Skill Levels Required:
Quests Required:
Items Needed:
East of Varrock and west of Port Phasmatys.
Tannery, Taxidermist, Clothing shop, Meat shop, Temple Trekking/Burgh de Rott Ramble activity, Mushroom patch, Slayer tower, Werewolf agility course, and the Haunted woods.
Quests Available in the City:
City Map:
  1. Canifis City Entrance:
    This is the location from where you exit the temple dungeon. The dungeon's entrance is located on the other side of the temple.

    City Entrance

  2. Burgh de Rott Ramble Mini-game:
    You can speak to Hiylik Myna for information about the Burgh De Rott Ramble mini-game. To start a trek, read the noticeboard nearby.

    Burgh de Rott Ramble

  3. Taxidermist:
    The Taxidermist will preserve and stuff monsters which you have killed. You must give her the item to be preserved or stuffed along with a various amount of gp. The returned item may be used in the Construction Skill.


  4. General Store:
    Here, you will find Canifis' General store.

    General Store

  5. Tanner:
    The tanner will tan your cow, snakeskin, and dragon hides for a small fee.

  6. Clothing Store:
    This building houses the Barker's Haberdashery Clothing Store. This store sells a variety of robes, hats, capes, boots, and gloves. These Canifis gloves can be traded to both members and non-members.

    Clothing Store

  7. Meat Store:
    You can buy and sell raw meat here.

    Meat Store

  8. Bar:
    Inside the bar, commonly known as the "Hair of the Dog Tavern", you will find a pickled brain respawn, which is used in the Creature of Fenkenstrain quest.


  9. In Search of the Myreque Quest Start:
    When you speak to Vanstrom Klause, you will be able start the In Search of the Myreque quest.

    In Search of the Myreque Quest Start

  10. Creature of Fenkenstrain Quest Start:
    By reading this signpost you will start the Creature of Fenkenstrain quest.

    Creature of Fenkenstrain Quest Start

  11. Slayer Tower:
    Here, you will find the Slayer Tower. This tower consists of many monsters which require a certain slayer level to kill. It is easily possible to obtain a task which involves slaying monsters in this tower.

    Slayer Tower

  12. Old Crone:
    This lady, by the name of Old Crone, plays a role in both the Ghosts Ahoy and Animal Magnetism quests.

    Old Crone

  13. Mazchna the Slayer Master:
    If you are over level 20 combat, Mazchna will assign you a slayer task.

    Mazchna the Slayer Master

  14. Werewolf Agility Arena:
    This location houses the entrance to the Werewolf Agility (level 65 agility) and Werewolf Skullball (level 25 agility) courses. To enter this trapdoor, you must have completed the Creature of Fenkenstrain quest and you must be wearing a ring of charos. For more information about these agility courses, please refer to the Agility Skill guide.

    Werewolf Agility Arena

  15. Frankenstrain's Castle:
    Here, you will find Frankenstrain's Castle - a key location which is accessed in the Creature of Fenkenstrain quest.

    Fenkenstrain's Castle

  16. Memorial and Mausoleum:
    In the Creature of Fenkenstrain quest, you enter the eastern memorial to access the Mausoleum. In this passage, you are introduced to level 25 and level 51 Experiments.

    Memorial and Mausoleum

  17. Mort Myre Swamp Gate:
    If you travel through this gate, you will be able to access areas including the Mort Myre Swamps, Mort'ton, the Barrows, and the city of Burgh de Rott.

    Mort Myre Swamp Gate

  18. Myreque's Hideout:
    Under this trapdoor, you will access the Myreque's secret hideout.

    Myreque's Hideout

  19. Agility Shortcut:
    If you have level 65 agility, you will be able to use the agility shortcut next to the temple. As a result, you do not have to go through the temple's dungeon in order to access Canifis.

    Agility Shortcut

  20. Small Obelisk:
    Near the entrance to the city resides a small obelisk, which is only useful for recharging your summoning points.

    Small Obelisk

  21. Farming Patch and Fairy Ring:
    Here, you will find a fairy ring and a mushroom farming patch. To access the fairy ring, you must have started the Fairy Tale Part II - Cure a Queen quest and you must have used the following fairy ring code: "C K S". The mushroom patch is only accessible if you have level 53 Farming.

    Farming Patch and Fairy Ring

  22. Bank:
    This building houses Canifis' bank.


Routes to Canifis:

  • Walking:
    Once in Varrock, head northeast to a gate. Follow the path and you will see a church at the end of it. Once at the church, you may either travel through the dungeon or, if you have level 65 agility, you may use the agility shortcut to access Canifis.

  • Ectofuntus Teleport:
    Use the Ectophial to teleport to the Ectofunctus (outside of Port Phasmatys), head directly west and follow the path. After a long walk, you will reach Canifis.

  • Ring of Slaying Teleport:
    The Morytania Slayer Tower teleport on this ring deposits you at the entrance of the Slayer Tower, a short run from Canifis town. These rings, or the ability to make them, can be bought with Slayer points.

  • Ancient Magicks Teleport:
    Once you have completed the Desert Treasure quest and gained access to the Ancient Spellbook, you may cast the Kharyll Teleport (requires one blood rune and two law runes). You will be teleported to Canifis' bar.

  • POH (Player Owned House) Portal:
    If you have level 50 Construction, have 100,000 gp, and have completed the Desert Treasure quest, you may set the portal in your Portal Chamber to use the Kharyll Teleport. If you desire to have your portal permanently teleport you to Canifis, you must use 200 law runes and 100 blood runes. You will be teleported the Canifis' bar.

  • Chartered Ships:
    You may take a chartered ship to Port Phasmatys. Read the Ectofunctus Teleport section (above) for more information.

Additional Information:

  • In the Haunted Woods, you may wear a holy symbol to weaken Vampires and prevent Leeches from attacking you.

  • If you wield a wolfbane while fighting any man or woman in Canifis, then they will not transform into a level 88 werewolf.

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