50 armour. Reduces damage taken from all attack styles: 0-33% damage reduction for the first 100 armour and 33-100% damage reduction for up to a maximum of 200 armour. The power up degrades based on the amount of damage prevented by it.

Healing over time - constant healing effect similar to Enhanced Excalibur's special move. It heals 10% of the player's maximum life points every 3 seconds for 45 seconds

Super power ups:

Overpowered - causes all the player's attacks to have quadruple damage for 45 seconds.

Cabbage time - replaces all food in other players' inventories into cabbage for 20 seconds. Eating cabbage does not use up the player's food and their food is returned to them after 20 seconds is up.

Chicken army - for every successful hit with the power up, a level 198 chicken spawns and attacks the opponent. The chickens ignore the combat immunity period. The chickens continue to be spawned up to a maximum of 10. The power up lasts for 45 seconds.


Halfway throught the Deathmatch, an essence of death will spawn. However, this requires more than 20 players to be in the arena. The first player to fill up a bar above the players' head will become the Supreme Hunter, which grants supreme weapons (Annihilation, Decimation, and Obliteration) with a special attack called Supreme Defenders. This will summon 10 souls to fight alongside the player, and gives a 10% damage increase for each soul active.


At the end of each Deathmatch, you will recieve points based upon your performance. These points can be used to purchase the following rewards from Mandrith in Edgeville bank.

Deathmatch Miscellaneous:

Wilderness slayer xp enhancer Small rune pouch Ancient teleport tablets Revenant drop enhancer
Ogre flask Preserved meat Deathmatch title Deathmatch taunt
Bounty Hunter teleport spell

Deathmatch Misc

Deathmatch Gear:

Superior rock-shell armour set Superior spined armour set Superior skeletal armour set Supreme hunter's helm
Corrupt rogue gloves Nasty rogue gloves Malicious rogue gloves Loathsome rogue gloves
Atrocious rogue gloves

Deathmatch Gear

Bounty Hunter Miscellaneous:

Wilderness hilt Large rune pouch Adrenaline crystal Ancient warriors' equipment patch
Revenant pet

Bounty Hunter Misc

Bounty Hunter Gear:

Random brawling gloves Annihilation Decimation Obliteration
Amulet of the Forsaken

Bounty Hunter Gear

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