Quests Required:
You can go to one of these islands by talking to Mord Gunnars (for Jatizso) or Maria Gunnars (for Neitiznot) in Rellekka.
City Map:


  1. Jatizso Docks:
    These are the docks of Jatizso, from this point you can get back to Rellekka. To do this, talk to Mord Gunnar or right click him and select the "Ferry-Rellekka" option.

    Jatizso docks

  2. Fishing spots:
    Around the docks and the coast, you can fish for tunas, swordfishes, and sharks.

    Fishing spots

  3. Bank:
    Here, you will find the bank of Jatizso. It has no bank deposit box.

    Jatizso bank

  4. General store:
    The mini-map says general store, but it actually isn't one. These stores are rather food stores. The stores only sell food and you can't sell them anything they don't have in stock.

    Trade Keepa Kettilon to buy cooked food from him.

    Fishing store

    Trade Flosi Dalksson to buy raw food from him.

    Fishing store

  5. Weapon store:
    The weapon store sells several Mithril weapons. Which weapons and which price is shown in the image below. Also, this shop has some anvils which can be used to smith on. This spot is not very far from bank. Though there are closer ones.

    Weapon store

  6. Armour and Ore store:
    In this building you can buy all sorts of mithril armor and all ores up to adamantite.

    Armour store

    Ore store
  7. Jatizso Dungeon Mine:
    The entrance to the Jatizso Dungeon Mine is located North-east of the western entrance to Jatizso. The mine has Coal and Mithril in it and access to the Elite Dungeon, which has Banite, requires the Fremennik Sea Boots 4. Hallvar is located in the Elite Dungeon. Remember to watch out for Ice trolls.

    Jatizso Dungeon Mine
  8. Neitiznot docks:
    These are the docks of Neitiznot. From this point you return to Rellekka by talking to Maria Gunnar or by selecting the "Ferry-Rellekka" option.

    Neitiznot docks

  9. Yak field:
    This field is full of Yak (level 42), which drop bones, raw yak meat, hair, and yak-hide. The hair can be turned into a rope on a spinning wheel. You can make some armor from the yak-hide with a needle and thread, after curing it.

    Yak field

  10. Neitiznot bank and General store:
    Neitiznot also has a bank, but no bank deposit box either. In the bank is also a "general" store. However, it does not accept any items it doesn't have in stock already, just like the one in Jatizso.

    Neitiznot bank

    At the back of the bank you will find Slug Hemligssen, who player a role in the Fremennik Isles quest.

    Neitiznot store

  11. The Burgher:
    In this building you will find two useful NPC's. If you lost your helm of Neitiznot you can buy one back from the Burgher (for 50K cash). Secondly you can cure your Yak-hide here, to do this right mouse Thakkrad Sigmundson in the south-west corner and click "Craft-goods". The costs are 5gp each and you can't tan any other hides here.

    The Burgher

  12. Large Geyser:
    You can get some water from this geyser by using a bucket on it.


  13. Woodcutting stump, Clay furnace, and Range:
    The woodcutting stump is used to make a wooden Fremennik shield or a split pine (you need these for the Fremennik Isles quest.) These two items are made from Artic Pines which can be found around the island. The furnace is used to smelt ores in or to make Jewelery, it might be different by it's look but it functions the same as a standard furnace. The range is used to cook food on, it works the same as a regular range. This range is pretty close to the bank.

    Woodcutting stump

  14. Spinning wheel:
    You can spin items such as flax, wool, and hair here. This is the closest spinning wheel to a bank in RuneScape.

    Spinning wheel

  15. Copper mines:
    These Locations have been removed from the game.
  16. Drakolith Mine:

    Above ground the Fremennik Isles Mine contains 5 Drakolith rocks.

    Fremennik Isles Mine

  17. Ice Troll dungeon:
    These are the entrances to the Ice Troll dungeon. This cave must be accessed during the Fremennik Isles quest. To enter the cave during the quest you must enter through the eastern entrance. After the quest you must use the one on the west in order to enter the cave.

    Ice Troll Dungeon

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