Quests Available in the City:
City Map:
City Map
1. Fairy Rings 2. Watchtower 3. Yanille Agility Dungeon 4. Shortcut
5. Hazelmere 6. Bank 7. Anvil & Invention Workbench 8. Wizards' Guild
9. Pet Store 10. Hunter Store 11. Dragon inn 12. Player-Owned House Portal
13. Sandpit 14. Hand In The Sand 15. Cooking Store 16. Hops & Wheat Patches
17. Skavid Cave Exit & Wall Access 18. Pillory 19. Lodestone & Musician 20. Safecracking
21. God Statue 22. Elder Tree & Crystal Tree

  1. Fairy Rings
    Around the great city of Yanille there are two locations which possess a Fairy Ring. Note that partial completion of Fairy Tale Part II - Cure a Queen is required.

    The first Fairy Ring can be found North West of the city. It can be reached with code C-I-Q.


    The second Fairy Ring can be found directly East of the city, at the end of the islands. It can be reached with code C-L-S.


  2. Watchtower
    North West, outside of the city wall, is the Watchtower. Here you can begin Watchtower by speaking with the Watchtower Wizard.

    Use of the Watchtower Teleport spell will transport you to the top floor of the tower unless you have completed the Hard Ardougne Achievements and changed the location to the center of Yanille. Going down to the 2nd floor of the tower you will encounter 4 Watchmen which can be killed or pickpocketed. Successfully pickpocketing them requires 65 Thieving and will earn you 137.5 experience with some loot.

    A Lit candle can be obtained on the ground floor and several more Watchmen are present, wandering around.


  3. Yanille Agility Dungeon
    There are two entrances to the Yanille agility dungeon. The first one can be found North, outside the city walls. Here you will need a sharp object (Knife on toolbelt will work) in order to slash through spider webs blocking the entrance.

    Dungeon Entrance

    With at least 82 Thieving you can access it through the secondary entrance. This one is located within the city, down a set of stairs in the building West of the anvil. At the bottom of the stairs, you will encounter a locked door that you will need to open to access the Agility Dungeon.

    Dungeon Entrance

  4. Shortcut
    In and around Yanille there are two shortcuts. The first one can be found along the Northern wall, near the Agility Dungeon. It requires 16 Agility to crawl underneath the wall.


    The second shortcut can be found on the Southern wall behind the Dragon inn. This shortcut is very different from the first as 21 Ranged, 38 Strength, and 39 Agility as well as a Bronze crossbow and Mithril grapple are necessary to use it. Note that a Hidey-hole can be built here with 31 Construction so that you will not need to bring equipment each time. To build the hidey-hole, you will need Saw (toolbelt item works), Hammer (toolbelt item works), Bronze crossbow, Mithril grapple, 4 Planks, and 4 Nails (Bronze nails, Iron nails, or Steel nails for example).


  5. Hazelmere
    On the last island East of Yanille, is Hazelmere's home. Note that after completion of While Guthix Sleeps, he will no longer be found at this location.


  6. Bank
    Just South of the Eastern gate is the Bank.


  7. Anvil & Invention Workbench
    South of the Bank is the location of one of the closest anvils to a Bank. This location is also where 1 of 7 Invention workbenches can be found throughout Gielinor.


  8. Wizards' Guild
    Directly West of the Bank is the Wizards' Guild. Here you will find Zavistic Rarve, Wizard Distentor, Professor Imblewyn, Magic Store owner, Robe Store owner, and Wizard Frumscone. Be aware that access to the guild requires 66 Magic (63 with a Wizard's mind bomb).

    Wizards' Guild

  9. Pet Shop
    West of the Wizards' Guild is the Pet shop run by the Pet Shop Owner. Here you can buy pets and pet food or incubate eggs. In order to access this store, you must have completed Wolf Whistle.

    Pet shop

  10. Hunter Store
    Farther West is Aleck's Hunter Emporium. Here you can purchase various equipment used in training Hunter. You can also find Leon who will craft kebbit bolts if you give him short or long kebbit spikes. Or he can sell you a Hunters' crossbow for 1,300 Coins.

    Hunting Shop

  11. Dragon Inn pub
    The South Western most building in Yanille is the Dragon Inn. It is the only pub where you can find Dragon bitter and is one of three locations where Greenman's ale is sold. As such, this bar is a necessary stop for both Bar Crawl and the Open Bar Miscellaneous Achievement. On the 2nd floor is also one of the Kandarin Safecracking locations. Note that 83 Thieving is required to open it.

    Dragon inn

  12. Player-Owned House Portal
    In the North West corner of the city is the Yanille house portal, it is used to access your house or a friend's house as well as begin A Clockwork Syringe and Pieces of Hate when possible. Note that 50 Construction and a purchase (25,000 Coins base price) is required to set your House Portal to this location. For more information regarding house portals, please refer to the Construction skill guide.

    House and Quests

  13. Sandpit
    Just North of the Player-Owned House Portal is a sandpit that can be used to collect Buckets of sand used in Crafting your own Molten glass.

    The Pits

  14. Hand In The Sand
    To the East of the Player-Owned House Portal is Bert's house. Speaking with him you can begin Hand in the Sand. His house also has a range and a sink that can be used. Once you have completed Hand in the Sand, you can speak to Bert to receive 84 Buckets of sand daily. These will be taken to your bank for you.

    Bert's House

  15. Cooking Store
    The large round building on the Northern side of the city is where you can find Frenita's Cookery Shop. This building also includes: a range, a sink, and a dairy churn for your Cooking needs, as well as a Jug of water respawn.

    Cooking Store

  16. Hops & Wheat Patches
    To the East of Frenita's Cookery Shop are two patches. The closest one to the shop will simply be full of Weeds which can be cleared to plant Hops; Selena will watch over your crops for a small fee and a Tool Leprechaun is nearby as well. The field farther East is full of Wheat which can be gathered or you can enter the crop circle to access Puro Puro if it is active, as seen in the image below.

    Looking Green

  17. Skavid Cave Exit & Wall Access
    East of the patches is a house that has a quick access door into the Northern wall. This door can be helpful if a Penguin is hiding in the wall and you didn't arrive to Yanille via the Lodestone.

    In the upstairs portion of this house, you will find Sithik Ints who is interacted with during Zogre Flesh Eaters. A Cup of tea can also be found on the dresser next to him.

    Outside, on the Western side of the building, is a one-way exit from the Skavid Caves of Gu'Tanoth.


  18. Pillory
    The North Eastern most point of Yanille is the Pillory. This area used to act as a random event where players would be transported into the cages and others in the area could purchase a Rotten tomato to throw at the prisoner. As this Random Event no longer exists, the only point of this area is for nostalgia or to purchase Rotten tomatoes.


  19. Lodestone & Musician
    On the West side of the city is the Lodestone where you will end up when the Home Teleport to Yanille spell is used. Just next to the lodestone is one of the many Musicians found throughout Gielinor.


  20. Safecracking
    Just within the Southern wall is one of the Kandarin Safecracking locations. Note that 83 Thieving is required to open this safe. This area can also be used to access any Penguins found within the Southern wall or to access the 2nd floor of the wall.


  21. God Statue
    South of the Lodestone is a rough stone block where you can help Copernicus Glyph carve a God Statue each week. If you are looking to receive Prayer experience, you will want to create the Bandos statue. For Slayer experience, any of the other statues will work.

    Pray or Slay

  22. Elder Tree & Crystal Tree
    Directly South of the city are two "Rare Tree" locations. The Western most tree is the Elder one while the Eastern one is the, sometimes active, Crystal tree - image below is an inactive Crystal tree.

    Chop Baby, Chop

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