Skill Levels Required:
Quests Required:
Items Needed:
Talk to the Squire in Port Sarim to take a boat to Void Knight Outpost.
Squire, Squire (Novice), Squire (Intermediate), Squire (Veteran), and Void knight.
Quests Available in the City:
City Map:
Void Knight Outpost Map
  1. Boat to Port Sarim:
    This is the location where you arrive on the Void Knight Outpost island when you have exited the boat from Port Sarim. When you talk to Squire you may travel back to the mainland.

    Boat to Port Sarim

  2. General Store:

    General Store

  3. Archery Store:
    This store only sells arrow tips and javelins.

    Archery Shop

  4. Bank:


  5. Magic Store:

    Magic Store

  6. Anvils:
    Here, you will find two anvils which are used in the Smithingskill.


  7. Pest Control Mini-Game:
    If you board one of these 3 boats you will be able start the Pest Control mini-game. For each victory you receive a certain amount of void recommendation points and money, depending on which boat you boarded. For more information regarding this mini-games, please refer to the Pest Control mini-game guide

    Pest Control Island

  8. The Void Knights:
    You may talk to one of the Void Knighs to exchange your void recommendation points for a variety of experiences for skills or items. Please refer to the Pest Control mini-game guide for more information on these rewards.

    Pest Control Rewards

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