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Quests Required:
Items Needed:
The city is near the western bank of the River Elid, in the middle of the Kharidian Desert. It can be reached by walking or by riding a Magic carpet, as well as by several other means.
Quests Available in the City:
The Feud quest, Smoking Kills, and the Rogue Trader activity.


Pollnivneach is located at the very far south of the desert. It is highly recommended that you take quite a few waterskins, as it is a long trek from Shantay pass (if you don't take the flying carpet). This area is used in The Feud quest, as you have to sort out the fights going on between two Tribes: the Bandits and the Menaphites. To get to Pollnivneach, you must first go through the Shantay Pass (located to the south of Al Kharid). First, purchase some Desert Robes, some waterskins and a Shantay Pass. (Maybe bring teleport runes if you'd rather not have a hard journey out.) Note: To sample the full hospitality of Pollnivneach you may need to take some cash, about 1k. However, the longer you wish to stay in the desert, the more waterskins you will need.


World map

Once out of the Shantay Pass, you can either walk south in the desert till you reach the desert mining camp, and then walk southeast from there, or take a flying carpet (a lot quicker but costs 200gp). The flying carpets are owned by Ali Morrisane and can be taken from Shantay Pass, Bedabin Camp, Pollnivneach, Uzer, Sophanem


  1. Entrance:
    The first thing you will notice about Pollnivneach is a small area with houses flooded with bandits. This is ok, they are not aggressive. However, they can be pickpocketed or lured by street urchins. They can also be knocked out by blackjacks (see the The Feud guide).

    Bandit town

  2. General Store:
    As you get further on through Pollnivneach you will come to a general store. The market seller who runs the store sells simple items, but may be effective in the desert heat.

    General store

  3. Mayor's House:
    Then as we move on further, we reach the center of the town where the action begins. First, on the east hand side of the central well, we have the Mayor's House. Not much of a thrill, but it holds clues to unlocking the safe in the wife's bedroom upstairs (see The Feud quest guide).

    Mayors house

    The safe:


    Street Urchins (little children) linger round the corners and alleyways of the town shouting abuse at the citizens, so strangers can pickpocket them.

  4. Bar:
    To the south of the central well, we reach the "The Asp and Snake" pub.

    Asp and Snake

  5. Kebab Store:
    Just northwest of the central well, we have the Kebab Shop. He sells normal Kebabs, Super kebabs, and Red hot sauce.

    Kebab shop

  6. Snake Charmer:
    At the back of the pub there is a snake charmer. Drop 2gp into his money pot and he will listen to you. If you're lucky, he might give you a snake charming kit with which you can charm the snakes outside the menaphite den. Maybe you could become an expert snake charmer thanks to 2gp!

    Snake charmer

  7. Menaphite Lair:
    Menaphites wander around at the far side of the city. A vengeful gang who want their camels back from the thieving bandits! This gang is run by a man called "Ali the Operator" who is usually standing at the front of the tent. (See The Feud quest guide.) The menaphites have the same properties as the bandits -- they can be lured by street urchins, knocked out by blackjacks, or overall pickpocketed (level 65 Thieving needed).


  8. Camel Dung:
    This is Ali the Camel Man's shop. And a little tip: use Kebab Sauce with the camel's food trough outside. Bound to get a funny result, as the camels then poo everywhere.


  9. Ali the Hag:
    We now come to the house of old "Ali the Hag," a woman or man, who is notorious for witchcraft. With her help, maybe you can brew a poison out of camel dung to put in traitorous Ali's ale. After the quest Swept Away, players may speak with her to enchant the Broomstick and receive Magic experience. (Magic level 33 or more required.)

    Ali the Hag

  10. Smokey Well:
    To the west of Pollnivneach (past the menaphite den) you will come to a rock face. Go southwest and then north to get to the other side of it. Beside a few cactuses there is a smokey well. As some of you may know already, it is the home of Fareed the Fire Demon. This part of the city is used in the Desert Treasure quest.

    NOTE: Do not enter the well without plenty of food and you must be wearing a facemask. This dungeon is full of fire giants, pyrefiends, and dust devils. Beware!

    Desert treasure

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