Skill Levels Required:
Quests Required:
Items Needed:
The Barbarian Outpost is located north of East Ardougne. The Lighthouse is located directly north of the Barbarian Outpost and directly west of Rellekka
Quests Available in the City:
City Map:
  1. The Entrance:
    Here, you will find the entrance to the Barbarian Outpost. In order to enter the Barbarian Outpost, you must have completed the The Alfred Grimhand Bar Crawl.


  2. Plank Respawns:
    Here, you will find four plank respawns.

    Plank Respawns

  3. The Scorpion:
    In this building, you will find a scorpion which is caught during the Scorpion Catcher quest.


  4. Barbarian Area:
    In this room, you will find level 17 Barbarians.


  5. Agility Training Area Entrance:
    Here, you will find the entrance to the Agility Training Area. In order to enter this course, you must have level 35 Agility.

    Agility Training Area Entrance

  6. Agility Arena:
    Here, you will find the Agility Training Area. For more information regarding this course's obstacles, please refer to the Agility Skill guide.

    Agility Arena

  7. Gunnjorn:
    Gunnjorn operates the Agility Training Area. He is accessed in the Horror From The Deep quest when he gives you a key to enter the Lighthouse.


  8. Barbarian Assault Mini-Game:
    Here, you will find the lobby for the Barbarian Assault mini-game. There is a bank chest in the lobby.

    Barbarian Assault Mini-Game

  9. Small Obelisk:
    Here, you will find a small obelisk, which is only useful for recharging your Summoning points.


  10. Fishing and Woodcutting Spots:
    Here, you will find a "Net / Bait" fishing spot (useful for catching shrimps, anchovies, and sardines, for example). Additionally, you will see many willow trees, which are useful for obtaining quick woodcutting experience points. You may use the bank chest in the Barbarian Assault lobby to store your items.

  11. Pathway to the Lighthouse:
    This is the path which travels to the Lighthouse and, indirectly, Rellekka. If you have a high Agility level, then you have a smaller chance of falling off the rocks.


  12. The Lighthouse:
    In order to enter the Lighthouse, you must have started the Horror From The Deep quest. The Lighthouse has three floors, with each of them serving a different purpose.

    The first floor of the Lighthouse contains the entrance to the Dagannoth dungeon. Outside of the Lighthouse, you may speak to Larrissa to start the Horror From The Deep quest.

    Lighthouse First Floor

    The second floor of the Lighthouse is where you will find Jossik (rescued during the Horror From The Deep quest) in addition to a bookcase which stores three books: a lighthouse manual, Jossik's journal, and the ancient diary. Once you have completed the Horror From The Deep quest, Jossik will be able to sell you items through the Lighthouse Store.

    Lighthouse Second Floor

    Lighthouse Store

    The third floor of the Lighthouse contains the lighting mechanism, which is repaired during the Horror From The Deep quest.

    Lighthouse Third Floor

  13. The Dungeon:
    The Dagannoth dungeon is first accessed during the Horror From The Deep quest. Once you have completed the quest, you may return here to fight Dagannoths (level 74) and Dagannoths (level 92).


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