Skill Levels Required:
Quests Required:
Items Needed:
Northwest of Falador, just to the south of Burthorpe.
Altar, 2 anvils, Balloon transport, 2 Banks, 2 Cow pens, Crayfish fishing spot, Crystal key chest (for the Crystal key), Flash Powder Factory, Flax field, Furnace, Herblore shop, Ivy for Woodcutting skill, 2 Looms, Pet shop, Player-Owned House portal, 2 Pottery wheels, Pub (Pick and Lute), Flash Powder Factory, Sheep pen, 2 Spinning wheels, 6 Stalls for Thieving skill (bakery, crafting, seed, vegetable, wine), Summoning Obelisk, Taverley Dungeon, Taverley mine, Wheat field, and Wood tree farming patch.
Chicken (level 1), Cow (level 2), Cow calf (level 2), Druid (level 33), Experiment No. 2 (level 109), Farmer (level 7), Gelatinous abomination (level 2), Guard (level 5), Rabbit (level 2), Troll commando (level 2), Troll mage commando (level 2), and Troll ranger commando (level 2).

Respawn Map
Quests Available in the City:
City Map:

Taverley Map
  1. Entrance Gate:
    Passing through this gate will direct you into Taverley.

    Member’s-Only Gate

  2. Summoning Shop:
    The Summoning Shop is run by Pikkupstix. The summoning tutor, Magestix, is also located here. Both sell useful items for Summoning training. A summoning obelisk is located in his store where you can recharge your summoning points or infuse pouches. This is where you start the Wolf Whistle quest.

    Summoning Shop

  3. Crystal key chest:
    Ivy Sophista is in the building that houses this chest. Use the Crystal key on it and maybe receive highly sought after treasure! Ivy plays a part in the While Guthix Sleeps quest.

    Crystal key chest

  4. Sanfew:
    Sanfew is located in this building on the east side. He is accessed in the Druidic Ritual, Eadgar's Ruse, and One Small Favour quests.


  5. Cow and sheep pen:
    Here you can shear sheep for Wool or kill cows for Raw beef, Cowhides, and Bones. The Wool can be spun into a Ball of wool at the spinning wheels, and the hides can be tanned by Jack Oval, the crafting tutor - both located to the northwest. Another pen with just cows is located immediately south of the Crafting and Smithing area, located northwest of the city.

    Cow and sheep pen

  6. Pet Shop:
    Here, you may buy pets and pet food. In addition to purchasing items, you may also incubate eggs. In order to access this store, you must have completed the Wolf Whistle quest. The upstairs of the Pet and the Summoning shops are connected.

    Pet Shop

  7. Ivy:
    Cutting ivy is a great way to train the Woodcutting skill once you reach level 68.


  8. Tree Patch:
    Here, you will find a wood tree farming patch, attended by Alain.

    Tree Patch

  9. Lady of the Lake
    The Lady of the Lake is accessed in the Merlin's Crystal quest in order to obtain the Excalibur. If you have lost the Excalibur, speak to her and she will replace it for a small fee.

    Lady of the Lake

  10. Hot Air Balloon:
    After the completion of the Enlightened Journey quest, you may travel by flying this hot air balloon to landing spots throughout RuneScape. Please refer to the Transportation Guide for more information.

    Hot Air Balloon

  11. Taverley Slayer Dungeon:
    The cave entrance is on the same peninsula as the Hot Air Balloon. Gelantinous Abominations are a found here and are a low-level slayer monster. You must wear Spiked gauntlets, available for free from any Slayer master or the Slayer tutor, in order to kill them.

    Taverley Slayer Dungeon

  12. Taverley Dungeon:
    Climb down these steps to enter the Taverley Dungeon, which has a variety of creatures to kill. The entrance is located south of Taverley and west of the wheat field.

    Taverley Dungeon

  13. Beanstalk Patch:
    This patch is accessed during the Grim Tales quest. In the quest, you will grow a beanstalk and fight the giant in the clouds. When the quest is completed, a beanstalk stump will remain.

    Beanstalk Patch

  14. Witch's House:
    Here you will find the Witch's House. This house is accessed in the Witch's House quest. To start this quest, speak to the Boy who is found directly west of the crumbling wall shortcut in the west wall of Falador. There is a manhole by the front door of this house that leads to the basement where there are monsters to fight called Experiment No. 2 (level 109).

    Witch's House

  15. Ship to Daemonheim:
    This ship will take you to Daemonheim, where you will be able to train the Dungeoneering skill. You may talk to the Fremennik shipmaster or Bryll Thoksdottir, the Dungeoneering tutor, to learn more about this skill. Or you could refer to the Dungeoneering skill guide for more information.

    Ship to Daemonhiem

  16. Banks:
    There are two banks in the Taverley area. One is in the southwest corner of the city. The other is in the Rogue's Den, below the Taverly pub, with Emerald Benedict, by the everlasting fire.


  17. Herblore Shop:
    You can buy and sell herblore equipment from Jatix's Herblore shop. He is found just south of the mill. The prices for each item are listed on the lower right side, next to the coin symbol, and are subject to change.

    Herblore Shop

  18. Mill:
    At the mill you can grind Wheat into a Pot of flour. There are two respawns of Empty pots on the first floor to the south, for your convenience.


  19. Bettamax’s Shop:
    Bettamax is located in the southwest of Taverley in front of the mill. She sells Juju teleport spiritbags. The spiritbags are used to teleport the player to Herblore Habitat.

    Bettamax’s Shop

  20. The Pick and Lute pub:
    Tostig runs this pub and will sell you beer for 2gp. Go down the trapdoor in the northeast corner to the Rogue's Den and the Flash Powder Factory minigame. Two tutors are also found here: Mess Sergeant Ramsey, the Cooking tutor and Ruth Savage, the Thieving tutor. The quest Let Them Eat Pie is started right outside the pub.

    Pick and Lute pub

    Rogues Den Map

  21. POH (Player Owned House) Portal:
    This is the Taverley house portal, which is used to access your house or a friend's house. For more information regarding house portals, please refer to the Construction skill guide.

    POH Portal

  22. Flax field:
    Pick Flax in this field and then spin it into a Bow string at the spinning wheels a little to the north.

    Flax field

  23. Dwarf's Cave:
    This cave is located west of the flax field. Once entered, it leads to a tunnel under White Wolf Mountain, which ends at a dwarf's house in Catherby. You can start the Fishing Contest quest here by talking to either Austri, in Taverley, or Vestri, in Catherby. You must complete the quest in order to use this shortcut.

    Dwarf’s cave

  24. Taverley mine:
    Enter this cave and you will find 11 Clay, 10 Copper ore, and 10 tin ore rocks to mine from.

    Taverley mine

  25. Crafting and Smithing area:
    Here you will find two looms, spinning wheels, pottery wheels, anvils, and furnaces, all conveniently located in the northwest of Taverley.

    Crafting and Smithing

  26. Druid's Circle:
    Here you will find the Druid's Circle. You may pray at the Guthix altar in the middle of the circle to recharge your prayer points. Surrounding this circle are Druids, which, when killed, may drop herbs for Herblore. You may start the Druidic Ritual quest here by speaking to Kaqemeex. When you have achieved the difficult task of obtaining 99 Herblore, speak to Kaqemeex to obtain your Herblore Skill Cape.

    Druid's Circle

  27. Burned-out house:
    This is a house that was unfortunately destroyed by a terrible fire. During the Troll Warzone tutorial, you are to rescue Nora from the flames to complete a task.

    Burned-out house

Tutors in Taverley:
This list consists of the skill tutors you will find in the Taverley area. They can be recognized by the skill icon floating above their heads. They all offer recommendations on how to train their particular skill for players of all levels. Many of them have stores where you can buy supplies/equipment to help you advance. And, most have free give-a-ways!

Pictured below are the woodcutting and fletching tutors.


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