Skill Levels Required:
Quests Required:
Items Needed:
West of Al Kharid, south of Varrock, east of Draynor Village, and north of the Lumbridge Swamp.
Lumbridge castle, Smithy, Tree patch, Fishing shop, and the Combat tutors facility.
Quests Available in the City:
City Map:
Lumbridge map
  1. Castle:
    This is Lumbridge castle. Previously the first location a player would visit when they started the game.

    First floor

  2. Kitchen and Dining Room:
    The kitchen area of the castle where you can start Cook's Assistant and Recipe for Disaster. This area also has a Bowl, Jug, Knife, and Empty pot respawn. The dining room area is used in a few quests such as Recipe for Disaster and The Lost Tribe.


  3. Second Floor:
    On this floor you have a Bronze dagger respawn, a few men and women to kill/thieve from, a spinning wheel, Duke Horacio, and Sigmund. Duke Horacio is in two quests you can complete for members and non-members. These quests are Dragon Slayer, and The Lost Tribe (Talk to Sigmund to start this quest first).

    Second Floor

  4. Third Floor:
    On this floor you'll find the Lumbridge Bank.

    Castle Top

  5. Basement:
    Down here there is a respawn for 2 Leather boots, a Cabbage , a Knife, a Bucket, and a Empty pot. There is also Spider, and the Culinaromancer's Chest (Members Only from the Recipe for Disaster quest). The Culinaromancer's Chest is also a handy bank when you need it. It also contains a food shop and an armor store. There is also the entrance to the Dorgeshuun caves down here (Must have started The Lost Tribe to enter).


    Chest of Armor and Weapons

    Chest of Food

  6. Lumbridge Sage:
    The Lumbridge Sage is there for all newcomers to ask him questions and he will provide a great answer for you.

    Lumbridge Sage

  7. Church:
    This is the church of Lumbridge where you can recharge your prayer points and start The Restless Ghost quest by talking to Father Aereck.


  8. Graveyard:
    This is the Lumbridge graveyard. Here you will find Xenia who you can speak with to start The Blood Pact and grant access to the Lumbridge catacombs. This is also where you find the ghost for The Restless Ghost quest (Must have the Ghostspeak amulet to speak to the ghost). There is also a Yew Tree growing there as well and a pathway for a quick route to the Lumbridge swamps.


  9. Bob's Brilliant Axes:
    This is where Bob's Brilliant Axes shop is located at. Here, you can claim for free a Bronze pickaxe and a Bronze hatchet. You can also buy hatchets, battleaxes, and Bronze pickaxes. He also repairs Barrows items if they need to be fixed.

    Bob's Brilliant Axes Shop

  10. Goblins and Fishing Spots:
    To the West is an area mainly based on Giant spiders and Goblins (level 2). There are also two Fishing spots (Lure and Bait spots).


  11. H.A.M. Headquarters:
    This is the entrance to the H.A.M. headquarters. In there you can thieve from the H.A.M. members and kill the guards. This little area is a nice place to train thieving if it is low. This area is also used in the quest Death to the Dorgeshuun.

    H.A.M. HQ

  12. Furnace:
    This is the city furnace where you can smelt all your ores and crafting items to your needs.


  13. Tree Patch:
    This is the tree farming spot where you can grow your trees depending on your Farming level (Members only).

    Tree patch

  14. Canoe Station:
    Here you can craft a canoe to travel to various locations along the River Lum. (Talk to Barfy Bill and look at the Woodcutting guide for more information on canoeing).


  15. Thieves' Guild:
    Climb down this trapdoor to access the Thieves' Guild and start the Buyers and Cellars quest.

    Thieves' Guild

  16. General Store:
    This is the Lumbridge General Shop where you can buy/sell whatever you need.

    General Shop

  17. Fishing store:
    This is the Lumbridge Fishing store where you can buy/sell your fishing supplies, plus you can claim a Crayfish cage and a Small fishing net for free.

    Fishing store

  18. Combat Academy:
    This is the Combat Academy where you can speak to Lady Deathknell to learn the basics of combat.

    Combat tutors

  19. Explorer Jack:
    This is Explorer Jack's house where you can start the Lumbridge and Draynor Village Achievement Diary and claim the Explorer's ring (1) plus the ability to perform the "Explore" emote after you complete all the Beginner tasks of the Lumbridge and Draynor Village Achievement Diary.

    Explorer Jack

  20. Crater and Memorial Fountain:
    Behind the castle you'll find a huge crater which is a permanent scar on the landscape left over from the Battle of Lumbridge. Just northwest of Explorer Jack's house you'll see a Memorial Fountain to those who died during the battle which was constructed by players during an event known as the Lumbridge Rebuildathon.

    Crater and Fountain

  21. Cabbage Facepunch Bonanza:
    Here you'll find the Quartermaster who can tell you about the Cabbage Facepunch Bonzana minigame and claim any rewards. To play the game, bank any items in the chest next to him and pass through the barrier to start.

    Crater and Fountain

  22. Farmer Fred's Farm:
    This is Fred the Farmer's sheep pen where you can use Shears on all his sheep except for the Rams in there. The Wool you get from these sheep are used in the Sheep Shearer quest. If you search hard enough you will see some sheep that looks suspicious but they are really two penguins dressed as a sheep, named Sheep 'Thing'. There is a spinning wheel on the first floor of the Castle that you can use to spin all your Wool during and after the quest. In his house there is a dairy churn too.

    Sheep pen

  23. Windmill:
    This is Lumbridge's local windmill. On the first floor of this area you have Millie Miller who will tell you how to mill flour if you do not know how to yet. The second floor is an empty floor. The third floor of the mill has the hopper and operating controls.


  24. Beefy Bill:
    To the north, you will find a second General Store run by Beefy Bill to buy/sell all the items you want, and the bridge that will provide you a quicker access to the city of Varrock.

    Beefy Bill's Shop

    Beefy Bill's Supplies

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