Skill Levels Required:
Quests Required:
Items Needed:
South of the Feldip Hills. The easiest way to reach it is by teleporting to the Oo'glog lodestone, or use a Ring of duelling to teleport to South Feldip Hills.
Spa's, Meat store, Robust glass machine, and Red sandstone mine.
Wolves (level 64), Ogresses (level 69), Ogress warriors (level 86), and Ogress champions.
Quests Available in the City:
City Map:

Oo'glog Map
  1. This is Chief Tess's house where you would start the quest As a First Resort... She plays a major role in the quest.

    Chief Tess

  2. This is Chargurr's meat store that you can use after completing the quest. This shop is ideal for people who want to make Wild pies all the time as it sells the supplies to you very cheap.

    Fresh Meat

  3. This is the town bank where you will find Balnea. You won't be able to use it until you have talked to her the first time and accepted to help her with the town preparations.

    Oo'glog Bank

  4. This is Frawd's gift shop where you will find the comfort of the regular General store and the Ogre clothing. She will make you Davy kebbit hats as well if you give her Diseased kebbit fur.

    Gift Shop

  5. This is the town's Salon where you find three stations inside of it. The first station you will find is the massage therapy area. This area is run by Thump, and it'll appear that she's killing a Gnome on that bed. The second station you will find is the hair salon. This area is run by Kringk and she will be styling a Goblin's hair while you watch. Kringk will sell you Ogre wig's for 50 gp after the quest. The last station, run by Muggh, is the Mud bathing area. When you talk with her, she will ask if you want a facial, which is basically a slap in the face of mud.


  6. This is the town Hotel. You can't do much here because you aren't allowed to use the beds, but during the quest you would help Snurgh fluff up his pillows with new feathers (Wimpy feathers).


  7. This is the charter ship, which can be found almost anywhere in towns with bodies of water around them. The same stuff is sold here like at most Charter ship shops. A little North of that area, near the reeds, you will find the spot where you place the Platypus you hunt during the quest at. You will see them walk around the coast of the water as if they were happy.


  8. This is the Mud bath that increases your Hunter level temporarily based on your level. It's said to attract the creatures towards your trap and catch them faster.

    Mud Bath

  9. This is the Thermal bathing area that will refill your hitpoints and more based on your Hitpoints level, or until you lose them while fighting. It will also prevent you from being diseased for a period of time.

    Thermal Bath

  10. This would be the Salt-water spring that gives you an infinite run amount for a period of time based on your Agility level. This is very essential for certain things, and since you can use the Charter ships it's easier to get to it.

    Salt-water Spring

  11. This is the Sulphur spring which will restore your Prayer points and add more points based on your Prayer level.

    Sulphur Spring

  12. This is the Bandos pool, which is very handy for people who do God Wars Dungeon a lot and go for Bandos. This pool will give you the favor of Bandos for a period of time and the Bandos related monsters down in the God Wars area will not lay a hand on you.

    Bandos Pool

  13. Out here is where you will find the Ogress monsters, Wolves, and Eucalyptus trees. The Ogress monsters drop the Ogre clubs. The trees are a good benefit towards Woodcutting and Firemaking as they give a decent amount of experience.

    Ogress Monster

  14. This is the Hunter area where you will find Wimpy birds, Diseased kebbits, Baby platypus, and Adult platypus. This is where you could catch your pet Platypus after the quest. Please visit the Hunter Skill Guide for more information on these monsters.

    Hunter Spot

  15. This is Seegud's house. During the quest when you talk to her, she will explain how to get rid of the bugs hovering over the spas and explain that the children might have moved them around to make it harder for you. After the quest, she will explain which pool does what and thank you for helping.


  16. Here you will find Rutmir Arnhold's robust glass machine. This machine is produce robust glass out of red sandstone. This Robust glass can be turned in to Potion flasks (requires 89 Crafting).

    Robust Glass Machine

  17. To the North of the city, lays the Red sandstone mine. However, you may only mine 50 pieces of red sandstone a day (requires 81 Mining).

    Red Sandstone Mine

  18. Just to the West of the Red sandstone mine (North of the city wall) lies the Oo'glog lodestone, which (after unlocking it) allows you to teleport to this location free of charge.

    Oo'glog lodestone

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