Skill Levels Required:
Quests Required:
Items Needed:
West of TzHaar City and Karamja.
Quests Available in the City:
City Map:
Brimhaven Map
  1. Brimhaven Entrance:
    Here is the entrance to Brimhaven; you must be on a member's server to pass through here.

    Brimhaven Entrance From Karamja

  2. Black Arm Thieves:
    Here are the thieves from the Black Arm Gang who will help you get the Master Thieves Armband. They give you I.D. papers so you have the ability to get into Pete's Mansion.

    Black Arm Thieves

  3. Range:
    Here is the only Range in Brimhaven for cooking food.


  4. Brimhaven's Bar:
    Here is Brimhaven's bar, which is always filled with pirates. Here, you will find many tables, creating many safe areas for ranging. You may also buy alcoholic beverages, pick up respawning beers, beer glasses, and bronze hatchets. There are also three barrels full of ale here, for you to refill your empty beer glasses.

    Brimhaven's Bar/Pub

  5. Davon's Amulet Store:

    Davon's Amulet Shop

  6. The Shrimp and Parrot:
    In this cafe, not only can you buy fish, you can range pirates from safe areas behind the tables.

    Fish Shop

  7. Brimhaven South Mine:
    Here you will find 6 rocks with gold, making it an excellent place to get gold for crafting.

    Additionally, you may access the Brimhaven Dungeon in this location. Here, you may pay Saniboch a monetary fee of 875 coins to enter. If you have Karamja gloves 3, you can enter free of charge. You must bring a hatchet to reach some very high leveled monsters, the metal dragons.

    Brimhaven's South Mine and Dragon Dungeon Entrance

    A little west of the mine and dungeon entrance, there are a few Pineapple plants. The following map will show the location of the five Pineapple plants:

    Pineapple Plant Locations

  8. Pete's Mansion:
    Here is Pete's mansion, a large building found in central Brimhaven. This area plays a significant part in the Heroes' Quests, in which you must team up with a member of the opposite clan and steal Pete's candlesticks from his mansion.

    Pete's Mansion

  9. Pete's Back Entrance:
    Behind this fence is the back entrance to Pete's Mansion. In the Heroes' quest, a member of the Phoenix Gang must enter through the area to help his friend in the Black Arm Gang obtain Pete's candlesticks.

    Pete's Mansion's Back Entrance

  10. Brimhaven Ship Dock:
    Here is where you arrive and depart to and from Ardougne and Brimhaven for the low cost of 30 gp. BEWARE! If you are under level 89, there is a possibility that you will be attacked by level 44 jungle spiders!

    Dock To and From Ardougne

  11. Brimhaven North Mine:
    In the northern area of Brimhaven, you will find its second gold mine, which contains several gold rocks and a gold ore respawn. BEWARE! If you are under level 41, the level 20 Poison Scorpions will attack you! They are aggressive, and they can poison you. Bringing good armor and a antipoison potion is recommended. Additionally, the area where you must blow on the magic whistle to complete the quest "The Holy Grail" is also located here.

    North Mine

  12. The Agility Arena and Spirit Tree Farming Patch:
    Here you will find the Brimhaven Agility Training Arena, to enter you need to pay 200 coins. In this arena you will find a lot of Agility obstacles, by tagging the poles which have an arrow above them will earn you a ticket. With These tickets you can buy various rewards from Pirate Jackie The Fruit.

    Agility Arena Rewards

    Above the hut where you enter the Agility Arena there is a Spirit Tree Patch. Here you can plant a Spirit tree. For more information please visit the Farming Skill guide.

  13. Charter Ships Dock:
    This is one of the many Charter Ship Docks, from here on you may travel to many places for a fee. You can also trade with the Crew Members on the dock to buy various things. For more information about the Charter Ships please visit the Transportation Guide.

    Charter Ships

  14. Fruit Tree Farming Patch and Travel Cart:
    Here you will find a Fruit Tree Farming Patch where you can plant any type of Fruit Tree. The nearby gardener will also look after it for a small fee. For more information about Fruit Tree Planting and patches please visit out Farming Skill guide.

    Fruit Tree Patch

    Just a little east of the Fruit Tree patch you will find Hajedy. If you have completed the Shilo Village quest, he will take you to the village for a fee varying between 2 and 200 gold pieces.

    Traval Cart To Shilo Village

  15. House Portal:
    If either you or a friend have own a house located in Brimhaven, you may access the house from this portal.

    House Portal

  16. Fishing Spot:
    During the "Tai Bwo Wannai Trio" quest, you will have fish for Karambwan using a Karambwan vessel from this spot. If you have not started or have completed the quest, you will be badgered by the old man and will not be allowed to fish here.

    Fishing Spot

  17. Summoning Obelisk:
    Here, you will find a large obelisk with which you can infuse pouches or renew your summoning points. For more information regarding obelisks, please refer to the Summoning skillguide.


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