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North of Lumbridge, east of Barbarian Village, and southeast of Edgeville.
Quests Available in the City:
City Map:
  1. The Cooks' Guild is the headquarters for all chefs who have 32+ Cooking. To enter this guild, you need to be wearing a Chef's hat, Varrock armour 3, or a Cooking cape. For more information on the guild, please refer to the Cooks' Guild Guide.

    Cooks Guild

  2. This house belongs to the Chieftain Gunthor of Barbarian Village. It is part of the quest Gunnar's Ground. After the quest you will find Dororan and Gudrun here.

  3. Gertrude's house is where you can start the quest Gertrude's Cat. After the quest, you can talk to her to buy a kitten if you have lost yours or if your kitten has grown up. There are 5 Doogle leaf respawns in her backyard.


  4. Varrock's West bank is the largest bank in the city. There is also a bank on the east side that will be mentioned later in this guide.

  5. This is one of Varrock's anvil houses. In here, there are 3 anvils and the Master smithing tutor. You can talk to the Smithing tutor to learn anything, and possibly everything, about the Smithing skill.

  6. The Apothecary will make you Strength potions if you give him 5 Coins, a Limpwurt root, and Red spiders' eggs for each 3-dose potion. This is also accessible in non-member worlds.


  7. The Black Arm Gang's headquarters is where you would go to if you were wanting to join their gang during the Shield of Arrav quest. This is where you would find the Left half of the shield of Arrav.

    Black Arm Gang

  8. Varrock's Swordshop is where you can buy short swords, longswords, and daggers up to Adamant.

    Varrock swordshop

  9. The Blue Moon Inn is one of the best pubs in all of Varrock. Here is where you will find Jonny the beard to kill during the Shield of Arrav quest and Dr. Harlow from the Vampyre Slayer quest. If you've come just to relax and enjoy a pint of Beer, head over to the pub!

    Blue Moon Inn

  10. Varrock's general store isn't any different from the general stores you will find in the other cities throughout Runescape. It sells the basic items that the others sell.

    General store

  11. Thessalia's Fine Clothing shop is where you can find all of your clothing needs. This is the only place that you can purchase the Brown apron for the Crafting Guild. This is where you can trade in your Costume points from Random event gifts with Iffie in order to get a variety of costumes. Talk to Thessalia in order to change your default pants and top for free.

    Thessalias Fine Clothes

  12. This is Gypsy Aris's tent. You will talk to her to start the Demon Slayer quest.

  13. This is the center of Varrock. You will find the famous Varrock fountain at the hub of this area, as well as a bridge to walk over it. You will find a few people wandering around in the northeast corner of this area. We have Benny, the newspaper salesman. He will sell you a Varrock Herald for 50 Coins if you want one. Next we have Baraek, the fur trader. He will sell you pieces of Fur for 20 Coins each and will buy Grey wolf fur for 120 Coins each. He will direct you to the Phoenix Gang members hideout during the Shield of Arrav quest. You will have to pay Wilough and Shilop 100 Coins to find out some information on the whereabouts of Gertrude's cat. Xuan also is located in the market area with the running of the Loyalty Programme Shop to keep him busy.


  14. Zaff's Superior Staff shop is where you can purchase staffs, battlestaffs and elemental staffs. You will also talk to Zaff during the quest What Lies Below to get the Beacon ring. Naff is a little boy who will sell you battlestaffs, used in crafting. The quantity available to you per day depends on the Varrock armour you are wearing.

    Zaffs staff shop

  15. Horvik's Armour Shop is where you can purchase most of your armor needs.

    Horviks armour shop

  16. Lowe's Archery Emporium is Varrock's personal archery shop. You can purchase arrows up to adamant, bows up to maple, Bronze bolts, and one type of crossbow.

    Lowes archery emporium

  17. These are the cages where thieves are placed if they are caught stealing. This is a random event that catches you, so do not think that you go here every time you are caught.

  18. This is the dummy room where low-level players can come and train. After reaching a certain level, you may not train on these anymore.

  19. This is the East bank that is located not too far north of the Essence mines.

  20. Aubury's Rune shop is where you can buy all non-member runes for a small fee, depending on the stock. Aubury will also teleport you to the Essence mines if you have completed the Rune Mysteries quest.

    Auburys rune shop

  21. In this fenced-in area you have many quest-related things. In the house in the northeast corner, you have Dimintheis. Talk to him to start the Family Crest quest. You can talk to him again if you have lost your gauntlets. In the house next to Dimintheis, you have the Fancy Dress Shop. Here, you can buy/sell your clothing items. The owner also buys exotic feathers that you get from the Hunting Skill. The Shop owner will make you Hunter gear from the furs you get while hunting with Deadfalls, Pitfalls, and Falconry. Hooknosed Jack and his cat, Pox, are talked to during the Rat Catchers quest.

    Da Vinci, Chancy, and Hops are used during the Biohazard quest to deliver some items into this restricted area. Guidor and his wife live in the house in the southeast corner of this area. Guidor is the scientist during Biohazard that you give the chemicals to.

  22. This is the Zamorak temple where you can talk to the Mage of Zamorak to continue work during the Mage of Zamorak mini-quest.

    Zamorak temple

  23. This is the Phoenix Gang's headquarters. Go inside the base and talk to Straven to see if you can join their gang during the Shield of Arrav quest.

    Phoenix gang hideout

  24. This is one of the borderline mining spots in Varrock. This contains 10 Copper rocks, 6 Tin rocks, and 3 Iron rocks. A little to the west there are 5 bushes, two of which contains Redberries and the others Cadava berries.

  25. These are the ruins where Dark wizards roam around in. You will find Delrith in these ruins during the Demon Slayer quest.

  26. This is the other borderline mining spot in Varrock, just north of the Champions' Guild. This area contains 2 Silver rocks, 9 Tin rocks, 3 Iron rocks, and 3 Copper rocks.

  27. This is the famous Varrock museum that recently added more discoveries and information into the floors. For more information on this museum, please refer to the Varrock Museum guide.

    Varrock museum

  28. This is an entrance to the Edgeville Dungeon. Down in the tunnel, there are many types of creatures you can face.

  29. This is the Varrock Housing Agency where you can buy, move, or change the interior design of your house. You can purchase the Construction cape here from the Estate agent for 99k if you have obtained 99 Construction.


  30. This is the Saradomin chapel of Varrock. In here you will find two sleeping people and Father Lawrence. Father Lawrence is singing a tune when you talk to him.


  31. This is King Roald's chamber. You talk to King Roald during the quests Shield of Arrav, Priest in Peril, Garden of Tranquillity, and What Lies Below. You will fight him during What Lies Below when he is put under a spell.

  32. This is Queen Ellamaria's garden that she will help you grow during the Garden of Tranquillity quest. After you have finished the quest, you may pick the White tree fruit off the White Fruit Tree and eat them to get an energy boost.


  33. This is the Varrock library that Reldo runs. In the vast bookcases that this place houses, only a few have interesting books that you might want to read.

  34. This is the Yew tree spot that contains 3 yew trees.

  35. The Grand Exchange is a massive marketplace where you can put a tradable item up for bid, or bid on an item. You will receive the item if it is up for sale and you have enough money to purchase it. See our special report on the Grand Exchange System to learn how to buy and sell items effectively.

    Grand Exchange

  36. This is the Varrock tree spot where you can grow all of your trees. Please refer to the Farming Skill guide for more information on tree growing.

  37. This area is filled with guards that you can kill for easy experience. It's normally crowded, but you can get lucky and get in a few kills.

  38. This is Lucien's house. You can only enter here after completing the Temple of Ikov quest.

  39. This is the Tree Spirit that will teleport you to the Tree Gnome Village if you have completed the Tree Gnome Village quest.

  40. The Outlaw camp is a training ground for low-level players who want to get some easy drops and experience. These are killed during the quest What Lies Below to get Rat's papers.

  41. This is the Chaos Temple shortcut that you can use to get easy access to the Chaos Altar. Completion of the What Lies Below quest and a pickaxe are necessary to use it. You can talk to Anna Jones to get a Bronze pickaxe.

    Anna Jones

  42. This is where the Earth ruins are that you can enter to craft Earth runes. You must have 9 Runecrafting and an Earth talisman/tiara or an Omni-tiara to craft them.

  43. This is where you will find the Sawmill operator. He will make your planks for a fee depending on the type of log. He will also sell you construction tools and Bolts of cloth. In the Lumberyard, you will find crates that will have nothing in them. You will also notice some jiggling crates. These are just kittens. You will search these crates during the Gertrude's Cat quest to find the mother cat's little kittens. Nearby you will also find some log respawns.

  44. This is the Jolly Boar Inn. In here you will find a few men and women, a Black knight, and a thief. Upstairs you will find Johnathon, one of Dimintheis's sons. He is part of the Family Crest quest. You can talk to him after the quest to change your gauntlets into Chaos gauntlets for free the first time. However, if you ever lose your gloves, he will re-enchant another pair for a fee of 25k. You can recive another pair from Dimintheis for free, but only if your lose yours.

    Jolly Boar Inn

  45. The Champions' Guild is open to any player who has earned 32 quest points. There are several shops inside the guild, which is also home to the Champion's Challenge minigame.

    Champions' Guild

  46. Beside this broken cart is Rat Burgiss, with whom you can start the What Lies Below quest.

  47. This berry patch lies just west of the Champions' Guild, and is fit for growing any sort of berries.

Respawn map:

Respawn map

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