Located just North East of Al Kharid, where the Duel Arena once was.
A'abla Afrah Anahita Archaeologist
Aya Bayek Chito Churchill
Dundee Etta stone Frito Gayle
Grouch Grump Icthlarin Jadid
Kai Khemu Loki Nen
Talent scout Tick-Tock Toothless Zahwa
Quests Available in the City:
Eye of Het I
Eye of Het II
City Map:
Het's Oasis Map
1. Miniquest Start 2. Agility Course 3. Bush Farming 4. Cactus Patch
5. Hunting Pools 6. Statue of Het 7. Filtration System

  1. Miniquest Start
    Here you can speak with Icthlarin in order to begin one of the Miniquests available in the area: Eye of Het I and Eye of Het II.


  2. Agility Course
    Here is the beginning of the Het Oasis Agility Course - Level 65. Please see our Agility Guide for more details about the course.


  3. Bush Farming
    Located around the Oasis are several types of bushes. Unlike with normal Bush Farming, these plants do not require seeds in order to grow/harvest. Simply click the bush patch and you will begin to tend it. While harvesting any of these bush patches, there is also a chance to obtain the rare Golden roses.
    Farming Level Location Flower
    30 Roses thumbnail Roses (Het's Oasis) Roses
    50 Irises thumbnail Irises Irises
    70 Hydrangeas thumbnail Hydrangeas Hydrangeas
    90 Hollyhocks thumbnail Hollyhocks Hollyhocks
    Click the map images above to see the bush location. Note that bush images are of them in the "budding" (2nd) phase to increase visibility. When first locating them, there will not be any flowers. Please see our Farming Guide for more information.

  4. Cactus Patch
    Here is the local cactus where you can plant seeds and grow Cacti for your own gain. Like many farming patches, you'll find a nearby Tool Leprechaun and Grouch, a croc with a green-thumb who will watch your crops for you.

    Grumpy eh

  5. Hunting Pools
    Located at the North West and South East are the crocs: Frito and Chito. Clicking one of them at their respective watering hole will enable you to use them to catch the scarabs swimming in the nearby lake. Fortunately, these critters are instanced so you will not need to fight someone for a catch. Catching scarabs will enable you to also purchase upgrades from Dundee at the North West pool. Please see our Hunter Guide for more details.

    Gotta Catch Em All

  6. Statue of Het
    Located in the middle of the oasis is a large broken statue of Het. While completing the skilling activities of the Oasis, there is a chance to obtain a Piece of Het. These are used to repair the statue in 4 phases, each requiring 50 pieces to complete - 200 pieces total. It is possible to collect more than the 200 necessary pieces as long as you have not yet repaired the statue. Once you repair it, any extra pieces will be destroyed automatically and you will no longer collect pieces while skilling.

    Note that Tier 2 (and above) Luck items increase your chances of obtaining a piece. Fully restoring the statue will enable a buff wherein you will gain 10% more experience while skilling in the Oasis.

    Fix It Felix

  7. Filtration System
    In the North East corner of the Oasis, near the Iris bushes, is a Pile of junk which can be constructed. All you need is 20 Construction, 5 Bronze bar, 2 Silver bar, 6 Bucket of sand, and 1 Big fishing net in order to create a Water Filtration System (9,900xp earned for building it). Once created, a reward will be collected within the system for you - this can be checked regularly for a new reward. Rewards will appear between 6 and 30hrs and can stack up to 20 in the system before no more will be acquired. Rewards include the following items:
    Casket Coins Elder trove (Bik, T1) Elder trove (Bik, T2)
    Elder trove (Bik, T2) Elder trove (Jas, T1) Elder trove (Jas, T1) Elder trove (Jas, T3)
    Elder trove (Jas, T3) Elder trove (Wen. T2) Elder trove (Wen. T3) Golden dragonfruit seed
    Golden roses Granite (2kg) Granite (500g) Hollyhocks
    Hydrangeas Irises Pointy tooth* Red sandstone
    Roses (Het's Oasis) Sandstone (10kg) Sandstone (2kg) Sandstone (5kg)
    Seaweed Soft clay Uncut diamond Uncut dragonstone
    Uncut emerald Uncut onyx Uncut ruby Uncut sapphire
    *Giving this item to Toothless, found to the East, will complete the "Tooth Fairy" Achievement

    Additionally, using a Bucket of water on the system will complete the "Primitive Technology" Achievement

    water broken
    Click image to see restored Filtration system.

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