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Located southeast of Pollnivneach, northeast of Sophanem. You may access this area quickly by taking a magic carpet ride from Pollivneach.
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Nardah Map
  1. Here we have Seddu's armour store. Also, there is an anvil if you feel the need to pound some metal.

    Seddu's Armour Shop

  2. Over here is the Rug Merchant. You can take a ride over to Pollnivneach for 200gp or if you helped Ali with his Rune Troubles, then it will only be 100gp.

    Rug merchant

  3. Up north you will find some "clay ovens" which will allow you to cook food.

    Clay oven

  4. In the center of it all is a nice fountain. A fountain without water that is. Apparently, a curse was cast upon this town. This curse makes it so they don't have any water.


  5. Awusah the mayor is very concerned about this "curse". If you are up the challenge of lifting this curse, then simply talk to him to start the Spirits of the Elid quest.


  6. Herb, herbs, anyone who has done the Legends Quest knows all about these. They also would know how long, hard, and expensive it takes to gain levels. Why not have someone to identify all those high-level herbs for you? Just talk to Zahur and she will identify all of your herbs for you, no matter what level you are, for a fee of course.


  7. Like other place in Runescape, this small town has its own general store.

    General Store

  8. Banks, the only place you can store items. Don't fret, this town has currently the only bank south of the Shantay Pass. No more running back to Al-Kharid, simply walk over here and there you go, a nice place to bank.


  9. Water, water, nowhere, and not a drop to drink. Sadly, this town has little water left, although Ali the Carter is always looking to make some quick cash and will gladly offer you a waterskin in these dry times, for a slick price of 1k gp.


  10. Rokuh is looking to make some money too. So he decides to sell some ice... choc-ice that is. But besides having an odd name, this tasty chocolate food also heals health and keeps you from becoming thristy so often while in the desert.


  11. The Nardah Hunter Shop, ran by Artimeus.

    Hunter Shop

  12. Ali the Wise is over here, who can help you during The Tale of the Muspah, The Curse of Arrav, and The Temple at Senntisten.

    Ali the Wise

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