Skill Levels Required:
Quests Required:
Items Needed:
South of Lumbridge.
Lumbridge Swamp dungeon and Water altar.
Quests Available in the City:
City Map:
Tour Map
  1. Water altar:
    This is the entrance to the water altar. To access it you will need either a Water talisman, a Water tiara, or a Water talisman staff.
    Water altar
  2. West Mining area:
    This is an area for players with a higher level of Mining. You will find various Mithril, Adamantite and Coal rocks. For more information, please visit our Mining map.
    Mining area
  3. Lumbridge Swamp dungeon:
    This is the entrance to the Lumbridge Swamp dungeon. One of the attractions of this dungeon is the Tears of Guthix activity (after completion of the Tears of Guthix quest). Make sure you bring a closed light source or else you will be constantly attacked. If it is an open light source, you have a chance to cause an explosion!
    Lumbridge swamp dungeon
  4. Lost City Quest Start:
    This is the start point for the Lost City quest. Talk to the warrior to start the quest.
    Quest start
  5. Zanaris shed:
    This is the shed that, after you have completed the Lost City quest, can be used to teleport to the city of Zanaris if you enter it while weilding either a Dramen staff or a Lunar staff. Otherwise, nothing will happen and you will just enter the shed.
    Zanaris Shed
  6. Father Urhney's house:
    This is Father Urhney's house, which takes part in the Restless Ghost and Buyers and Cellars quests. Father Urhney will replace your Ghostspeak amulet if you ever lose it.
    Father Urhney
  7. The Nexus:
    The Nexus is a low-level Prayer activity in the swamp that awards enough experience to level up from 1-40 Prayer. The aim of this activity is to collect corruption from the Nexus and use it with the bowls on the surrounding pillars to banish a creature known as the Grotesque. The Grotesque is the reason the swamp exists and is the source of the Wall beasts found in the dungeon beneath it. For more information on the Nexus, see our Prayer guide.
    The Nexus
  8. East Mining area:
    This is an area for players with a lower level of Mining. Here you will find various Tin and Copper ore rocks. For more information, please visit our Mining map.
    East mining area
  9. Graveyard:
    This is the entrance to the Lumbridge graveyard, which will provide you with quick access to the city of Lumbridge.
  10. Shortcut:
    This is the grapple shortcut that provides quick access to the region of Al Kharid. You will need a Mithril grapple, a crossbow, 37 Ranged, 8 Agility, and 19 Strength.
    Grapple Shortcut
  11. Ship to Daemonheim:
    This ship will take you to Daemonheim, where you will be able to train the Dungeoneering Skill. You may talk to the Fremennik shipmaster to learn more about this skill. For more information, please visit our Dungeoneering skill guide.
    Daemonheim Ship
  12. Fishing spots:
    Here you will find Fishing spots, perfect to raise your Fishing level if it is low.
    Fishing spots
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