Skill Levels Required:
Quests Required:
Items Needed:
2 Ecto-tokens if you have not completed the Ghosts Ahoy quest.
East of Canifis
Quests Available in the City:
City Map:
City Map
  1. Rum Deal Quest Start:
    When you speak to Pirate Pete, you will be able to start the Rum Deal quest. Additionally, he will transport you from Port Phasmatys to Braindeath Island.

    Pirate Pete

  2. Ectofunctus Worship:
    n this area, you will be able to worship the Ectofunctus, which will give you four times the prayer experience of a regular bone. For more information regarding the Ectofunctus Worship, please refer to the Prayer Skill guide. West of the Ectofuntus you will find a 'Full Farm' containing an Allotment, Herb, and Flower patch. For more information please refer to the Farming Skill Guide.


  3. Northern Gate:
    Here, you will find Port Phasmatys' northern entrance.

    Note: If you have not completed the Ghosts Ahoy quest, you will have to pay a toll of two Ecto-tokens.

    Northern Gate

  4. Central Market and Western Gate:
    Here, you will find Gravingas protesting about Necrovarus' lack of power. Additionally, you will see several Ghost Villagers. Southwest of the market, you will see the western entrance to Port Phasmatys.

    Note: If you have not completed the Ghosts Ahoy quest, you will have to pay a toll of two Ecto-tokens.

    Market and Western Gate

  5. Ghosts Ahoy Quest Start:
    At Velorina's house, when you speak to Velorina, you will be able to start the Ghosts Ahoy quest. Additionally, after the Ghosts Ahoy quest, if you've lost your ectophial, then she will replace it for free.

    Velorian's House

  6. Bar:
    At the bar, you will find the Ghost Innkeeper, Bill Teach, and Robin. Bill Teach is accessed during the Cabin Fever and Rocking Out quests. Robin is accessed during the Ghosts Ahoy quest when you play Rune-Draw with him in exchange for a bow signature. The Ghost Innkeeper is also accessed during the Ghosts Ahoy quest when you obtain a bedsheet which you coat with ectoplasm in order to permit you to obtain petition signatures from the Ghost Civilians. Underneath the pub is a hidden brewery which you can use for brewing ales. For more information on Brewing, please refer to the Brewing Guide.


  7. General Store:

    General Store

  8. Range:
    This range is conveniently located because it is extremely close to the bank.

  9. Bank:
    If you are wearing a Ghostspeak amulet, then you will be able to access the bank faster (you can communicate directly with the bankers).

    Alternatively, completion of Morytania Hard Tasks will no longer require you to wear Ghostspeak amulet to communicate with ghosts in the area.


  10. Furnace:
    Here, you will find the furnace which is one of the closest to a bank.


  11. Dragontooth Island Boat:
    When you pay the Ghost Captain 25 Ecto-tokens, you will be able to sail to Dragontooth Island (you must have started the Ghosts Ahoy quest).

    Ghost Captain

  12. Ak-Haranu:
    Ak-Haranu is accessed during the Ghosts Ahoy quest. He sells Bolt racks which are used with a Karil's crossbow.


  13. Boat:
    Here, you will find a boat which does not sail to anywhere.


  14. Trader Crewsmembers:
    Here, you will find Trader Crewsmembers. These NPCs will charter you to various locations for a small fee. If you trade these NPCs, their store will be accessible.

    Trader Shop

  15. Bill Teach:
    After the completion of the Cabin Fever quest, Bill Teach will sail you to Mos Le'Harmless. His ship is referred to as the "Adventurous." Bill is also accessed during the Rocking Out quest.


  16. Small Obelisk:
    Here, you will find a small obelisk, which is only useful for recharging your Summoning points.


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