Skill Levels Required:
Quests Required:
Items Needed:
South of East Ardougne.
Quests Available in the City:
City Map:
City Map
  1. Agility Dungeon Entrance:
    Here, you will find the entrance to the Yanille agility dungeon. Since this entrance is blocked off by spider webs, you will need a sharp object to slash through them.

    Dungeon Entrance

  2. Watchtower Quest Start:
    Here, you will be able to start the Watchtower quest. When you teleport to the Watchtower, you will be teleported to the third floor.


  3. City Entrance:
    This is one of the entrances to the city.


  4. Prison Cages:
    Here, you will find the cages which you are locked up in during the Pillory random event. If someone is in these cages, you may purchase rotten tomatoes to throw at them.


  5. Bank:


  6. Anvils:
    Here, you will find several anvils. These anvils are conveniently positioned because they are close to the bank.


  7. Agility Dungeon Backdoor:
    If you enter a door within the Yanille agility dungeon, you will end up here. Level 82 thieving is required to travel from the house through the course again.

    Agility Dungeon Backdoor

  8. Wizards' Guild:
    In order to enter the Wizards' Guild, you need to have level 66 magic. For more information regarding this guild, please refer to the Wizards' Guild guide.

    Wizards' Guild

  9. Sithik Ints' House:
    In the upstairs portion of this house, you will find Sithik Ints. He is accessed during the Zogre Flesh Eaters quest. The hole, which is located on the west side of this house, is the exit from the Skavid caves in Gu'tonath.


  10. Hops Patch and Northern Agility Shortcut:
    Here, you will find a hops patch. Selena will watch over your crops for a small fee. Additionally, you will find an agility shortcut on the northern wall which requires level 16 Agility.

    Hops Patch

  11. Frenita's Cookery Shop:

    Cookery Shop

  12. Hunting Shop:
    This building houses one of the few hunting shops in RuneScape. If you speak to Leon, he will craft kebbit bolts. You will need to give him short or long kebbit spikes initially. Leon will also sell you a Hunters' crossbow for 1,300gp. Aleck is the owner of the hunting supplies store.

    Hunting Shop


  13. Bar:
    The Guard Captain is accessed during the Hand in the Sand quest. The bartender sells dragon bitters and Greensman ales.


  14. Hand in the Sand Quest Start:
    Here, you will find Bert. If you speak to him, you can start the Hand in the Sand quest.

    Bert's House

  15. Player Owned House (POH) Portal:
    Here, you will find the Yanille POH portal. In order to access your house by using this portal, you must have level 50 Construction and you must have paid an estate agent 25,000gp to move your house.

    Player Owned House Portal

  16. Southern Agility Shortcut:
    This is Yanille's southern agility shortcut. In order to use this shortcut, you must have a grapple, along with level 39 Agility, 38 Strength, and 21 Ranging.

    Agility shortcut

  17. Pet Shop:
    Here, you may buy pets and pet food. In addition to purchasing items, you may also incubate birds. In order to access this store, you must have completed the Wolf Whistle quest.

    Pet shop

Respawn Map:

Respawn Map

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