Skill Levels Required:
Quests Required:
To access the Arc, you must have first completed Impressing the Locals and then speak to Quartermaster Gully located in Port Sarim. One of the fastest ways of reaching him is by teleporting to your Player-Owned port via the Captain's log, and exiting to Port Sarim.

Upon speaking to Quartermaster Gully, you will be presented with the following pop-up screen. This is your main way to travel within the Arc. From here, you can travel to Waiko, Aminishi, Whale's Maw, Tuai Leit, Cyclosis, Goshima, The Islands That Once Were Turtles, or Uncharted isles.
City Map:
City Map
1. Bryll 2. Ling 3. Cap'n Ekahi 4. Aminishi Moai
5. Sotapanna 6. Sakadagami 7. Arhat 8. Anagami
9. Temple of Aminishi 10. Aminishi Village 11. Crablets 12. Bamboo & Dropbox

  1. Bryll Thoksdottir
    Bryll Thoksdottir is found on the isle of Aminishi to act as a merchant for your Temple of Aminishi needs. She can sell you numerous unlocks and consumables related to the Elite dungeon and Dungeoneering in general.


  2. Ling
    Once a Death Lotus assassin, Ling can now be found on Aminishi Island. Here you can receive 3 contracts daily from her. This number can be increased up to 7 if you purchase the upgrades from Boni.


  3. Cap'n Ekahi
    Ekhai is a primary participant in Head of the Family and Jed Hunter. He can be found East of the arrival boat before Head of the Family has been completed. Afterwards, he's no longer at this location. The Message in a bottle (Arc) for Swabbie Steve can be found South East of this location once every 4 days.


    He will then be Lookout Ekahi and located on the docks with Quartermaster Gully and the others.


  4. Aminishi Moai
    The Aminishi moai can be found on the Western side of Aminishi. She is involved in Head of the Family, where you must move her to Waiko to be with her love. The Message in a bottle (Arc) for Manti Claws can be found at the bottom of the stairs when in the Spirit Realm once every 3 days.

    aminishi moai

  5. Sotapanna
    Sotapanna are the lowest rank of the acolytes and are found just up the first set of stairs directly East of the arrival boat. You will need 90 Slayer to kill them, however, they are very different than the traditional monsters in Runescape. These attack with abilities and do not give slayer experience upon death, despite the ability to be assigned acolytes a slayer task by Ling. They are focused upon during Spiritual Enlightenment, where you must gather 3 books from them. These monsters, as well as Sakadagami and Anagami, all drop Spirit Dragon Charms, which allow entrance to the Spirit Realm to kill Arhat.


  6. Sakadagami
    Sakadagami are located on the second highest tier of Aminishi, near the Spirit Realm entrance. These require 90 Slayer to kill. Unlike other monsters, they use abilities and give no slayer experience, just like Sotapanna. They also drop the books required for Spiritual Enlightenment. This area is also home to the Well of Spirits used to access the Spirit Realm.


  7. Arhat
    Arhat are dragons that are located inside the Spirit Realm accessed through the central pool of Aminishi after Spiritual Enlightenment. They can be killed for Seiryu's claw, which can be combined with Seiryu's fang to make the Mizuyari. These require 90 Slayer to kill. You will also need a Spirit Dragon Charm for each minute you are inside the Spirit Realm, otherwise you will not be permitted to stay.


  8. Anagami
    Anagami are dragons that are located at one of the highest points of Aminishi. Unlike the other monsters on the isle, they do not use many abilities. However, they do have an adrenaline bar which they utilize; once the bar is filled, they will unleash a lightning attack, dealing 25% of the player's total health in damage. This attack can be avoided by moving out of the way when it is performed. They require 90 Slayer to kill.


  9. Temple of Aminishi
    Access to the Temple of Aminishi can be found at the top of the mountain. While it can be entered at any level, it is suggested to only enter if: you have a relatively high Combat level, go in a group (up to 3 total), or enter in story mode.

    Temple of Aminishi

  10. Aminishi Village
    After partial completion of Curse of the Black Stone it will be possible to access this area. You will need to obtain the Azure key and use it to pass through a locked door within the Temple of Aminishi.

    Aminishi Village

  11. Crablets
    On the South East corner of the secondary isle is a Salty Crabletine mining area. There are 7 Crabletines in this location.

    Crablet mine

  12. Bamboo & Dropbox
    On the East side of the secondary island are also several bamboo clusters which can be cut. Once you have a full inventory of either Bamboo or Bundles of bamboo, you can use the drop box on the East side of the North Eastern most building.

    Bamboo Box

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