Skill Levels Required:
Quests Required:
Items Needed:
30 coins
East of Brimhaven and southwest of Rimmington.
Karamja Volcano dungeon, and Fishing spots.
Imp, Man, Monkey, Scorpion (level 14), and Snake (level 5) , Snakes (level 5), and Monkeys (level 3).
Quests Available in the City:
City Map:
  1. Port Sarim Boat:
    This is the location where you exit the boat from Port Sarim. On this side of the dock, you will find a Customs Officer. This is the primary way to travel from the mainland to Musa Point for non-members. The charge for using this transportation is 30 Coins. If you are a member and have the Karamja 3 gloves, you will be able to travel to Musa Point for only 15 Coins (half-price). Additionally, if you are a member and have Ring of charos (a) in your possession, you will be able to travel to Musa Point for free.


  2. Trader Crewsmembers:
    These NPCs are only accessible on member's worlds and will charter you to various locations for a small fee. Additionally, you may trade the Trader Crewsmembers to access their store's stock.

    Trader Crew

    Trader Shop

  3. Luthas:
    Here, you will find Luthas, who is the owner of the banana plantation. If you perform a job for him (putting ten Bananas in a crate), he will pay you 30gp. Luthas is targeted during the Pirate's Treasure quest.


  4. Banana Plantation:
    This location is the banana plantation, which is owned by Luthas. You may pick bananas off of the trees to eat, or you may use them in a job for Luthas.

    Banana Plantation

  5. Fishing Dock:
    Here, you will find Musa Point's fishing dock. There are fishing spots for netting, baiting, lobster caging, and harpooning here. This spot is primarily used in non-member's servers, however, it is a wonderful place for members to train fishing as well. Unfortunately, there is not a bank nearby. For more information regarding the fishing skill, please refer to the Fishing Skill guide. Stiles is also located near here; he can transform your swordfish, lobsters and tuna into bank notes, saving useful inventory space.

    Fishing Spot

  6. Zambo's Beverage Store:
    Here, you will find Zambo's beverage store. All of the items in his store are accessible to non-members as well as members. The Karamjan rum sold in his store is a key element of the Pirate's Treasure quest. To the west of his shop, you will find a well, which is useful for filling buckets with water.


  7. General Store:
    This is Musa Point's general store. Inside the store, you will find a Jug, Rope, Knife, and Banana respawn.

    General Store

  8. Agility Shortcut:
    Here, you will find an agility shortcut which leads to the southern section of Karamja. To use this shortcut, you must have level 51 agility, level 21 strength, and level 42 ranging. Additionally, you must equip a Mithril crossbow and a Mithril grapple, or better. This agility shortcut eliminates the need to travel through Brimhaven to travel to southern Karamja. For more information regarding the agility skill, please refer to the Agility Skill guide.

    Agility Shortcut

  9. Stiles:
    Near the coast south of the Karamja Volcano, you will find Stiles. He will turn your swordfish, lobsters, and tuna into banknotes. Selecting the Exchange option will automatically note any of the previously mentioned fish.


  10. Small Obelisk:
    On the edge of the volcano, you will find a small obelisk. This obelisk is only useful for recharging your Summoning points.

    Small Obelisk

  11. Musa Point Volcano Dungeon:
    Here, you will find the entrance to Musa Point Volcano Dungeon, which is accessible by both non-members and members. This is also the dungeon which leads to Crandor Isle for both non-members and members (after completion of the Dragon Slayer quest).

    Dungeon Entrance

  12. TzHaar City Entrance:
    Here, you will find the entrance to TzHaar City, which is only accessible by members.

    TzHaar Entrance

Respawn Map:

Respawn Map

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