Is this Distractions and Diversions Safe to play?:
Daily. You can also force one reset for this activity per day by using a D&D token (daily).
Skills Required:
Skills Recommended:
Quests Required:
Items Needed:
Items Recommended:
Weight-reducing items.
Starting Point:
Varies between 11 locations every hour (See below).
To Start:
Find and speak to Nyriki Tapio at one of the hunting areas.
Getting Started:

To start the game, you will first need to find Nyriki Tapio at one of the hunting areas scattered throughout RuneScape. The easiest way to find out and reach his current location is to step through his orange portal on the first floor of the house south of the Gnome agility course, at the Tree Gnome Stronghold. Left-clicking the portal and selecting "Check" will make a timer showing when he is approximately going to spawn. Do remember that the portal can only be used 3 times a day and is a one-way portal, meaning that you will have to find your own way back. Below is a list of all the possible locations where he could be found.

Note: Nyriki Tapio's location changes every hour and the game itself can only be played twice a day. Games start at the top of every hour.


Map Location Map Location
Oo'glog North of Oo'glog Feldip Hills Northwest corner of the Feldip Hills
Ourania altar Near the Ourania altar, north of Castle Wars Charm sprite Charm Sprite area, south of the Tree Gnome Stronghold
Piscatoris South of the Piscatoris Fishing Colony Lletya Southwest of Lletya
Rellekka Snowy hunting grounds, northeast of Rellekka Canifis Swamp lizard hunting grounds, southeast of Canifis
Dominion Tower East of the Dominion Tower Herblore Habitat Next to the Herblore Habitat, east of Shilo Village
Graahk Area Graahk hunting grounds, west of Shilo Village

When you have found Nyriki Tapio, descend down into the nearby cave and you will be given a Moth jar. Your goal is to let the big chinchompa in the center of area fall asleep by feeding it the moths you caught. The game's interface will show you the time remaining, the amount of moths you have caught, the type of moths you have caught, and how many points you have gained so far in the current game. The bar to the left of your screen will show how sleepy the big chinchompa is. A game ends when the 20 minutes are over, or when the Plutonial Chinchompa falls asleep.

Note: You can join a game that is already in progress, but you will have less time to collect points.


There are 2 ways to collect these soporith moths. You can either catch flying moths with your hands or by shaking the branches scattered throughout the area. It is also advised to pick and wield a Protea flower from one of the bushes in the corners of the cave. When wielded, soporith moths will occasionally be attracted by its nectar and automatically caught by you. The reason why wielding such a flower is recommended is that the attracted moths will always be the highest ones you can catch.


The moth jar can hold up to 15 moths. When full, moths need to be released into the Chinchompa's nest in order to gain more points. The maximum amount of points that can be gained in a game is 1500. However, after this experience may still be gained for releasing moths. One of the requirements for the Completionist cape is having gained a minimum of 1111 points in one single game.

Image Moth Level
Experience Points
Red soporith moth Red soporith moth 1 15 1
Orange soporith moth Orange soporith moth 13 50 2
Yellow soporith moth Yellow soporith moth 26 150 5
Green soporith moth Green soporith moth 39 250 8
Blue soporith moth Blue soporith moth 52 300 12
Purple soporith moth Purple soporith moth 65 320 15
Grey soporith moth Grey soporith moth 78 400 18
Black soporith moth Black soporith moth 91 450 21

During the game, you will receive experience for releasing and feeding the months you caught to the big chinchompa. When the game has ended the points you have earned will be turned in to Competence points. These points can be exchanged for various rewards (See below) by talking to Nyriki Tapio in the cave or to Mieliki Tapio at the portal area in the Tree Gnome Stronghold. Up to 20,000 competence points can be saved, after which you must spend some of them to earn more points.

Image Name Points
N/A Hunter XP 1 1 For each competence point you will receive 5 Hunter XP
Protea flower Protea flower 1 1 Can be wielded in the game to attract moths. Can also be wielded outside of the game but has no use outside of the game.
Flax Flax 2 1 Used in the Crafting skill.
Swamp Tar Swamp tar 4 1 Used in the Herblore and Hunter skills.
Swamp Toad Swamp toad 12 1 Used in the Herblore and Cooking skills.
Swamp lizard quota ticket Swamp lizard quota ticket 4 29 Allows you to catch 1 Swamp lizard in the private hunting ground
Carnivorous chinchompa quota ticket Carnivorous chinchompa quota ticket 6 63 Allows you to catch 1 Carnivorous chinchompa in the private hunting ground
Pawya quota ticket Pawya quota ticket 8 66 Allows you to catch 1 Pawya in the private hunting ground
Polar kebbit quota ticket Polar kebbit quota ticket 15 70 Allows you to catch 1 Polar kebbit in the private hunting ground.
Grenwall quota ticket Grenwall quota ticket 10 77 Allows you to catch 1 Grenwall in the private hunting ground

The above mentioned quota tickets can be used to step through the private hunting ground portals right next to the orange portal on the first floor of the house south of the Gnome agility course, at the Tree Gnome Stronghold. At these hunting grounds you will be able to hunt specific creatures without having to fight with other players for a spot. Entering a portal does not use a ticket but you must have one in your inventory. When you catch a creature one ticket will be used up. If you forgot to take the needed traps then you may take 5 traps out of the chest outside of the portals. All quota tickets have a cap of 3000. If you save up that many you won't be able to buy anymore until you use some up.

Private Hunting
Required Items
to Trap
Swamp lizard 29 Hunter Small fishing net and Rope
Red chinchompa 63 Hunter Box trap
Pawya 66 Hunter and
Regicide quest
Box trap
Polar kebbit 70 Hunter Box trap
Grenwall 77 Hunter and
Regicide quest
Box trap

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