Skill Levels Required:
Quests Required:
Items Needed:
Rope (Not required after completion of the Mountain Daughter quest.
The entrance to the camp is a path directly east of the main gate of Rellekka. You can also use the Fairy Ring Network by entering the code A-J-R and then travelling northwest.
The Chiefain's tent, the Shining pool, and the Cave of The Kendal.
Asleif (her spirit), Bald Headed Eagles, Hamal the Chieftain, Guards, Jokul, Mountain Goats, and Ragnar.
Quests Available in the City:
City Map:
Mountain Camp Tour Map
  1. Entrance and Exit:
    In order to enter and exit the Mountain Camp, you must climb over a pile of rocks. If you have not completed the Mountain Daughter quest, then you will need a Rope in order to enter. Go north of these rocks and climb the cliffside. If you have completed the quest, then you are able to pass freely over the rocks.

    Entrance and Exit

  2. Ancient Rock:
    This is the Ancient Rock plays an important rule in the Mountain Daughter quest. You need to chip off a bit of it during the quest.

    Ancient Rock

  3. Chieftain's Tent:
    Here, you may start the Mountain Daughter quest by talking to Hamal the Chieftain.

    Quest Starting Location

  4. Jokul:
    In this is the small farm house, you will find Jokul. He is also accessed during the Mountain Daughter


  5. Camp Dwellers:
    Throughout the camp you will find adult (level 31) and infant (level 25) Camp Dwellers.

    Camp Dwellers

  6. Shining Pool:
    Here, you fill find the Shining Pool. Wandering around the shores you will find Ragnar. Both play a key roles in the Mountain Daughter quest.

    Shining Pool

  7. Cave of The Kendal:
    Deep in the cave blocked up by trees, resides the The Kendal. To gain access to the cave you need a hatchet. During the Mountain Daughter quest, you are required to kill this 'God'.

    Cave of The Kendal

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