Skill Levels Required:
90 Fishing
90 Woodcutting
90 Slayer
91 Cooking
91 Hunter
91 Mining

You will need to finish the Cyclosis voyage to be able to access this area.
Quests Required:
Venturing to Cyclosis can be done by speaking with the Quartermaster Gully found in Port Sarim, after finishing Impressing the Locals, as well as having Cyclosis unlocked within the player-owned port.
The City square, Dead Moi, and Salty crabletines.
Quests Available in the City:
Eye for an Eye mini-quest
City Map:
  • The Arc:
    To access the Arc, you must have first complete Impressing the Locals and then speak to Quartermaster Gully located in Port Sarim. One of the fastest ways of reaching Gully is by teleporting to your Player-Owned port via the Captain's log, and exiting to Port Sarim.


  • Arrival:
    Upon speaking to Quartermaster Gully, you will be presented with the following pop-up screen. This is your main way to travel within the Arc. From here, you can travel to Waiko, Aminishi, Whale's Maw, Tuai Leit, Cyclosis, Goshima, The Islands That Once Were Turtles, or Uncharted isles.


  • The Dead moai is used to gather energy for the Divination skill. You can obtain positive energy here.


  • The Junk of One Cyclops is a shop that is ran by Wan Pian. You can sell your sea shells and Driftwood for Chimes.

    wan pian

  • On the North-Western shore of Cyclosis, you can find Salty Crabletines, which you can mine for Sea salt.

  • Sweet Goods is a shop ran by Sinuman, where you can sell your berries and seeds for Chimes.


  • In the center of Cyclosis, you can find the bank, hosted by Kotahi
    . There are pickpocketable Cyclops nearby as well.


  • Located on the Eastern coast of Cyclosis, you can find Ichi
    , leader of the Cyclops. He is a participant in the Eye for an Eye mini-quest.


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