Skill Levels Required:
Quests Required:
Items Needed:
Entrance found in the South-west side of Isafdar, east of Lletya.
Quests Available in the City:
City Map:
Tyras Camp Map
  1. Tyras Camp Entrance:
    Welcome to Tyras Camp! After going through the Isafdar forest, you will find a Tyras guard, in front of some dense forests. You need to complete Regicide quest in order to enter.

    Note: You need to fight with Tyras guard during the Regicide quest. After the quest, you do not need to kill him again. Simply pass through the dense forests.


  2. Quartermaster's Store
    Here, you can buy all the types of halberds, even the Dragon halberd. He also sells the usual things that a General store sells. He is located at the south of the Small Furnace, east of General Hining's Tent.


    Quartermaster's Store

  3. General Hining's Tent
    You aren't allowed to go in there, so it's pretty useless. A guard will stop you if you try to get in. You can find General Hining wandering around near his tent, if you ever want to see him or talk to him.
    There are 3 Barrel respawns behind the tent.

    General Hining's Tent

  4. Catapult Construction
    You can also start Catapult Construction here. In order to get to the catapult, exit the city by using dense forests, head to North and you will see another Tyras guard. Talk to him and you will start the quest, if you have the requirements, of course.

    Tyras Guard Location

    Note: You can bribe him with some Cooked rabbit, and he will let you use his catapult.


  5. Small Furnace
    Inside the city, you will also find a small furnace. You can smelt any kind of things here. However, it is not popular at all, mainly because there are no banks nearby. This furnace is located at the north of General Hining's Tent, south of the entrance.

    Small Furnace

  6. Summoning Obelisk
    You can recharge your summoning by using the obelisk. You can find it near General Hining's Tent, South-west of the city.

    Summoning Obelisk

  7. Tyras Dock
    Charter ships are a great and fast way to get to Tyras Camp fast, so it is highly recommended if you want to get here. You can use a charter from anywhere, for a small fee of course.

    Tyras Dock

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