Skill Levels Required:
Quests Required:
Items Needed:
Over the bridge on the far north side of Tirannwn, northeast of Lletya.
Quests Available in the City:
City Map:
Prifddinas Map
Click the map to enlarge.

Entrance to Prifddinas:

  1. Head to the far north side of Tirannwn, northeast of Lletya, and cross the bridge to find two Prifddinas Guards. If you have completed Plague's End, then they'll allow you to pass into the city. Alternatively, there is a second entrance to the city from the limestone mine to the east.
    Prifddinas Guards
  2. Follow the path up the cliff and on your way you'll come across the crystal gate from the previous incarnation of Prifddinas which has been kept as a monument. Continue up the path and you'll finally reach the newest incarnation of the legendary crystal city.
    Prifddinas Monument

Tower of Voices:

Follow the pathway all the way north to reach the city's central hub, the Tower of Voices. Here'll you'll find a selection of useful features including:

  1. Prifddinas Lodestone:
    Activate this to teleport directly to the Tower of Voices via your home teleport.
    Prifddinas Lodestone
  2. The Tower has two banks and Grand Exchange desks, one on the northwest wall and one on the southeast wall where you'll also find Rhobert Dail who can decant potions for you.
    Prifddinas Bank and Grand Exchange
  3. Challenge Mistress Heriau:
    Challenge Mitress Heriau can be used an as alternative to Challenge Mistress Fara in Burthorpe for turning in your Daily Challenges and toggling max challenges on or off.
    Challenge Mistress Heriau
  4. Auron Ithell:
    You can speak to Auron Ithell to start the Golden Shattered Heart Distraction and Diversion and help her rebuild the Statue of Rhihannon by collecting pairs of Golden rocks from a number of skilling activities and adding them to the golden plinth beside her.
    Auron Ithell
  5. Dilwyn:
    Dilwyn can be used an alternative to Xuan for accessing the Loyalty Shop.
  6. Eternal Bonfire:
    This huge bonfire can be used to train Firemaking without having to constantly relight your bonfire when it burns out.
    Eternal Bonfire
  7. Teleportation Portals:
    Here'll you'll find three portals which offer convenient teleports to the following locations: Teleport Portals
  8. Crystal Tree Patch:
    At level 94 Farming you can plant a Crystal acorn in this patch to grow your own Crystal tree which you can then harvest a Crystal tree blossom from once every 24 hours.
    Crystal Tree Patch
  9. Ianto and the Holiday Portal:
    Ianto can be used as an alternative to Diango in Draynor Village for retrieving holiday event items, Treasure Hunter items and any other promotional items you may have obtained. Behind him you will see the Holiday portal which will be able to teleport you to a Holiday Event when one is on-going.
    Ianto and Holiday Portal
  10. Memoriam Device:
    Up the stairs in the northeast corner of the tower you'll find a chamber containing a Memoriam Device similar to the one found on Frenesake during and after Fate of the Gods. You can use this device to access Seren's memories if you've obtained her Memoriam crystals from the city (see table below). You'll also notice some Crystal shards floating around the room and these are remnants of the goddess herself.
    Memoriam Device
Seren Memoriam Crystal Locations
Memoriam Crystal No. Location
01 In front of the building west of Morvran in the Iorwerth Sector.
02 South side of the building next to the Elder tree patch in the Crwys Sector.
03 Next to the Trahaearn herald in the Trahaearn Sector.
04 Inside Haf's Staff Shop in the Cadarn Sector.
05 Pickpocket Arianwyn near the Cadarn herald in the Cadarn Sector.
06 Talk to Lord Iorwerth in the cathedral in the Iorwerth Sector and ask him about the World Gate (requires completion of Fate of the Gods).
07 Search the crate against the west wall of the building south of the Seren stones in the Trahaearn Sector.
08 Plant a bush in the Bush patch in the Crwys sector and check its health when it's fully grown.
09 Inside the Hefin Cathedral in the Hefin Sector.
10 Inside the Harmonium harps building in the Ithell Sector.
11 Inside Daffyd's house in the Amlodd Sector.
12 Inside the Herblore Shop in the Meilyr Sector.
13 Unlock an emote from the Hefin Agility Course and perform it next to the Serenity posts in the Hefin Sector.
14 Collect sand from the Sandpit in the Ithell Sector with 10 or more Buckets in your inventory.
15 Teleport to the Prifddinas Fairy ring (D J S).
16 Harvest Harmony moss. after drinking a dose of Perfect juju farming potion with a fully grown fruit tree in the Meilyr Sector patch to be able to take the crystal next to the northeast Harmony pillar.

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Iorwerth Sector:

The Iowerth Sector found south-southwest of the Tower of Voices is home to Clan Iorwerth and is the Melee and Slayer focused area of the city.

  1. Iorwerth Herald:
    The Iorwerth herald is found in the centre of the sector and will sell you the Clan Iorwerth cape for 1,000,000gp. As with any of the other clan heralds, she will provide some information on the city, tell you which sector is currently under the effect of the Voice of Seren and also sell you Seren's symbol (incomplete) for 1,000,000gp.
    Iorwerth Herald
  2. Morvran and Rush of Blood:
    On the northeast side of the sector you'll find the a Slayer Master called Morvran who will assign you tasks if you have 85 Slayer and a Combat level of at least 120. You can also talk to him to play the Rush of Blood weekly Distraction and Diversion.
  3. Crystal Chest:
    On the southwest side of the sector you'll find a cathedral with a new Crystal chest next to the altar which can be opened with a Crystal key and offers improved rewards over the chest found in Taverley (see table below). You'll also find Iestin Edern here who is now the new Lord Iorwerth and can talk to him to find out more about the Clan Iorwerth and himself.
    Crystal chest
Prifddinas Crystal Chest Rewards
Reward No. Items
Reward 1 Uncut dragonstone, Grimy lantadyme (5), Crystal tree blossom
Reward 2 Uncut dragonstone, Yew seed, Papaya tree seed, Elder seed
Reward 3 Uncut dragonstone, Tooth half of a key, Crystal motherlode shard (10)
Reward 4 Uncut dragonstone, Loop half of a key, Crystal motherlode shard (10)
Reward 5 Uncut dragonstone, Dwarf weed seed, Torstol seed
Reward 6 Uncut dragonstone, Coal (80) (Noted), Adamantite ore (10) (Noted), Corrupted ore (50)
Reward 7 Uncut dragonstone, Rune halberd
Reward 8 Uncut dragonstone, Rune full helm, Rune kiteshield
Reward 9 Uncut dragonstone, Rune platelegs (male players only), Rune plateskirt (female players only)
Reward 10 Uncut dragonstone, Rune bar (3)
Reward 11 Uncut dragonstone, Fire talisman (5) (Noted), Water talisman (2) (Noted)
Reward 12 Uncut dragonstone, Uncut ruby (3), Uncut diamond (3)
Reward 13 Uncut dragonstone, Dragonstone helm, Dragonstone hauberk, Dragonstone greaves, Dragonstone gauntlets, Dragonstone boots

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Trahaearn Sector:

The Trahaearn Sector found south-southeast of the Tower of Voices is home to Clan Trahaearn and is the Mining and Smithing focused area of the city.

  1. Trahaearn Herald:
    The Trahaearn herald is found in the centre of the sector and will sell you the Clan Trahaearn cape for 1,000,000gp. There is also a convenient bank box located next to him.
    Trahaearn Herald
  2. Seren Stones:
    On the southwest side of this sector you'll find five Seren stones which act in the same way for Mining as Choking Ivy does for Woodcutting in that they can be mined for experience indefinitely at level 89, but provide no primary resource in return. However, you will occasionally obtain Corrupted ore which can be smelted in a furnace at level 89 to obtain 150 Smithing experience per ore.
    Seren stone
  3. Furnace, Anvils and Tree Patch:
    On the southeast side of this sector you'll find a Tree patch and to the south of this a building containing a furnace and four anvils.
    Furnace and Anvils
  4. Gem Rock:
    On the northeast side of the sector you'll find a large Gem rock which can be mined for both normal and spirit gems ranging from Uncut sapphire and Spirit sapphire to Uncut onyx and Spirit onyx.
    Gem Rock
  5. Ore Rocks:
    On the northwest side of the sector you'll find a number of metal ore rocks made up of: Ore Rocks

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Cadarn Sector:

The Cadarn Sector found east-southeast of the Tower of Voices is home to Clan Cadarn and is the Ranged and Magic focused area of the city. It is also where you will find the Max Guild.

  1. Cadarn Herald:
    The Cadarn herald is found in the centre of the sector and will sell you the Clan Cadarn cape for 1,000,000gp.
    Cadarn Herald
  2. The Tears of Seren:
    On the northwest side of the sector you'll find a fountain called the The Tears of Seren which can be used to recharge all Dragonstone jewellery.
    Tears of Seren
  3. Haf and the Elven Grimoire:
    Just west of the Tears of Seren fountain you'll find Haf's Staff Shop where you can buy Battlestaves for 7,000gp each from Haf (and Lunet if you've completed the Hard Tirannwn Tasks) and use the Elven grimoire to swap between the Standard and Ancient spellbooks, as well as Curses and Prayers if you have completed Desert Treasure and The Temple at Senntisten. Doing so will also boost your Magic, Ranged and Defence levels.
    Elven Grimoire
  4. Flax, Spinning Wheel and Loom:
    On the northeast side of this sector you'll find a patch of Flax which you can pick and in the building to he east there is a spinning wheel and loom.
    Flax Patch
  5. Max Guild Garden:
    On the southeast side of the sector you'll find the Max Guild and its garden which can be accessed by players who have obtained level 99 in at least one skill. In the garden you'll find Elen Anterth who can be used as an alternative to Max for buying a Max cape.

    Behind her you'll see two portals which you can tune to teleport you to various high-level skilling area, however you must have at least 15 99s to use the second portal. You'll also notice a number of skill banners which can be unfurled if you have level 99 in the corresponding skill.
    Max Guild Garden
  6. Max Guild Tower:
    At the south end of the garden you'll find the Max Guild itself which is housed in a large tower. Inside you'll find another bank and Grand Exchange desk, Challenge Mitress Heriau, a Combat portal which can be tuned to teleport you to various high-level monsters, including all bosses, and the Throne of Fame which you can sit on if you have obtained a Completionist cape.
    Max Guild

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Crwys Sector:

The Crwys Sector found east-northeast of the Tower of Voices is home to the Clan Crwys and is the Farming and Woodcutting focused area of the city.

  1. Crwys Herald:
    The Crwys herald is found in the centre of the sector and will sell you the Clan Crwys cape for 1,000,000gp.
    Crwys Herald
  2. Seed Shop, Farming Patches and Yews:
    On the northwest side of the sector you'll find a Bush and Herb patch, two giant Yew trees which each have several branches that can be cut individually, a Farming Shop run by Coeden which sells seeds and seedlings as well as having Choking ivy on its walls, another Bank chest and Lord Crwys who you can talk to to learn more about Clan Crwys and himself.
    Yew Trees
  3. Magic Trees:
    On the southwest side of the sector you'll find a Magic tree in each of the four corners.
    Magic Trees
  4. Spirit Tree:
    On the southeast side of the sector you'll find a giant Spirit Tree and Glouron who you can talk to unlock the ability to plant a third Spirit Tree of your own at 89 Farming.
    Spirit Trees
  5. Elder Tree Patch:
    On the northeast side of the sector you'll find an Elder tree patch in which you can plant an Elder sapling at level 90 Farming to grow your own Elder tree. Next to the patch you'll find Sior who will look after the Elder tree in return for 25 Morchella mushrooms.
    Elder Tree Patch

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Meilyr Sector:

The Meilyr Sector found north-northeast of the Tower of Voices is home to Clan Meilyr and is the Dungeoneering and Herblore focused area of the city.

  1. Meilyr Herald:
    The Meilyr herald is found in the centre of the sector and will sell you the Clan Meilyr cape for 1,000,000gp.
    Meilyr Herald
  2. Fruit Tree Patch:
    On the northwest side of the sector you'll find a Fruit tree patch.
    Fruit Tree Patch
  3. Lady Meilyr:
    On the northeast side of the sector you'll find Lady Meilyr who you can talk to to find out more about the Clan and herself. She also the Meilyr Clan Store which stocks Harmony moss seeds and various Herblore supplies, as well as a Recipe Shop from which you can buy recipes for various combination potions, some of which must first be unlocked by finding them while Dungeoneering.
    Lady Meilyr
  4. Gorajo Resource Dungeon:
    On the island south of Lady Meilyr there is resource dungeon requiring level 95 Dungeoneering to enter.
    Gorajo Resource Dungeon

    Inside the dungeon you'll find the Gorajo hoardstalker who you can talk to claim one random Gorajo card per day which provides benefits while Dungeoneering.
    Gorajo Hoardstalker

    On the north side of the dungeon you'll also find a Bloodwood tree, random Divine location spawns, Implings, Pawyas and Grenwalls.
    Bloodwood Tree
  5. Wythien:
    Next to the resource dungeon entrance you'll find and Wythien who runs a Dungeoneering Rewards Shop and can be used as an alternative to the Rewards Trader.

    He will also give you a Reward or Damage enhancer from the Motherlode Maw (see below) in exchange for 10 Crystal motherlode shards or exchange unfocused or any other enhancer you already have for another with half of the full charges.
  6. Harmony Pillars:
    On the southeast and southwest sides of the sector you'll find the Harmony pillars. Each of these pillars is attuned to a random skill each day and you must earn a total of 200,000 experience in this skill to complete the four growth stages of a Harmony moss seed in order to obtain Harmony moss.

    You can talk to the Harmony pillar farmer to learn more about the pillars and access both the same Meilyr Clan Store and Recipe Shop run by Lady Meilyr.
    Harmony Pillars
  7. Edimmu Resource Dungeon and Motherlode Maw:
    Next to the Harmony pillars on the southwest island you'll find a resource dungeon requiring level 115 Dungeoneering to enter.
    Motherlode Maw Resource Dungeon

    Inside the dungeon, head north and you'll find the Motherlode Maw.
    Motherlode Maw

    Players with at least level 95 in all skills can reach into this once per day and retrieve one of the items in the table below which are all designed to hep you complete requirements for the Completionist cape and Completionist cape (t) faster.
    Motherlode Maw Rewards
    Reward Type Possible Items
    Damage Enhancers Airut damage enhancer, Cadarn warrior damage enhancer, Dominion tower damage enhancer, Nihil damage enhancer, Qbd damage enhancer, Rush of blood damage enhancer, Volcanic damage enhancer, and Unfocused damage enhancer.
    Reward enhancers Artisan's workshop respect enhancer, Barbarian assault points enhancer, Black knight kill enhancer, Castle wars token enhancer, Champion scroll enhancer, Chimp ice enhancer, Chompy bird enhancer, Dark beast assignment token, Fish flingers points enhancer, Livid farm point enhancer, Mobilising armies point enhancer, Morvran's challenge enhancer, Player-Owned Ports enhancer, and Unfocused reward enhancer.
    Other Combination potions, Coins (10,000-30,000), Corrupted ore (100), Crystal-flecked sandstone (1-6), Crystal geode, Crystal key, Crystal triskelion fragments, Crystal weapons, Dragon armor, Dragon weapons, Dragon ammo/thrown weapons (10-60), Elder seed, Golden rocks, Harmony moss (1-6), Impling jars, Loop half of a key, Palm tree seed, Papaya tree seed, Perfect potions, Rune armor, Rune weapons, Rune ammo/thrown weapons (10-60), Spirit seed, Starved ancient effigy, Tooth half of a key, and Yew seed.
    In the dungeon's southeast passage you'll find a Crystal-flecked sandstone rock which can be mined to obtain 25 Crystal-flecked sandstone per day.
    Crystal-flecked sandstone rock

    On the north side of the dungeon there is a room filled with Edimmu. You can only pass the barrier to enter this room if you have been assigned an Eddmiu Slayer task.
  8. Prifddinas Waterfall Fishing:
    This area is found in between the Meilyr and Crwys districts. Unlike most areas this area requires 90 Agility, Ranged, and Strength to access. This area also requires using a Mith grapple and a Mith crossbow to use the shortcut.

    Prifddinas Fishing Area

    Inside the area you will be able to catch Urchins. Small Crystal Urchins requires 93 Fishing, the Medium Crystal Urchins requires 95 Fishing, and the Large Crystal Urchins requires 97 Fishing to catch.

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Hefin Sector:

The Hefin Sector found north-northwest of the Tower of Voices is home to the Clan Hefin and is the Agility and Prayer focused area of the city.

  1. Hefin Herald:
    The Hefin herald is found in the centre of the sector and will sell you the Clan Hefin cape for 1,000,000gp.
    Hefin Herald
  2. Corrupted Seren Stone:
    On the north side of the sector you'll find a cathedral up the stairs containing a large floating Corrupted Seren Stone. You trade with one of the Hefin monks to buy Cleansing crystals for 110,000gp each which can then be used to cleanse the Corrupted Seren Stone for Prayer experience.
    Corrupted Seren Stone
  3. Serenity Posts:
    On the southeast side of the sector you'll find 6 Serenity posts. Balance on one of these and follow Lady Hefin's instructions to earn up to 20,000 Agility experience per day. You can also talk to Lady Hefin to learn more about Clan Hefin and herself.
    Serenity Posts
  4. Agility Course:
    On the southwest side of the sector you'll find the start of the Hefin Agility Course which takes you up to the roof of the cathedral. This is much less click-intensive than any other Agility course and plays out like an interactive cutscene while also offering a chance of unlocking unique item rewards and emotes after completing each lap.
    Agility course

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Amlodd Sector:

The Amlodd Sector found west-northwest of the Tower of Voices is home to Clan Amlodd and is the Divination and Summoning focused area of the city.

  1. Amlodd Herald:
    The Amlodd herald is found in the centre of the sector and will sell you the Clan Amlodd cape for 1,000,000gp.
    Amlodd Herald
  2. Daffyd:
    On the northwest side of the sector you'll find Daffyd who'll give you an Impling checklist and ask you to catch one of every impling in return for 50,000 Hunter experience and the option to either receive double loot or triple experience when catching implings in future.
  3. Fairy Ring and Summoning Obelisk:
    On the southwest side of the sector you'll find a Fairy ring which you can teleport to using the code D J S. There is also a large Summoning obelisk here which can be used to infuse pouches and next to this you'll also find Lord Amlodd who you can talk to to learn more about the clan and himself, as well as convert pouches into a percentage of their Spirit shard cost as an alternative to Bogrog.
    Fairy Ring
  4. Shadows and Light Rift:
    On the northeast side of the sector you'll find a huge rift which can be used to convert Shadow cores dropped by the Blissful, Manifest and Truthful shadows into Light cores. These can then be used to infuse Light creature pouches.
    Light Rift

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Ithell Sector:

The Ithell Sector found west-southwest of the Tower of Voices is home to Clan Ithell and is the Construction and Crafting focused area of the city.

  1. Ithell Herald:
    The Ithell herald is found in the centre of the sector and will sell you the Clan Ithell cape for 1,000,000gp. There is also a convenient bank box located next to her.
    Ithell Herald
  2. God Statue:
    On the northwest side of the sector you'll find stone block which can be sculpted as part of the God Statues monthly Distraction and Diversion.
    Pottery Oven
  3. Pottery Oven, Wheels and Cooking Range:
    On the southwest side of the sector you'll find a Pottery Oven with several Potter's wheels which also doubles as a Cooking range.
    Pottery Oven
  4. Soft Clay, Crystal-flecked Sandstone Rocks and Tanner:
    Just east of the oven you'll find 6 Soft clay rocks (Note: Clay rocks do not deplete during Ithell voice of Seren), a Crystal-flecked sandstone rock which can be mined for 50 Crystal-flecked sandstone per day and a Robust glass machine to turn the sandstone into Crystal glass. There is also a Tanner just south of the Soft clay who can tan your hides for a price.
    Soft clay and Sandstone Rocks
  5. Harmonium Harps:
    South of the oven you'll find a building containing four Harominum harps which can be played at 75 Crafting for 80 experience per action and Harmonic dust which is used to create your own Crystal weapons and tools. Once you've obtained 100 dust from a harp, it must be retuned and doing so provides Construction experience. Outside of this building you'll also find a well and sandpit.
    Harmonium harps
  6. House Portal and Estate Agent:
    On the southeast side of the sector you'll find a House Portal and elven Estate agent who can change the interior decoration and location of your house, including to Prifddinas for 25,000gp.
    POH Portal
  7. Sawmill:
    Next to the House portal you'll find a Sawmill and you can talk to the Sawmill operator here to change logs into planks and buy various Construction supplies. As it is located just a few steps away from a bank box, converting logs to planks is much more efficient here than using the Sawmill operator found northeast of Varrock.
  8. Lady Ithell:
    Just north of the Sawmill you'll find Lady Ithell who you can talk to to learn more about the clan and herself. She is also able to create Crystal pickaxes and hatchets in return for a Dragon pickaxe or hatchet and 4,000 Harmonic dust. Note that the pickaxe or hatchet can be on taken from your toolbelt and both a Gilded dragon pickaxe and Imcando pickaxe will also work.
    Lady Ithell
  9. Eluned and the Singing Bowl:
    Finally, north of Lady Ithell you'll find Eluned who can turn Crystal tool, Crystal armour and Crystal weapon seeds into crystal equipment for a price. Next to her you'll find the Singing bowl which as mentioned above can be used to create your own crystal equipment assuming you have the correct levels and enough Harmonic dust.
    Singing bowl

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Voice of Seren:

While in Prifddinas you will notice two icons in the top left corner of your screen which indicate which sectors of the city are currently affected by the Voice of Seren. The Voice increases the experience and chance of finding golden rocks while skilling in the active sectors and also provides a number of other effects unique to each clan (see table below). Note that the active sectors change every hour on the hour.

Voice of Seren Effects
Clan Unique Effects
Iorwerth Icon
Clan Iorwerth
  • Increased chance of obtaining items unique to Prifddinas from the Crystal chest e.g. Crystal tree blossom and Corrupted ore
  • Killing an Iorwerth guard or scout will provide a small amount of Slayer experience.
  • Killing any monster inRush of Blood will award a small amount of Slayer experience.
Trahaearn Icon
Clan Trahaearn
  • Provides a chance of obtaining Corrupted ore while Mining Coal-Runite rocks.
  • Chance of obtaining Swamp tar while smelting Corrupted ore.
  • Provides a chance that ore rocks will become temporarily harmonized and not run out of ore when mined.
Cadarn Icon
Clan Cadarn
  • Provides a small amount of Ranged experience after besting a Cadarn ranger regardless of combat style used.
  • Provides a small amount of Magic experience after besting a Cadarn magus regardless of combat style used.
Crwys Icon
Clan Crwys
  • Replaces any Bird nest drops with Crystal geodes while Woodcutting.
  • Provides a chance of attracting a Guthix butterfly while checking health of crops.
  • Provides a chance for any planted crops to skip growth stages.
Meilyr Icon
Clan Meilyr
  • Provides a chance for a planted fruit tree to skip growth stages
Hefin Icon
Clan Hefin
  • Provides a small amount of Prayer experience after completing a lap of the Hefin Agility Course.
  • Increases Velocity gain while using the Hefin Agility Course.
  • Provides a chance to obtain shadow cores from the Hefin Agility Course.
Amlodd Icon
Clan Amlodd
  • Provides a chance to create extra scrolls when turning pouches into scrolls using the obelisk.
  • Provides a chance for Chronicle fragments to spawn after killing a shadow creature.
Ithell Icon
Clan Ithell
  • Increases the amount of time it takes for a Harmonium harp to become out of tune.
  • Doubles the stock of the Sawmill operator's Construction Supplies shop and replenishes stock if it's at 0 when the effect changes to Ithell.

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Prifddinas Titles:

There are a number of titles to be unlocked in the city by performing various tasks and these are:

Prifddinas Titles
Title To Unlock
of the Trahaearn Mine and smelt 100 Corrupted ore.
of the Iorwerth Complete 8 Dark beast assignments from Morvran.
of the Cadarn Best a combined total of 1,000 Cadarn magus and Cadarn rangers.
of the Crwys Grow an Elder tree and check its health.
of the Meilyr Harvest 50 Harmony moss.
of the Hefin Complete 200 laps of the Hefin Agility Course.
of the Amlodd Summon a Light creature familiar and use its special move, then talk to Lord Amlodd.
of the Ithell Make 100 Crystal flasks.
the Corrupted Use a piece of Corrupted ore on Seren in the Memoriam Device chamber in the Tower of Voices.
the Fractured Use any divine energy other than Elder on Seren.
Dark Elf Wear the Clan Iorwerth cape and use the Shard of Zaros on Seren, then attempt to attack her.
The Famous Successfully complete Morvran's challenge.
the Elfbourne Use a Bacon mound on Seren with a Chocolate bar and loaf of Bread in your inventory.
the Ravensworn Find all 13 Ravens in the city. One Raven spawns every 13 days for 13 hours starting from 00:00 GMT on October 4th 2014.
the Stupendous Add Cooked meat to an Incomplete stew while wielding a Mud pie in the city.
the Statuesque Complete the golden Statue of Rhiannon in the Max Guild.
of the Naragi Plant a Crystal acorn in the Crystal tree patch.
Lorehound Find all 16 Memoriam crystals in the city and add them to Memoriam device in the Tower of Voices.
the Elven Buy all 8 clan capes from the heralds for a total of 8,000,000gp.
Dark Lord Kill a combined total of 1,000 Truthful, Blissful, or Manifest shadow.
the Mourner Wear a full set of Mourner equipment and talk to Lady Ithell.
Sweet Tooth Eat 10 sweet foods in the city e.g. Chocolate products and Fruit pies.
of the Tarddiad Talk to all 8 clan Lords and Ladies about their clan.
the Meandering Take 10 minutes or more to complete the Hefin Agility Course.
the Coedensworn Cast the Cure plant or Fertile soil spell on Coeden while wearing a Clan Crwys cape, Splitbark body, Splitbark legs, Splitbark gauntlets, Splitbark boots, a Splitbark shield, Splitbark wand and Tribal mask.
the Hunter/Huntress Follow the tracks from the southern entrance to the city to find a rabbit named Madoc while wearing a Larupia hat, Larupia top, Larupia legs, Hunters' crossbow, Long kebbit bolts, Strung rabbit foot and with a Teasing stick in your inventory.
the Challenged Eat 50 Bananas while wearing a Mime outfit, Fairy banner and Fairy shield.
Sneaky Pickpocket one of each clan's worker within 90 seconds while wearing a Clan Iorwerth cape and with a Ninja impling jar in your inventory.

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