Skill Levels Required:
Quests Required:
Items Needed:
South of East Ardougne, north of Yanille, and east of the Tree Gnome Village.
Fishing Trawler mini-game and Fight Arena.
Quests Available in the City:
City Map:
Port Khazard Map
  1. Fight Arena Quest Start:
    Here, you will find Lady Servil. By speaking to her, you will be able to start the Fight Arena quest.

    Port Khazard Fight Arena Start

  2. Bar:
    This is Port Khazard's bar. You can buy a regular beer or a khali beer.

    Port Khazard Pub

  3. Southern Mine:
    Here, you will find Port Khazard's southern mine.

    Port Khazard South Mine

  4. Small Obelisk:
    Directly north of the mines, you will find a small obelisk. This obelisk is only useful for recharging your summoning points.

    Small Obelisk

  5. General Store:
    In Port Khazard, there are two general stores which carry the same stock.


  6. Eastern Mine:
    Here, you will find Port Khazard's small eastern mine. Directly south of these mines, in a building, are anvils.

    Port Khazard East Mine

  7. Fishing Trawler Mini-game:
    Speak to Murphy and you will be able to start the Fishing Trawler mini-game.

    Fishing Trawler

  8. Bank Deposit Box:
    Here you and deposit your belongings in your bank account. However, you will not be able to withdraw any items.

    Deposit Box

  9. Tindel Merchant:
    If you speak to the Tindel Merchant, he will clean rusty swords for 100gp. He will also repair your Barrows armour for a small price. This is the person you need to talk to during the One Small Favour quest when you are in need of iron oxide.

    Tindel Merchant

  10. Trader Crewsmembers:
    Here, you will find Trader Crewsmembers. These NPCs will charter you to various locations for a price, ranging from 1600gp to to 4100gp. If you trade these NPCs, their store will be accessible.

    Trader Crew

    Trader Shop

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