Skill Levels Required:
Quests Required:
Items Needed:
North of Barbarian Village and west of Varrock.
Quests Available in the City:
City Map:
Tour Map
  1. Soul Wars Entrance:
    Through this portal, you can access Soul Wars. This is a team-based Slayer mini-game, similar to Castle Wars.
  2. Yew Trees:
    Here we have two yew trees that aren't very populated in most members' worlds. There are also some patches of nettles that you can pick to make your nettle tea. Be sure to wear gloves before picking though!
    Yew trees
  3. Edgeville Dungeon Entrance:
    This is the entrance to the Edgeville dungeon, where many creatures inhabit. View the Edgeville Dungeon Map to see what lurks inside.
  4. Wilderness Teleportation Lever:
    Using this lever will teleport you to Level 51 Wilderness.
  5. Doris' House:
    This is Doris', Evil Dave's mother's house. She will help you find Evil Dave's special stew during the Recipe for Disaster subquest: Rescue Evil Dave. She will turn your hellcat into a normal cat for free as well.
    Doris' house
  6. Bank:
    This is the town's bank, usually full of people skilling and talking.
  7. Furnace:
    Members can use this furnace after completing the easy tasks from the Varrock Task Set.
  8. Lodestone:
    Unlock this Lodestone to allow yourself to teleport to Edgeville for free. More information can be found in our Transportation Guide.
  9. Mami Rimba:
    Mami Rimba will teach you how to cut Bloodwood trees (requires 85 Woodcutting) and how to make Bakriminel bolts (requires 93 Fletching). She also sells the Bakriminel bolt tips required to make the bolts.
    Mami Rimba
    Mami Rimba's shop
  10. Oziach:
    This is Oziach, the Dragon Slayer master. You can talk to him to buy a Rune platebody or Green d'hide body after you have completed the Dragon Slayer quest.
    Oziach's Armour
  11. General Store:
    This is Edgeville's General Store, which isn't any different from any towns'.
    General Store
  12. Fire Beacon:
    This is a beacon used in the Beacon Network activity. You need 62 Firemaking to light it.
    Fire Beacon
  13. House With Men:
    This is just a normal house filled with level 2 men. This area is the perfect place to get most grimy herbs.
    Man House
  14. Sliver's House:
    This is the guards' jail house, which is currently locked and has an unknown purpose. Just like Sliver.
    Sliver House
  15. The Crucible:
    Enter The Crucible to test your fighting skills against other players.
    The Crucible
  16. Summoning Obelisk:
    You can use this Obelisk to recharge your Summoning points.
    Summoning Obelisk
  17. Canoe Station:
    This is Hari's Canoe Station. Here you can make any of the canoes to travel along the river. Visit the Woodcutting Skill Guide for more information on canoes.
    Canoe Station
  18. Fairy Ring:
    This is the Fairy Ring of Edgeville. The code for this ring is DKR. For more information on the Fairy rings, visit the Transportation Guide.
    Fairy ring
  19. Lucien's House:
    This is one of Lucien's homes, visited during the Temple of Ikov quest. After completing the While Guthix Sleeps quest, a Local Thug lives here instead.
    Lucien's House
  20. Outlaw Camp:
    A group of outlaws have made camp in this area and are nice target practice for when you are training your skills.
    Outlaw Camp

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