Skill Levels Required:
Quests Required:
Items Needed:
Southeast of Seers' Village and east of East Ardougne.
Quests Available in the City:
City Map:
  1. White Wolf Mountain:
    Here is the exit from White Wolf Mountain to enter Catherby. There are lots of wolves on the mountain, so be careful. They vary in level from 25, 38, and 73. Wearing good armor and carrying food is recommended for lower level players. There is a tunnel under the mountain which players can use freely as long as they have completed the Fishing Contest Quest.

    White Wolf Mountain

  2. Fishing area:
    This is one of the most popular fishing areas in all of Runescape. It contains 2 places to Cage and Harpoon fish, 3 places to Net and Harpoon fish, and 2 places to Net and Bait fish (NB. Some of the spots may disappear at times). A bank and range are also nearby, so this is the recommended fishing area for members that cannot get into the Fishing Guild. There is also a fruit tree patch to the east of the fishing spots.

    Fishing Area

  3. Harry's Fishing Shop:
    Here you can buy and sell raw fish to Harry cheaply, since the shop is almost always highly stocked. The prices do vary with quantity, because the quantity changes a lot. It is a good place to train cooking, since you can buy fish very cheaply, and cook them in the range nearby. If you bring Harry a fishbowl with seaweed and water, he will give you a tiny net to catch a fish to put in the fishbowl.

    Fishing Shop

  4. Hickton's Archery Emporium:
    Here you can buy all kinds of ranging and fletching equipment for pretty cheap prices. This shop is often well stocked, most of the time full of lower level arrows; the higher level ones are often sold out. The prices vary with quantity because many people buy and sell arrows here. Hickton will also sell you a Fletching Cape of Achievement for 99k if you have 99 fletching.

    Hickton's Archery Emporium

  5. Bank Room:
    Right here there are 3 chests behind a gate, a Bank table, a Study table, and a bucket of water spawn. It seems to be an extra room for the bankers to use.

    Bank Room

  6. Caleb's Kitchen:
    Here is Caleb's Kitchen; you speak to Caleb to get one piece of the Family Crest for the Family Crest Quest. In his kitchen is a Range, a Sink, a burnt fish, a bucket of water, a knife, a pie dish and jug of water spawn (Also shown on respawn map). He will also enchant the gauntlets that you receive at the end of the quest to cooking gauntlets. It is free if you have not enchanted your steel guantlets already and it costs 25k, if they have already been enchanted, but you wish to change the enchantment. There is also a Pie Dish spawn on the second floor.

    Caleb's Kitchen

  7. House with a range:
    Here is one of the two ranges here in Catherby, it is commonly used to cook fish that are caught in the fishing area. A man and woman also spawn here to fight or pickpocket.

    House With Range

  8. Bank:
    Here is Catherby's Bank of Runescape, where you can withdraw and deposit your items in and out of your personal bank account. It is also a good place to buy and sell fish.


  9. Repellent Room:
    Here, you can get insect repellent; it respawns on the downstairs table. You can alos get Jugs of Wine here as they respawn on the second floor.


  10. Candle Shop:
    If you give him a bucket of wax and pay him 1k he will make you a black candel for the Merlin's Crystal Quest.

    Candle Shop

  11. General Store:
    If you talk to Arhein, you can buy and sell items here at this general store. There are a few items that are always sold here, such as hammers etc. Other players may also sell him anything that is tradable and so you may find other items in the store.

    General shop

  12. Farming Area:
    This is one of four full farming patches and that you can hire a farmer to watch your allotment patch for you.

    Farming Area

  13. Farming Shop:
    This shop doesn't sell seeds, it does however stock the basic farming needs and it will buy surplus harvests from you.

    Farming Shop

  14. Agility Shortcut and Water Obelisk:
    It requires a crossbow with a mithril grapple and rope, 36 agility, 22 strength, and 39 ranged. The shortcut is only one-way (from the island to Catherby shore). The ladder leads to Taverly Dungeon and you also must have completed the Fishing Contest Quest.

    Water Obelisk

  15. Port:
    Here you can buy a few items at fairly cheap prices, all the port shops are the same. For information on where you can travel to, see the Transportation Guide.

    Charter Ships Shop

Ground Floor Respawn Map:

Ground Floor Respawn Map

Upper Floor Respawn Map:

Upper Floor Respawn Map

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