Skill Levels Required:
Quests Required:
Items Needed:
South of Mort Myre and north of Burgh de Rott.
Shades of Mort'ton Flamtaer Temple.
Quests Available in the City:
City Map:
Mort'ton Map
  1. Razmire's Stores:
    Once cured with Serum 207 (temporary) or Serum 208 (permanent), you can use Razmire's general store or purchase supplies to repair the nearby temple.

    General Store
    Building Store

  2. The Temple:
    This is the Flamtaer Temple which features in the Shades of Mort'ton minigame. By rebuilding the temple, you will gain sanctity and can create Sacred oil to make pyre logs for shade burning. It is recommended to use the official world (88) when playing this game as attempting to rebuild the temple on your own is very difficult.


  3. Funeral Pyres
    These funeral pyres are used to burn shade remains with pyre logs and provide you with a key to use in the Mort'ton catacombs (see our Shades of Mort'ton guide for more information).

    Funeral pyre

  4. Shade Catacombs
    This is the entrance to the catacombs beneath Mort'ton. In here you can use the keys obtained from burning shades to unlock reward chests.

    Tomb entrance

  5. Swamp Boat
    If you have taken the boat from The Hollows in Mort Myre, this is where you will arrive on Mort'ton. You can also pay Cyreg Paddlehorn 10gp to travel back to The Hollows.

    Swamp boat

  6. The Barrows
    To the west of Mort'ton are the tombs of six warrior brothers (seven after Ritual of the Mahjarrat). Adventurers brave enough to enter these tombs and defeat the spirits of the brothers may be rewarded with parts of their armor and weaponry. For more information, see our Barrows minigame guide.


  7. Burgh de Rott Entrance
    To the south of Mort'ton is entrance to the town of Burgh de Rott. The town can only be accessed after starting In Aid of the Myreque.

    Burgh de Rott

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