Skill Levels Required:
Quests Required:
Partial completion of the Watchtower quest is required to enter Gu'Tanoth.
Items Needed:
South of Yanille.
Quests Available in the City:

Gu'Tanoth Map

  1. Gu'Tanoth Entrance:
    This the entrance to the ogre city of Gu'Tanoth. You must have at least completed the Watchtower quest up to the point where you can access the city to pass through this gate.

    Gu'Tanoth entrance

  2. Bogrog and Summoning Obelisk:
    You can talk to Bogrog to swap Summoning pouches and scrolls for 70% and 30% of the Spirit shards used to make the pouch you're swapping.


  3. Gu'Tanoth Marketplace:
    There are several Ogre merchants in the centre of Gu'Tanoth that will sell you various items, including a unique Rock cake stall.

    Rock cake stall

  4. Dal's General Ogre Supplies:
    You can trade with Dal to access his General Store.

    General Store

  5. Grud's Herblore Stall:
    Grud sells a selection of basic Herblore supplies.

    Herblore shop

  6. Ogre Enclave Entrance:
    This is the entrance to the Ogre Enclave below Gu'Tanoth. This dungeon contains various monsters including Blue dragons and Greater demons.

    Ogre Enlave

  7. Jiggig:
    To the west of Gu'Tanoth of is the ancient ogre ritual site known as Jiggig. You can speak to the ogre shaman Grish to start Zogre Flesh Eaters. You can also kill the Zogres and Skogres outside and inside the nearby dungeon to obtain Ogre Coffin Keys which can then be used to unlock the coffins outside and inside the dungeon for various rewards including high experience bones such as Ourg bones.


The Feldip Hills:

Feldip Hills

  1. Feldip Hills Jungle:
    The Feldip Hills Jungle contains many species of creatures you can train Hunter with, including Crimson swifts, Feldip weasels, Spined larupia, Tropical wagtails, Carnivorous Chinchompas, and Black warlocks. Visit the Feldip Hills Hunter area map for more details of this area.

    Feldip Jungle

  2. Fairy Ring:
    This is the Feldip Hills Fairy ring. The code for this ring is A K S.

    Fairy Ring

  3. Gnome Glider:
    To use this glider you must have at least partially completed One Small Favour. The Feldip Hills are named as 'Lemantolly Undri' on the glider map.

    Gnome glider

  4. Hunting Expert:
    The Hunting expert can give you hunting advice and will sell you the Hunter cape for 99,000gp if you've achieved 99 Hunter.

    Hunting expert

  5. Rantz:
    Here you'll find Rantz who you can speak with to start Big Chompy Bird Hunting. South and southwest of him is the Chompy bird hunting area and many Achey trees, which can be used to make ogre ranging equipment.


  6. Monastery of Ascension:
    The Monastery of Ascension is a high-level Slayer dungeon with an emphasis on Ranged combat. The lowest level required to kill any of the monsters in the Monastery dungeon is 81 Slayer. Outside the Monastery is Ocellus. He will create an Ascension crossbow for you if you bring him the required materials and sells Algarum thread for 500,000gp.

    Monastery of Ascension

  7. Vibrant wisps:
    Located in the South West corner of the Feldip hills you'll find a Spirit tree and the Divination Vibrant wisp colony. Nearby are also Achey and Eucalyptus trees.


  8. Jungle Strykewryms and Fishing spots:
    On the West coast is where you'll find Jungle stryekwryms. They will only surface if you have them assigned as a Slayer task. Here you'll also find the following types of Fishing spots: Net/Bait, Net/Harpoon, and Cage/Harpoon.

    Jungle Strykewryms

  9. Oo'glog Lodestone:
    Located to the South of the Feldip Hills is the Oo'glog lodestone, which can be used after activating it.


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