Skill Levels Required:
Quests Required:
Items Needed:
Northeast of Rellekka.
Blast Furnace, Chaos dwarf battlefield, Lava Flow Mine, and Mine cart system.
Quests Available in the City:
City Map:
Keldagrim Map

The main entrance to Keldagrim is northeast of Rellekka, just southwest of the Fairy Ring code D K S. Once you enter the tunnel, go directly east through the cave entrance.

Dwarven Boatman

  1. Once you enter the cave, you'll find the Dwarven Ferryman and Boatman. The Ferryman takes you to the mines south of Keldagrim, so you'll want to talk to and travel with the Boatman. If this is your first time visiting Keldagrim, you'll start the The Giant Dwarf, otherwise you'll arrive on the dock in Keldagrim.

    Other ways of accessing the city are by taking mine carts from Ice Mountain, White Wolf Mountain and the Grand Exchange (this is covered later in the guide).

    Dwarven Boatman

  2. Quality Armour Shop:
    Quality Armour Shop

  3. Quality Weapons Shop:
    Quality Weapons Shop

  4. Gunslik's Assorted Items:
    Gunslik's Assorted Items

  5. Agmundi Quality Clothes:
    Agmundi Quality Clothes

  6. Vigr's Warhammers:
    Warhammers Shop

  7. Keldagrim Stonemason:
    Warhammers Shop

  8. Blasidar's Gravestones:
    Blasidar will upgrade your gravestone for a cost ranging from a 10 minute gravestone for 50,000gp, up to the Angel of Death 12 minute gravestone for 500,000gp. If you've completed King of the Dwarves, you can purchase a Royal dwarven 15 minute gravestone for 500,000gp.

    Warhammers Shop

  9. Market:
    In this area there are 6 stalls: Bakery, Gem, Crafting, Crossbow, Silver and Clothing. Much like Ardougne's Market, this area is great for thieving as you can steal items from all of the stalls. Watch out for the Black Guards (lvl 68) though. If they catch you they will attack.
    Here is what you can buy from the stall owners after trading them:

    • From the bakery stall you can buy Bread, Cakes and Chocolate cake slices.
    • From the gem stall you can buy Sapphires, Emeralds, Rubies and Diamonds.
    • From the Crossbow stall you can buy Stocks, Limbs, and Crossbows.
    • From the crafting stall, you can buy Chisels, Ring and Necklace moulds.
    • From the clothes stall you can get Skirts, Trousers, Shorts, Tops, Shirts, and Silk.
    Stalls area

  10. Kebab Shop:
    Kjut sells Kebabs for 1gp each.

    Kebab Shop

  11. Pickaxe-Is-Mine:
    Pickaxe shop

  12. Reinald's Smithing Emporium:
    Reinald offers a selection of base clothing armbands at a cost of 500gp to change yours.


  13. Blast Furnace:
    The Blast Furnace minigame is the reason a lot of players to travel to Keldagrim. You can use the Blast Furnace to smelt bars using half of the coal normally required. There are also anvils available if you want to smith your bars immediately. See our Blast Furnace guide for more information.

    Blast Furnace

  14. Dwarven Carts:
    The Dwarven Public Transportation System can be used to Travel to under White Wolf Mountain, Ice Mountain and the Grand Exchange. Click on the front carts on any of the tracks to choose your destination.

    Back to Keldagrim

    Back to Keldagrim

    Using the trapdoor shown below in the northwest corner of the Grand Exchange will take you to the tracks in Keldagrim.

    Back to Keldagrim

  15. Lava Flow Mine:
    After completing King of the Dwarves, you can access the Lava Flow Mine. For more information on this area, see our Mining guide.

    Quality Armour Shop

  16. Keldagrim - Dorgesh-Kaan Railway:
    After completing Another Slice of H.A.M., you can take the train to the city of Dorgesh-Kaan by entering the station here.

    Quality Armour Shop

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