North West of Falador, just to the South of Burthorpe.
Astram Farm, Balloon transport, Bank, Burthorpe Slayer Cave, Crystal key chest (for the Crystal key), Ewean's Grove, Flash Powder Factory, Jatix's Herblore Shop, Pet Shop, Pikkupstix's Summoning Shop, Taverley Dungeon, and The Pick and Lute pub.
Quests Available in the City:
City Map:

Taverley Map
1. Hunter Location 2. Astram Farm 3. Druid Circle 4. Fishing Spots
5. Burthorpe Slayer Cave 6. Violet is Blue 7. Underground & POH Portal 8. God Statue & Summoning
9. Lodestone & The Pick and Lute Pub 10. Herb Tutor & Edgar's Ruse 11. Pet Shop 12. Gate
13. Ivy 14. Mill & Well 15. Bank 16. Ships to Daemonheim & Lumbridge
17. Taverley Slayer Dungeon 18. Hot-air Balloon

  1. Hunter Location
    Nestled in an alcove of the White Wolf Mountain is a small hunting area where you can catch Polar kebbits.

    Polar Kebbits

  2. Astram Farm
    To the East of the Hunting location, you can find Astram farm. Here there are Cows, Chickens, and Sheep as well as Flax, a potato patch, and a tree patch. Head Farmer Jones, Alain, and a Tool Leprechaun can help you with your Farming skills.

    Astram Farm

  3. Druid Circle
    In the North Eastern area of Taverley is the Druid circle within Ewean's Grove. Here you can find the Druid engram, an Easy hidey hole, Magestix, Runestax, and Kaqemeex - speak to him to begin Wolf Whistle and Druidic Ritual, he is also where you can purchase the Herblore cape when you reach level 99. There are also several Rabbits and druids wandering around the area.

    Druid circle

  4. Fishing Spots
    Along the North and East edges of the spring are 4 Cage fishing spots. Nicholas Angle can also be found near the Northern fishing spots to answer any questions you have about Fishing.

    Fishing Spots

  5. Burthorpe Slayer Cave
    Near the Eastern Fishing spots and just South of the Druid Circle is the entrance to the Burthorpe Slayer Cave; often referred to by players as the Taverley Slayer cave since it's in Taverley even though the map calls it the Burthorpe Slayer Cave. Down there you can find monsters including Cave bugs, Crawling hands (level 11 & 18), and Gelatinious abominations.


  6. Violet is Blue
    Going up White Wolf Mountain, you will find the start point for Violet is Blue by speaking with Violet. After completion of the quest, the remaining teleport orb will take you to Yeti Town.


  7. Underground & POH Portal
    South of Astram Farm is an access to the area beneath White Wolf Mountain. It leads to a tunnel which ends at a dwarf's house in Catherby after completion of Fishing Contest; which can be started by talking to either Austri, in Taverley, or Vestri, in Catherby. You must complete the quest in order to use this shortcut. This cave also provides access to Keldagrim via the Cart conductor if you have been to Keldagrim before.

    Outside the cave and slightly South is the Taverley house portal, used to access your house or a friend's house as well as begin A Clockwork Syringe and Pieces of Hate when possible. Note that 10 Construction and a purchase (10,000 Coins base price) is required to set your House Portal to this location. For more information regarding house portals, please refer to the Construction skill guide. House and Quests

  8. God Statue & Summoning
    To the East of the city is a rough stone block where you can help Copernicus Glyph carve a God Statue each week. If you are looking to receive Prayer experience, you will want to create the Juna statue. For Slayer experience, any of the other statues will work.

    Just South of the stone block is are Magestix and Pikkupstix near a Summoning obelisk. Pikkupstix can be spoken to for the location of Pikkenmix to begin Familiarisation.

    And in the house across the small street to the West, Ivy Sophista can be found with the Cup of tea respawn and the Crystal chest. Use the Crystal key on it to maybe receive highly sought after treasure!

    Making things

  9. Lodestone & The Pick and Lute pub
    On the West side of the city is the Lodestone where you will end up when the Home Teleport to Taverley spell is used.

    Just to the East of the Lodestone is the Pick and Lute Pub run by Tostig. Outside the pub you can find Nails Newton (speak to him to begin Let Them Eat Pie), Bernald, and a few Pompous merchants. Within the pub you can find Mess Sergeant Ramsey on the ground floor as well as Rolo the Stout and Kepple on the second floor (Note that Rolo will not be present after completion of Let Them Eat Pie). The trapdoor in the North East corner of the ground floor will take you to the Rogues' Den (where Brian O'Richard, Emerald Benedict, and Martin Thwait can be found) and the Flash Powder Factory minigame.


  10. Herb Tutor & Edgar's Ruse
    On the Eastern side of the river is a house where Sanfew can be found to begin Eadgar's Ruse. Just outside his home, and slightly South, you can find Jatix where you can purchase Herblore supplies.

    Quest and Herb

  11. Pet Shop
    In the building to the East of the Herb Tutor is the Pet Shop. Here, you can buy pets and pet food from Pet shop owner as well as incubate eggs. In order to access this store, you must have completed Wolf Whistle. The upstairs of the Pet and the Summoning shops are connected.

    Pet Shop

  12. Gate
    Farther East is the Entrance gate to Taverley. This barrier was once used to mark the Members only side of the map from the Free-to-play side. Now, all players can freely use it.

    Lemmmmme in

  13. Ivy
    South of the Gate are several bunches of ivy that can be cut at 68 Woodcutting. While these are quicker to cut for experience, you will not receive any items for cutting it beyond the occasional Bird nest.


  14. Mill & Well
    South of the Lodestone is a well that you can enter after completion of Wolf Whistle where you will find Mountain Trolls to fight.

    East of the well is the Mill. Here you can can grind Wheat into a Pot of flour. There are two respawns of Empty pots on the first floor to the South, for your convenience.

    Outside, between the well and mill, you can find Bettamax to purchase Juju teleport spiritbag for quick access to Herblore Habitat.


  15. Bank
    Farther South of the Lodestone is Taverley's main bank. Here you have access to both a dropbox and normal bankers. The only other bank in this city can be found in the Rogues' Den, below The Pick and Lute Pub, with Emerald Benedict by the everlasting fire.


  16. Ships to Daemonheim & Lumbridge
    South West of the Bank you can find Bryll Thoksdottir, you can speak to her to reach Daemonheim via the nearby ship.

    Here you will also find a ship that will take you to Lumbridge. There is no one you need to speak to for passage, simply click the boat and you will see a pop-up confirming that you wish to travel.

    Ship to Daemonhiem

  17. Taverley Dungeon
    West of the dock are several stepping stones that can be used to access the Taverley Dungeon or the nearby Wheat field. Use of the stepping stones requires 52 Agility.

    Taverley Dungeon

  18. Hot-air Balloon
    After the completion of Enlightened Journey, you may travel using this Hot-air Balloon by speaking with Assistant Stan. The Lady of the Lake can also be found on this peninsula.

    Hot Air Balloon

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