Skill Levels Required:
Quests Required:
Items Needed:
Northeast of Hemenster and northwest of Catherby.
Camelot Castle.
Quests Available in the City:
City Map:
Seers' Village Map
  1. Bank:


  2. Anvils and Elemental Workshop:
    Here, you will find three anvils. These anvils are conveniently located because they are very close to the bank. Additionally, you may access the Elemental Workshop by climbing down the staircase (you will need a battered key to enter the wall). The Elemental Workshop is a key location accessed in the The Elemental Workshop I and The Elemental Workshop II quests.

    Anvils and Elemental Workshop

  3. Forester's Arms Pub:
    Here, you may buy beer, meat pies, and stews from the Bartender. Additionally, the Poison Salesman, found here, is accessed in the Murder Mystery and Fremennik Trials quests.

    Forester's Arms Pub

  4. Coal Trucks:
    Here, you will find the coal trucks, which are useful for storing 120 coal ores from the Coal Truck Mine. This mine is located directly west of McGrubor's Wood.

    Coal Trucks

  5. Prison Cages:
    These are the cages which you are locked up in during the Pillory random event. If someone is in these cages, you may purchase rotten tomatoes to throw at them.

    Prison Cages

  6. Maple and Willow Trees:
    Here, you will find several maple trees. To the northwest, next to the tree icon on your mini-map, you will find several willow trees. These trees are conveniently located because they are close to the bank.

    Maple and Willow Trees

  7. Estate Agent:
    The Estate Agent will sell you a plot of land for 1,000gp, will move your house, and will change the interior design of your house. Additionally, you may purchase a Construction skillcape from him for 99,000gp when you have achieved level 99 Construction. For more information regarding skillcapes, please refer to the Skillcape Special Report.

    Estate Agent

  8. Phantuwti Fanstuwi Farsight's House:
    Phantuwti Fanstuwi Farsight is accessed during the One Small Favour quest. Inside his house, you will find a sink.

    Phantuwti Fanstuwi Farsight's House

  9. Spinning Wheel:
    On the second floor of this house, you will find a spinning wheel which is useful for crafting various items. This house is connected to Phantuwti Fanstuwi Farsight's house.

    Spinning Wheel

  10. Altar and Yew Trees:
    Here, you will find an altar and three yew trees.

    Altar and Yew Trees

  11. Hops Patch:
    Here, you will find a hops patch. Rhonen will watch over your crops for a small fee.

    Hops Patch

  12. Courthouse:
    The Courthouse is accessed during the King's Ransom quest.


  13. Flax Field and Beehive Field:
    Here, you will find two fields: a flax field and a beehive field. The flax in the flax field is useful for crafting bowstrings. The beehive, found to the east of the flax field, is accessed during the Merlin's Crystal quest in order to obtain a bucket of wax for the Candlemaker. Additionally, you may obtain honeycombs from the beehives, which may be used for the Summoning skill (you must have insect repellent in your inventory to avoid being stung).

    Flax Field and Beehive Field

  14. Camelot Castle:
    Here, you will find the Camelot Castle. The castle is most famous for its Knights of the Round Table. You may start the Merlin's Crystal and Holy Grail quests here. Upstairs, you will find an altar. When you cast the teleport to Camelot spell, you will appear outside of the castle's gates.

    Camelot Castle

  15. Elemental Workshop I Quest Start:
    By searching the bookcase on the east wall of this house you will be able start the The Elemental Workshop I quest.

    Elemental Workshop I Quest Start

  16. Seer:
    Speak to any Seer in Seers' Village to start the village's Achievement Diary.


  17. Sir Kay:
    Also speaking to Sir Kay in Camelot Castle will aid your diary adventures.

    Sir Kay

Respawn Map:

Respawn Map

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