Skill Levels Required:
Quests Required:
Items Needed:
West of Lumbridge, east of Port Port Sarim, and south of Barbarian Village.
Draynor Manor.
Quests Available in the City:
City Map:
Draynor Village
  1. Pottery House:
    Inside this house there is an oven available for making Pottery. For more information please view our Crafting guide.
  2. Pixie Workshop:
    Back in Christmas 2005, you were able to go down the trapdoor in this house and help some pixies paint Christmas tree decorations and make marionettes. Now the trapdoor is closed, but there is a large crate with marionettes in so you can take one if you lost the one you received at Christmas. You can't get one unless you helped the pixies and got a marionette from under the tree in Varrock. Slightly west of the house is the entrance to Draynor sewer. There is an anvil down there which you can use for smithing.
    Old Pixie Workshop Entrance
  3. Vampire Slayer Quest Start:
    Talk to Morgan to start the Vampire Slayer. Upstairs there is a Level 2 Woman and a cupboard with an endless supply of Garlic.
    Vampire Slayer quest start
  4. Leela:
    Here you can find Leela and a large Wheat field. Leela is part of the Prince Ali Rescue and Missing My Mummy Quests.
  5. Ned's House:
    Here you can find Ned. If you bring him 4 balls of wool he can make you a rope- or you buy one for 15gp. Ned is also part of the Dragon Slayer and Prince Ali Rescue Quest. There is a fireplace in the house too, which you can use to cook food.
    Ned's House
  6. Wise Old Man:
    In the house opposite the bank lives the Wise Old Man. You can talk to him and he will help you clear your bank of non-member quest items. You can also do small quests for him, such as delivering letters and getting him certain items. For doing these he rewards you with seeds or prayer exp. These are members only. You can ask him questions too. There are many bookcases in the house, search them and you may find a book to read. There is also a telescope upstairs which points towards the Wizards Tower. Is he going to rob this like he did with the bank? Only time will tell...
    Wise Old Man
  7. Aggie's House:
    This is the house of Aggie the witch! She will make dyes for you if you give her the right ingredients. In the house there is also a cheese and a tomato respawn.

    - To make yellow dye you need: 2 Onions and 5gp.
    - To make red dye you need: 3 Redberries and 5gp.
    - To make blue dye you need: 2 Woad leaves and 5gp.
    Aggie's House
  8. Draynor Market:
    Draynor Market has two seed stalls where you can steal seeds (Level 27 Thieving) and two Master Farmers who you can pickpocket for seeds (Level 38 Thieving).
    Draynor Market

    - Olivia:
    You can buy seeds by trading with Olivia. This is what she sells:

    - Diango:
    You can also buy toy horses and spinning plates from Diango. Here is what he stocks. He will also replace lost holiday items, if you had them. For more information on these holiday items, refer to the Rare Items special report.
    Toy Store

    - Master Farmer: Next to the pig pen, you can talk to a Master Farmer and start the Fairy Tale Part I, A - Growing Pains quest or the Fairy Tale Part II, A - Cure a Queen quest.

    - Fortunato: You can buy jugs of wine, bottles of wine, and empty jugs from Fortunato:
    Wine Shop
  9. Bank:
    Draynor Bank was once robbed by the Wise Old Man who lived just opposite from it. Talk to the Bank Guard outside and he will show you footage of it happening. Up a tree to the west of the bank there is also a guard who is keeping an eye on the Wise Old Man.
    Draynor Bank
  10. Musician:
    In the middle of the village path you can find a Musician. Here you can listen to some music and recharge your run energy.
  11. Jail:
    The Jail plays a key part in the Prince Ali Rescue quest. Level 26 Jail Guards walk around it- if you're a low level be careful as they will attack you. There are also a couple of Nettle patches around it, make sure you are wearing leather gloves before you pick them though! There is a trapdoor that leads into Draynor Sewer too.
    Draynor Jail
  12. Onion Patch:
    Just outside the bank you will find an onion patch. These will be helpful when you need potions from Aggie the witch.
    Onion Patch
  13. Willows and Fishing Spots:
    There are five willow trees here and as they are right next to the bank, they are good for training woodcutting on. There are also a couple of fishing spots for bait fishing, and small net fishing.
    Draynor Trees and Fish
  14. Small Obelisk:
    Here, you will find a small obelisk, which is only useful for recharging your Summoning points.
    Small Obelisk
  15. Swept Away quest start:
    You can speak to Maggie down here to start the Swept Away quest. Don't be put off by her skeleton animals!
    Swept Away quest start
  16. H.A.M Dungeon:
    This is the entrance to the H.A.M Dungeon (Humans Against Monsters). Down there are HAM Followers who you can pick pocket or kill. You have to pick lock the trapdoor first though, but you don't need a lock pick for that.
    H.A.M Dungeon entrance
  17. Love Story quest start:
    Here you can find a girl named Mabel. Speak to her to start the Love Story quest.
    Love Story quest start
  18. Clay Mine:
    This mine holds 5 clay rocks ready for mining. For more information please visit our Mining guide.
    Clay Mine
  19. Draynor Manor:
    Just outside the gates of Draynor Manor is Veronica, who starts the Ernest the Chicken quest. In the Basement of the Manor, is the Count from the Vampire Slayer quest. Also in the manor are Ava, who starts the Animal Magnatism quest, and a Witch is part of the same quest.
    Draynor Manor

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