Skill Levels Required:
Quests Required:
Items Needed:
Northeast of Falador, west of Varrock, and south of Edgeville.
Quests Available in the City:
City Map:
  1. Peksa's Helmet Shop:

    In Peksa's shop, there is a pot respawn and a fire which constantly burns.

    Helmet Shop

  2. The Stronghold of Security and The Mines:

    The Mines are located in the center of the village, which is near the entrance of the Stronghold of Security. The mine consists of four Coal rocks and five Tin rocks.

    Stronghold of Security and Mines

  3. The Longhall:

    When you arrive, if you are hungry or thirsty, head over to the Longhall where there are cooked meat respawns and beer respawns. Don't forget that there are fires which are constantly burning to cook items!

    The Longhall consists of many of the village's warriors, which are always drinking and challenging strangers. Gunthor the Brave, the village's chieftain, spends most of his time here. He was chosen for his strength, bravery, and sheer blood lust among the barbarian's standards.


  4. Tassie Slipcast's spinning wheel:

    Here, you will find a Bronze pickaxe on the table next to the spinning wheel. For more information on how to use the spinning wheel to craft items, please read the Crafting Skill Guide.

    Spinning Wheel

  5. Tassie Slipcast's pottery wheel and oven:

    Here, you will find two pottery wheels, an anvil, and a pottery oven. For more information on how to use these items, please read the Crafting Skill Guide. This is also the place where you can complete two Achievement Diaries: Lumbridge/Draynor tasks and one Varrock task.

    Pottery Wheel And Oven

  6. The River:

    There is a river which crosses the eastern borders of the Barbarian Village. Alongside the banks of the river two bait/lure fishing spots at which you can fish salmon, herring, pike, and trout.


    Close to the fishing spots, you will find Sigurd and his Canoe Station. There, he will gladly teach you how to make a canoe! For more information about making canoes, please read the Transportation Guide.

    Fishing Spot

  7. Edgeville Dungeon Shack:

    If you have a medium-to-high combat level, head down into the dungeon of Edgeville, which is east and north of the Barbarian Village. Here, you should find a shack with a locked door, and if you have a Brass key, you will be able to enter the building and climb down its ladder. More information check the Edgeville Dungeon Map.


  8. The Stronghold of Player Safety

    The entrance to the Stronghold of Player Safety is north of the Barbarian Village.

    Stronghold of Player Safety

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