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Quests Required:
Items Needed:
The most common way to get to town would be by talking to Mistag (or Kazgar after The Lost Tribe), who is located in the tunnels under the Lumbridge castle, and having him escort you to the Goblin Mines. From the mines head south until you see a huge door. You can also use a Dorgesh-kaan sphere to teleport to the city. Upon the completion of the Another Slice of H.A.M. quest, you may also take a train from Keldagrim to Dorgesh-kaan. The train is located on the second floor, on the far west side of the town.
Dorgesh-kaan agility course, Dorgesh-kaan south dungeon, Crafting furnace, Lamp shop, Leather armor shop.
Quests Available in the City:
City Map:

  1. Entrance:
    This is the entrance to the city of Dorgesh-Kaan. You may enter the city if you have completed the Death to the Dorgeshuun quest.


  2. Lamps Shop:
    In the northern part of the market area, you will find Miltog's lamp shop.


  3. Leather Armour Shop:
    Reldak's leather armour shop can be found in the center of the market area.


  4. General Store:
    Wandering up and down the market area, you will fin the owner of the general store, Lurgon.

    General store

  5. Food Shop:
    In the southern area of the market, there are a number of goblins that will sell to you different types of fine goblin foods ranging from Frogburgers to Wall beast fingers. Any of these foods cost 10 coins each.

    Food market

  6. Gourmet:
    Throughout the market area, you will find 4 goblins with the name Gourmet. They will buy any exotic surface foods from you, however you will need to negotiate the price. Before you can sell them any food, you will need to get permission from one of the goblin council members, found in the northern area of the city.


  7. Bank:
    Northwest of the market area and directly west of the entrance to the city is Dorgesh-Kaan's bank.


  8. Barlak:
    In the western part of the city you will find Barlak's house. If you run across a Long bone or a Curved bone in your adventures, you can bring them to Barlak. For a Long bone, he will reward you with 1K coins and 1.5K Construction experience. If you bring to him one of the more rare Curved bones, he will reward you with 2k coins and 2.2K Construction experience. yHowever you will only receive the Construction experience provided you have at least level 30 construction. He will also give you a payment of 600 coins if you bring to him a Tortoise shell, Snail shell, or a Perfect snail shell. If you manage to bring him a Perfect snail shell, he will also reward you with a 500 Crafting experience bonus.


  9. Oldak:
    If you don’t want to walk all the way to Dorgesh-Kaan, then you should pay Oldak a visit. If you bring to him 2 Law runes and some molten glass, he will give you an orb that allows you to teleport back to the city. You can bring him a full inventory of molten glass with the corresponding amount of law runes, and he will make you all of the orbs at once. The orbs are stackable and have one use. After completing the quest Another Slice of H.A.M., Oldak can also craft you an orb that'll teleport you to the Goblin Village, which is north of Falador. This still requires 2 law runes and 1 molten glass. And, after you finish the Land of the Goblins quest, you'll be able to make orbs that will teleport you to the Plain of Mud.


  10. Broken Lamps and Wire Machine:
    Occasionally, magical orbs that power the dozens of lamps in Dorgesh-Kaan will break. Who better to fix the lamps then a hero like yourself? First you need to make a Dorgeshuun lightorb by using molten glass with a glassblowing pipe, 87 crafting required. Then you need to add a brass filament, obtained from this wire machine in the south-western area of the city. Next you need to try and find a broken orb, usually located in any one of the goblins house. Once you find a broken orb, use your newly completed light orb with it (52 firemaking required) to fix it and receive a 1k firemaking experience.

    Wire machine

  11. Crafting Furnace:
    In the southwestern part of the city is the home of Bartak, the local smith. His furnace can only used for molten glass and crafting jewelry. Simply use your sand and soda ash or jewelry supplies with the furnace to start using it. The close sand pit and hand supply of swamp weed for soda ash in the cavern make this a nice place to do a bit of glass blowing. While the furnace can only handle delicate metals, the anvil in his house can be use for any kind of metal smithing.

    Crafting Furnace

  12. Dorgesh-Kaan South Dungeon:
    In Dorgesh-Kaan's South Dungeon you will find various of slayer monsters. Located at both the north-west and north-east parts of the cavern are two fishing spots where slimy eels can be caught. Located near the south-western area of the cavern is a shortcut leading into the Kalphite Lair.

    Crafting Furnace

  13. Agility Course
    In the southern area of the city, you fill find an agility course. A light source and 80 Agility required to use the course. It has 2 paths, one of which requires 80 Ranged, a mithril grapple and a crossbow. The other path requires 80 strength. Before starting, visit Turgall to the east of the course, who will ask ask you to bring him one of two items from the other end of the course. One item must be taken through the grapple path and one through the tunnel path. It is up to you which object and path to take.

    Agility Course

  14. Cave Goblins and Chests:
    If crafting or selling items doesn’t suit your fancy, there is always a bit of thievery to be done. If you choose to pickpocket the citizens of the city, you will need a Thieving level of 36. The loot you can receive from them varies from goblin food to a little bit of money. There are also chests that can be looted on the second floor, in goblins homes. You will need a picklock a Thieving level of 52 or 78. Again the loot is varied from coins, to gems, to pieces of frog armour.

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