Skill Levels Required:
Quests Required:
Items Needed:
Quests Available in the City:
  1. Herquin's Gems

    Players can buy various cut and uncut gems at this shop.
    Gem Shop
  2. West Falador Bank
    Falador West Bank
  3. Hairdresser Salon

    Hairdresser can change players' hairstyle and haircolour for free. Male characters can also have the colour and style of their beards changed. He can change your beard and/or hair style for free.
  4. Flynn's Mace Market

    Players can buy maces ranging from Bronze to Adamant at this shop.
    Mace Shop
  5. Falador General Store

    Players can buy all basic items from this shop.
    General Store Assistant
    General Store
  6. Rising Sun Inn

    Here you can buy Asgarnian ale, Wizard's mind bomb, and Dwarven stout for 3 coins each.
  7. Furnace Building

    This furnace is really close to a bank, which makes it an efficient furnace to smelt your ores. You will also find a Hammer and a Bronze hatchet that spawn upstairs.
  8. Cassie's Shield Shop

    Here you can buy all kinds of shields ranging from Wooden up to Mithril at this shop.
    Shield Store
  9. Houses

    Throughout the city there are houses that have ranges to cook food on.
    House With Range
  10. Falador Park

    Players can speak to Wyson the gardener at the park. He sells 2 Woad leaves for 20 coins.
  11. Party Room

    In this room, there is a chest in which you can add items that will later be dropped in balloons. The lever by the chest allows you to either trigger the balloons to fall for a fee of 1000 coins, or begin the Nightly Dance for a fee of 500 coins. The second floor has a bar that overlooks the festivity taking place downstairs.
    Party Room
  12. Dwarven Mines Entrance

    Climbing down the staircase will lead to the Dwarven mines. Players who have at least 60 Mining are able to enter the Mining Guild via its gate down inside the mines.
    Dwarven Mine Entrance
  13. East Falador Bank
    Falador East Bank
  14. Mining Guild Entrance

    Climbing down these ladders will lead to the Mining Guild. It can only be accessed by players who have at least 60 Mining.
    Mining Guild Entrance
  15. Spinning Wheel

    Players can use the spinning wheel in this house to spin fibres into strings for Crafting purpose. This specific location isn't the best because the distance to the bank is longer than other spots.
    Spinning Wheel
  16. Wayne's Chains

    Wayne is a chainmail specialist that sells chainmails ranging from Bronze up to Adamant.
    Chainmail Shop
  17. White Knights' Castle
    White Knights Castle

    On the ground floor you will find:
    Tons of White Knights in the courtyard.
    The squire to start The Knight's Sword quest is in the courtyard.
    A range to cook food is in the south room.

    On the second floor you will find:
    Tons more of White Knights.
    You will find Sir Renitee, who can change your family crest.

    On the third floor you will find:
    Even more White Knights.
    Sir Amik Varze.

    On the fourth floor you will find:
    A few more White Knights are found in the west tower.
  18. Estate Agent (m)

    Members can speak to the Estate agent to rent a house where they can train Construction. Agent can also help with redecorating or relocating the house if you already have one purchased. Players who have achieved mastery in the skill can also purchase the Construction cape for 99,000 coins by speaking to the Agent.
    Estate Agent
  19. Mole Dungeon Entrance (m)

    Crawling down these roots will lead players to the Mole Lair where they can kill Giant mole.
    Mole Dungeon Entrance
  20. Gamers' Grotto

    Players can play the following activities inside the Gamers' Grotto:
    Gamers' Grotto
  21. Artisan Workshop

    Players can train Smithing at this place. More information regarding the mechanics of the workshop can be found here.
    Artisan's Workshop

Extra Features

Agility Shortcuts (m)

Players can climb over the crumbling wall at the west of Falador towards the mine. Using this shortcut requires 5 Agility.

West Wall Shortcut

Players can crawl through the tunnel south of Falador towards the Crafting Guild. Using this shortcut requires 26 Agility.

South Wall Shortcut

Players can scale the Falador wall to the north heading towards the path to Barbarian village. Using this shortcut requires 11 Agility, 37 Strength, 19 Ranged, and a Mith grapple.

North Wall Shortcut

Farming Patches (m)

A Tree patch can be found in the Falador Park.

Tree Patch

Allotment, Flower and Herb patches can be found at the southern outskirts of the city.


Item spawn locations

Respawn Map

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