Skill Levels Required:
Quests Required:
Items Needed:
South of Seers' Village, north of Port Khazard, and east of West Ardougne.
Legends' Guild and Ardougne Zoo.
Quests Available in the City:
City Map:
East Ardougne
  1. Ardougne Marketplace:
    In the center of this city, you will find a market of stalls. Amongst the various types of stalls in this market, you will find Guards, Paladins, Knights of Ardougne, and Heroes.

    Fur stall

    Spice stall

    Gem stall

    Silver stall

    Baker stall

  2. Platebody Store:

    Zenesha's platebody Shop

  3. Southern Bank:
    This bank is useful for storing items which you have thieved from the central market's stalls.

    South bank

  4. The Zoo:
    This area is accessed during the Eadgar's Ruse, Monkey Madness, Cold War, and Hunt for Red Raktuber quests. Additionally, you may train the Ranged skill here (you will only be able to collect your arrows with the tele-grab spell).

    Ardougne Zoo

  5. General Store:

    General store

  6. Sheep Herder Quest Start and Church:
    You may speak to Councillor Halgrive in order to start the Sheep Herder quest. Additionally, you will find Doctor Orbon in the church, who will sell you clothing which is necessary to protect you from the plague during the Sheep Herder quest.

    Ardougne Church

  7. Furnace:


  8. Northern Bank:
    This bank is located directly next to East Ardougne's second northern entrance.

    North bank

  9. Plague City Quest Start and West Ardougne Hole:
    Here, when you speak to Edmond, you will be able to start the Plague City quest. During and after the Plague City quest, you will be able to travel from East Ardougne to West Ardougne (and back) through the hole in the garden.

    Plague City Quest Start

  10. Temple of Ikov Quest Start:
    At the Flying Horse Inn, when you speak to Lucien, you will start the Temple of Ikov quest. In addition to being the start point of the Temple of Ikov quest, it is also a stop on The Alfred Grimhand Memorial Bar Crawl.

    Flying Horse Inn

  11. Biohazard Quest Start:
    After the completion of the Plague City quest, you may speak to Elena in her house in order to start the Biohazard quest.

    Elena's House

  12. Pottery House:
    In this building, you will find two potter's wheels and one pottery oven (used with the Crafting skill).

    Pottery Hut

  13. Hazeel Cult Quest Start:
    Here, when you speak to Cecil, you will be able to start the Hazeel Cult quest.

    Carnillean's House

  14. Regicide Quest Start and King Lathas' Castle:
    In King Lathas' castle, by speaking to King Lathas, you will be able to start the Regicide quest.

    Ardougne Castle

  15. Brimhaven Boat:
    Here, you will be able to travel to Brimhaven. If you have an unlocked Ring of charos equipped, you will be able to travel to Brimhaven for free. Otherwise, you must pay 30gp. Alternatively, you can wear Karamja Gloves 1, 2 or 3 to cut the price down to 15gp.


  16. Lord Handelmort's Mansion:
    In this location, you will find Lord Handelmort's mansion. Guarding his mansion are level 44 Guard Dogs (beware if you have a low combat level). This location is accessed during the Tribal Totem quest, and contains Jade Vine patches which you can grow Wild Jade Vines in after the Back to my Rootsquest.


  17. Northern Entrance:
    Surrounded by guards, this is the main entrance on the city's north wall.

    North enterance

  18. Windmill:
    Here, you will find the windmill, which may be used to transform grain into flour.


  19. Farming Patches:
    At this farming area, you will find allotment, herb, and flower planting spaces. Additionally, you will find a compost bin.

    Farming Patch

  20. Mine:
    Here, you will find East Ardougne's mine which consists of 11 iron rocks and 13 coal rocks.

    Ardougne Mining Site

  21. Chaos Druid Tower:
    Inside this tower, you will find Chaos Druids and Ogres as well as two chests containing two blood runes and 500gp (both require level 59 Thieving to open). Level 46 thieving is required to access the ogre area.

    Chaos Druid Tower

  22. Legends' Guild:
    In this location, you will find the Legends' Guild. You may start the Swept Away quest by talking to Maggie west of the Legends' Guild.

    Legends' Guild

  23. Farming Store:
    Get all of the equipment you need to farm at the nearby allotment here!

    Farming Shop

  24. Wizard Cromperty's House:
    In Wizard Cromperty's house, you will find a hammer respawn and a chisel respawn. Wizard Cromperty can teleport you to the rune essence mine.

    Wizard Cromperty

  25. Thieving Chest Houses:
    Here, you will find two houses with varieties of chests to thieve from. In the northern house, you will find a chest which rewards you with 10gp (level 13 thieving is required to open the chest). In the southern house, you will find two chests: one chest contains 50gp (level 43 thieving is required to open the chest) and the other chest contains a nature rune and 13gp (level 28 thieving is required to open the chest).

    Thieving chest houses

  26. RPDT Company:
    The RPDT Company is affiliated with the transportation of goods and the movement of goods. The RPDT Company is targeted during the Tribal Totem quest.

    RPDT Service House

  27. West Ardougne Door:
    Here, after the completion of the Biohazard quest, you will be able to travel between East Ardougne and West Ardougne through this door.

    Gate To West Ardougne

  28. Wilderness Teleportation Lever:
    When you pull this lever, you will be teleported to the level 51 wilderness. You will be teleported by spider webs. Make sure that you have a weapon which could slash spider webs.

    Wilderness lever

  29. Ratpits For Kittens:
    You may take your kitten here to chase rats. For more information regarding this area, please read the Ratpits mini-quest guide.


  30. Construction Servant's House:
    At this house, you may hire butlers for your player owned house (POH), dependent off of your Construction level. You may speak to the Chief Servant for more information.

    Servant's Guild

  31. Penguin Hide and Seek:
    Here you will find either Larry or, if you've done the Hunt for Red Raktuber quest, Chuck. Refer to our Penguin Hide And Seek guide for more details.

    Hide and seek

  32. Poison Arrow pub:
    The Poison Arrow pub is located just southwest of the south bank. Here you can buy a Ranger's Aid, a Mature Ranger's Aid, a regular beer, or a skewered kebab.

    Poison Arrow pub

  33. Guild Registry:
    Just south of the marketplace you'll find the Guild Registry, used in the caper, "A Guild of our Own", for the Thieve's Guild.

    Guild Registry

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