Skill Levels Required:
Items Needed:
Fishing rod (toolbelt works) and Fishing bait/baitless fishing perk.
Enter the Fishing Guild, walk North West and speak to Goomah about going to the Deep Sea Fishing Hub.
Crow's nest, Minnows, Sailfish, Jellyfish, Deep Sea visitors, Fishing Frenzy, Swarms.
City Map:
  1. Crow's Nest:
    Directly in front of you when you arrive to the hub you will find the Crow's nest with Gregg 'Groggy' Herring up top. Lower down on the deck you will find a Fisherman where you can start a game of Fish Flingers.

    Note that the boat you arrived by can also function as a bank by Right-clicking it.

    Crow's Nest

  2. Minnow:
    South of the Crow's nest are 2 Minnow shoals. Note that, like normal fishing spots, these do move around the area. Level 68 Fishing is required for these locations. Around this area you can also encounter a Fisherman who complains about how crowded the platforms are now-a-days.


  3. Sailfish:
    North of the Minnows are 3 Sailfish spots. 2 of them will be normal spots while the third one is a Swift sailfish spot. This means that the spot will move sooner than other sail fish spots, however, you have a higher catch rate while it is there. Level 97 Fishing is required for these locations. On the way to the sailfish spots, you can encounter the Trader who can tell you about the area of the dock.


  4. Jellyfish and Banking:
    West of the sailfish are a total of 9 Blue and Green bubbler jellyfish fishing spots, a bank chest, and a Magical net (deposit box). Be ware that jellies can become electrifying and stun you if you acquire 10 sting debuffs; this will make it so you cannot catch electrified jellyfish for a short period of time. Catching Green blubber jellyfish only requires 68 Fishing while Blue blubber jellyfish require 91.

    Just South of the bank chest you can speak with the Fisherman sitting on the bench about Gregg 'Groggy' Herring. And to the North end of the Jellyfish area you can speak with the Adventurer about the jellyfish and adventures in general.


  5. Deep Sea Visitors:
    Slightly South East of the jellyfish is a large empty space of water. You cannot regularly fish here, but will occasionally witness some random events. See our Deep Sea Fishing Activities guide for more information.

    Deep Sea Visitors

  6. Fishing Frenzy:
    Farther West of the Jellyfish is the location of Fishing Frenzy. This activity requires 94 Fishing to fling fish from the spots that regularly move. Note that you will only receive experience for “fishing” in this location. For more information about this activity, see our Deep Sea Fishing Activities guide.

    Fishing Frenzy

  7. Swarm and Magical net:
    Directly South of the jellyfish you will find a swarm where you can catch any of fish from Markel up. It is even possible for lower level skillers to catch higher level fish; however, this will be at a slower rate. Only level 68 Fishing is required here. Unlike the other fishing spots, this one will not move, but your net will occasionally become stuck and require you to click again. A smidge North of this net you will find a Magical net which works as a bank deposit box.

    Nearby you can also find Bubbles and Harpoon, a couple of on-trey-pro-nerd (entrepreneur) Trolls that fish.

    Fishing Swarm

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