Skill Levels Required:
Quests Required:
Items Needed:
Dramen staff or Lunar staff (if the Fairy Tale III quest hasn't been completed).
Enter the shed in the center of the Lumbridge Swamp, or enter any fairy Ring having completed the first few steps of the Fairy Tale II quest.
Impetuous Impulses, Windmill, Dragon weapons store, Sandpit, Furnace, Cosmic Temple, and the Evil Chicken Lair.
Quests Available in the City:
City Map:


There are two ways of entering the Lost City. Initially, one must enter through the small shed located in the Lumbridge Swamp while equipped with a Dramen staff or a Lunar staff. However, once a player has completed Fairy Tale III, it is no longer a requirement to wield any staff to enter. Just use any fairy ring to get to the Lost City.

For those who haven't completed the Fairy Tale III quest, equip a Dramen staff or Lunar staff and enter the small shed in the Lumbridge Swamp.


  1. Entrance Portal:
    Upon entering through the small shed, you will land at the entrance portal. You can use the fairy ring to get back to the small shed in the Lumbridge Swamp, or use a Raw chicken at the Evil Chicken statue to enter the Evil Chicken Lair (see step 19). An Egg spawns in front of the Evil Chicken's statue.

    Entrance Portal

  2. Market Doors:
    To access the market area of Zanaris, you have to pay a Diamond to go through the doors. Fortunately, you do not need to pay a diamond to return. However, once you have completed the Fairy Tale III quest, entrance to the market area is free. Inside, you will find several shops and two Yew trees. The market fairy Lunderwin will buy Yew logs any for 100 coins.

    Market Doors

  3. Weapon Shop:
    Here, you will find Jakut's weapon shop. He sells Dragon Longswords for 100k each, and Dragon Daggers for 30k each.

    Weapon Shop

  4. Jewelery Shop:
    The market also contains Irksol's ruby ring shop.

    Jewelery Shop

  5. Al-Kharid Fairy Ring:
    There is a Fairy Ring located north of the market place which teleports one to Al-Kharid, though it is a one way journey.


  6. Throne Room:
    At the Throne room you can find the slayer master named Chaeldar. If you did not start the quest A Fairy Tale Part I - Growing Pains quest, or completed Fairy Tale Part III, you can find the Fairy Queen here. If you started the A Fairy Tale Part I - Growing Pains quest, you will find the Fairy Godfather and his co-horts here.

    Throne Room

  7. Cow-field:
    Yay! Cows! And know what? They can talk! Right click them and start a conversation... If you wish to kill them, then do so.


  8. Sandpit:
    Use a Bucket on the pit to get a Bucket of sand, very useful for making Molten glass.


  9. Grain-field:
    This is the only place you are sure to find a teleport into the Puro Puro, see the Impetuous Impulses mini-game. Just click on the wheat whorl. You can also collect Grain to grind into flour at the nearby windmill.

    Grain Field

  10. Fairy Rings:
    The fairy rings are accessed by doing the first few steps of A Fairy Tale Part II - Cure a Queen quest. Once you have access to the rings you may use them at any time as long as you have a Dramen staff or Lunar staff equipped (if Fairy Tale III has not been completed). Starting here, click on the ring and enter the code for where you wish to go, the codes will auto save in a menu for you to refer to in future trips. All fairy rings outside Zanaris lead to this one. Fairy Fixit will tell you all you need to know about fairy rings. There is also a pond next to the fairy rings which provides as a water source. Sheep also roam freely around the Fairy Ring area. These sheep are shear-able!

    Fairy Rings

  11. Windmill and Churn:
    At the windmill, you can turn Grain into flour. You may also use the nearby dairy churn to produce various dairy products. West of the windmill, you will find a Bucket spawn.


  12. Bank:
    The fairies in this area are floating by waiting to assist you with your banking needs. Just speak to one of the Fairy Bankers to access your bank.


  13. General Store:
    Just your standard general store.

    General Store

  14. Range:
    Here you will find a range to cook various foods on it and a Chocolate bar spawn.


  15. Otherworldly Beings:
    In this cavern, level 64 Otherworldly beings reside.

    Otherworldly Beings

  16. Furnace:
    Just a standard furnace to smelt ores, or to make silver and gold items. Southeast of the furnace, you will find a Yew tree. The nearby Zygomites (level 74) can be killed with Fungicide spray and 57 Slayer.


  17. Cosmic Runecrafting Temple:
    At the temple, you may craft Cosmic runes, if you have 27 Runecrafting. Watch out for the nearby Zygomites (level 86), as they can only be killed Fungicide spray and 57 Slayer.

    Note: There are some Agility shortcuts you will need to overcome, with level 46 Agility required. For the more advanced shortcuts, you need 66 Agility. If you fail at these shortcuts, you will take some some damage.

    Cosmic Runecrafting Temple

  18. Tanglefoot Cave:
    In this cave, you will find several level 45 Baby Tanglefoots. During the A Fairy Tale Part I - Growing Pains quest, you must kill a level 111 Tanglefoot using a pair of Magic secateurs.

    Tanglefoot Cave

  19. Evil Chicken Lair:
    To access this area, use a Raw chicken at the Evil Chicken statue near the entrance portal of Zanaris (see step 1). Here you will find Black Dragons. If you go down the hole using a Rope, you will find yourself in a room with a Baby black dragon.

    Black Dragons

  20. Zanaris Mine:
    East of the entrance to the Evil Chicken Lair, you will find a mine containing Iron, Coal, Silver, Gold, and Mithril rocks.

    Zanaris Mine.

  21. Baby Black Dragon:
    The small cavern with a Baby black dragon can be accessed using a Rope as stated in step 18.

    Baby Black Dragon

  22. Evil Chicken's Nest:
    During the Recipe for Disaster quest, subquest Sir Amik Varze, you will have access the nest and kill the Evil chicken.

    Evil Chicken's Nest

Zanaris Random Events:

There are some weird random events at Zanaris, but they do not harm you or give you any presents... They are just for fun, or to annoy you.

  • Dance: Your character will suddenly start to dance.
  • Zanaris Choirs: A choir will appear but not to sing for you. They are just following you and annoying you with their questions and arguments. Or do they sing those weird sentences?
  • Frog: This is in no way related ot the kiss the frog random event. A frog will just says something weird and runs away when you notice him.
  • Rain: A cloud appears and rain will fall down.
  • Morph: You will temporarily morph into a chicken or a pig.

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