Quests Required:
Enter the Land of Snow portal located on White Wolf Mountain, South West of the Taverley lodestone.
City Map:
  1. Welcome
  2. Bonfire
  3. Bank
  4. Snowcones
  5. Book
  6. Well
  7. Frozen Snow Implings

  1. Welcome:
    Here is where you will enter Yeti Town after stepping through the portal on White Wolf Mountain. Note that the exit portal is just North East of you on the far side of the lake.


  2. Bonfire:
    Just South of the entrance is the permanent bonfire. This is the only permanent bonfire accessible to Free-to-Play accounts. Here you will also encounter Trevor and Violet, with another Yeti, Angelica, just North of them.


  3. Bank:
    On the East side of the Bonfire is a bank chest. Here you can collect any raw food or logs that you wish to use on the bonfire. Almas is also found nearby.

    Bank Chest

  4. Snowcones:
    To the West of the Bonfire is the Snowcone seller, though you unfortunately not purchase physical items any from him. The Yetis Yeren, Mike, and Charlie can be found close by.


  5. Book:
    If you continue South, you will encounter Peggy within the building on the top of the hill. Just outside is Eliza and the book 'The Queen and the King'. While this book cannot be picked up, you are able to read the text within it.

    Reading is Fun

  6. Well:
    Back tracking to the North, we can encounter the last interactive piece of scenery within Yeti Town. Here is a well that you can interact with.


  7. Frozen Snow Implings:
    There are 4 Frozen snow implings that can be found around Yeti town. Finding and thawing all 4 of them will complete the "To Thaw a Frozen Heart" Achievement. Note that each impling require all levels (excluding elite skills) to be a minimum level and will award you experience in a chosen skill.

    Imp Skill Level Experience Location Image
    1 20 2,000 In a crate on the North West side of the South Eastern-most building, near Mirka Frozen Impling 1
    2 40 8,000 Inside the Southern well Frozen Impling 2
    3 60 30,000 Barrel on the Western docks Frozen Impling 3
    4 80 50,000 Cart to the North West of the Bonfire Frozen Impling 4

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