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Wednesday, Mar 02, 2016

[RuneHQ Event] Beastmaster Durzag - Saturday 3rd
Wednesday, Nov 30, 2016

RuneHQ Event - Beastmaster Durzag

In a far off world called Mazcab, home of the goebies, the airut have begun to attack the goebies villages and homes. As the airut continue to attack the goebies they have requested help from humans to help fend off the airuts. The biggest and baddest airut of them all called Beastmaster Durzag is one airut that the goebies can't defeat. This Saturday we will be taking on the beastmaster and his pets in an attempt to help liberate the goebies of Mazcab from these invasive airuts. If the attempt is successful there are many rewards to be gained including teir 90 tank armour, items which have the ability to unlock new combat abilities, and currency that can be used to buy goods from the goebies. Hope to see you there!

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[RuneHQ Event] Castle Wars - Friday 2nd
Wednesday, Nov 30, 2016

RuneHQ Event - Castle Wars

Far west of Yanille lies a huge battleground covered with big ancient walls and 2 castles representing Saradomin (Blue) and Zamorak (Red). As a player, you have to choose which of the two factions to support in a violent game of capture the flag. Once the game starts, it's your duty to protect your teams flag at all cost! Or try to capture your opponents flag and bring down the enemy with some powerful moves and complex strategies. The winning team will be awarded with tickets used for various cosmetic prizes, some of which are even required for the legendary Trimmed Completionists Cape.

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Content Update!
Saturday, Nov 26, 2016

RuneHQ Content Update - Children of Mah Guide


RuneHQ's Content Team has been hard at work to present to you our latest guide.... Children of Mah! Hurry and complete this quest for the early-bird special that ends December 5th!

You can find our quest guide here!

Happy 'Scaping as always!
-RHQ Content Team

[RuneHQ Event] (HARDMODE) Armadyl GWD - Saturday 26th
Wednesday, Nov 23, 2016

RuneHQ Event - Hardmode Armadyl GWD


It was a rainy day in Lumbridge, I was doing my slayer assignment, Cows, in the cow pen just west of the River Lum. As I sliced through the beef, cooked a juicy steak, I gazed upon the chicken hut where Fred The Farmer's house is located. All of the chickens were white, except one laying down in a corner. I approached it and saw that it wasn't just any normal chicken... it was a baby Aviansie, with the symbol of Armadyl etched below its neck. It was in bad health. Instead of reporting the bug to Jagex like a great Runescape Player would, I brought him to the God Wars dungeon to see if a Spiritual Mage can heal it. Turns out, this Aviansie wasn't just any old bird, it was Kree-ara's nephew's godsons' 5th cousin-in-laws' room mate's baby. This enraged the whole Armadyl encampment... to the point where I am currently writing this while in the waiting room while the entire army of Armadyl are trying to turn me into bird fodder. I already called the Events Team to help, but we need as many as we can to help! Come and slay some Flying specimens (not me) at the Armadyl God Wars Dungeon.

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