Skill Levels Required:
Quests Required:
To reach The Arc you will need to travel to Port Sarim, walk East of the Player-Owned Ports portal, and speak to Quartermaster Gully to travel to Tuai Leit.
The docks, The Gnome Marketplace, Berry bushes, and Tuai Leit market square.
City Map:
City Map
  1. The Arc:
    To access the Arc, you must have first complete Impressing the Locals and then speak to Quartermaster Gully located in Port Sarim. One of the fastest ways of reaching Gully is by teleporting to your Player-Owned port via the Captain's log, and exiting to Port Sarim.


  2. Arrival:
    Upon speaking to Quartermaster Gully, you will be presented with the following pop-up screen. This is your main way to travel within the Arc. From here, you can travel to Waiko, Aminishi, Whale's Maw, Tuai Leit, Cyclosis, Goshima, The Islands That Once Were Turtles, or Uncharted isles.


  3. Rumberry Patches
    Upon arriving at Tuai Leit, you will be on the docks, from here you can proceed to the South. Here you will encounter the rumberry bushes. These require 86 Farming to harvest. These can also be sold to Terri in exchange for Chimes.


  4. Gnome Marketplace
    Here you can find Ani and Terri, who will purchase your berries and berry seeds in exchange for Chimes. You will also find Cheri here, who is a participant in the Eye for an Eye miniquest.

    Gnome marketplace

  5. Farming Berry Patches
    These require 86 Farming to plant and grow any berries. You can plant two types of berry seeds at this patch, which will result in obtaining a new different seed type upon harvesting.

    farming berry patch

  6. Marketplace
    Here you can find the bank chest, along with various NPC's. Sensei Seaworth, Name, Keri, Hari, Alder and Sensei Hakase can be found here.


  7. Alder
    Alder will buy your Bamboo, Bundle of bamboo, and Golden bamboo for increased Chime rates that differ from Waiko's Bamboo vendor, Zhuka.


  8. Sensei Seaworth
    Sensei Seaworth will buy any caught kami from you in exchange for Chimes. Upon finding all of the kami in the Arc, he will award you an experience lamp granting 50,000 Hunter experience.

    Sensei Seaworth

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