Quests Required:
South of Tai Bwo Wannai Village, just North of the Khazari Jungle.
Bank, Gem Mine (and Gemstone Dragon Dungeon), Slayer master, Small Obelisk, Furnace, and several stores.
Quests Available in the City:
City Map:
Shilo Village Map
  1. Shilo Village Gate:
    Before entering the village for the first time, you will need to talk to Mosol Rei to start Shilo Village. Once this quest is complete, you can talk to him to safely traverse past the Undead ones and enter the village. Or you can simply climb over the cart and enter the gate yourself. Note that these monsters will attack you if you are not a high enough combat level.

    Shilo Village Gate
  2. Fishing Shop:
    Just North of the gate you will find Fernahei in his fishing shop. He can buy and sell several fishing related goods and his shop provides the access point for our next 2 locations.

    Fishing Shop
  3. Travel Tickets:
    Just up the ladder from the Fishing Shop, you will find Seravel. He sells tickets to board Captain Shanks ship, "Lady of the Waves", for 25 gold coins. This ship is located to the West of Shilo Village and can take you to Port Khazard or Port Sarim, but you cannot return to Karamja with this ship.

  4. Slayer Master:
    Across the bridge from Seravel, you will find the Slayer Master of Shilo Village. If you have at least level 50 Slayer and level 100 combat you will be able to obtain a task from him. While this Master will always be the third highest, the specific person you encounter will depend upon your quest progress. If you have not yet completed While Guthix Sleeps, you will find Duradel. If you have completed it, however, you will find Lapalok(seen in the image).

    Slayer Master
  5. Furnace:
    To continue our tour, you will need to walk back across the bridge, down the ladder, and to the building just West of the Fishing Shop. Here we find the Furnace run by Yohnus. This is a rather convenient furnace due to our next location.

  6. Bank:
    Conveniently located South of the Furnace we find a bank. There are 2 tellers here and while there is an upstairs to this building, there is nothing of interest up there.

  7. Cart to Brimhaven:
    Continuing West, we next come across the cart that you can use to travel to Brimhaven. For the low price of 10 gold coins, Vigroy can take you North to Hajedy and his cart. The reverse trip is then possible.

    Vigroy’s Cart
  8. General Store:
    Once again traveling West, we find Obli running the General Store. Here you can purchase items that are helpful for jungle survival and exploration. Note that while he has a second floor, there is nothing of interest up there.

    General Store
  9. Small Obelisk:
    North West of the General store is a small obelisk. This is useful for recharging Summoning points, but nothing else.

    Small Obelisk
  10. Gem Mine:
    North of the Obelisk, across the bridge, you can find the Gem Mine and the ladder that leads to the lower section, as well as the Gemstone Dragon Dungeon.

    Gem Mine
  11. Shortcut:
    North East of the Gem Mine, along the wall of the village, you will find an Agility shortcut to enter and exit the village. To use this shortcut, you will need to have at least level 74 Agility and completion of the Elite Karamja Achievement Diary.

  12. Antique Shop:
    South East of the Gem Mine you will find Yanni. Having completed Shilo Village, and later Zogre Flesh Eaters, he will buy some of the items left over from the quests. He is also the starting point for One Small Favour. Once again, there is a second floor to the building with nothing of interest.

    Antique Shop
  13. Paramaya Inn:
    East of the Antique Shop you will find a ladder, climbing this ladder leads to the Paramaya Inn and its owner, Kaleb Paramaya. Talking to him you can buy beverages or dormitory tickets. These tickets were once used to give you access to a bed because fatigue limited how much you could skill. Buying a Paramaya ticket and going to the top floor is also a post-Carnillean Rising task which you can do to claim a reward from Phillipe.

    Paramaya Inn
  14. Fishing, Seaweed, and a Shortcut:
    A bit South of the Inn we find our last spots. There are 3 “Lure/Bait” Fishing spots as well as 3 Seaweed respawns along the length of the river. Within the river, close to the Fisherman, there is a stone which you can use to jump across the river if you have at least level 74 Agility.

    Fishing and Then Some

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